2013 Maserati MC Stradale "Demonoxious" by Wheelsandmore

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If you ask us, most of the sports cars coming from Italian makers rarely need many upgrades as they are nearly perfect from the factory, and the Maserati MC Stradale is no exception. After all, it has everything it needs: beauty, power and impressive performance figures.

Still, there are tuners out there that think the MC Stradale can do much better. One of these tuners is Wheelsandmore and today it unveiled the Demonoxious - a specially prepared MC Stradale with an output of no less than 666 horsepower.

From start you have to agree the name is rather strange. It has "Demon" in it - most likely an indication of that 666 output level - but it also has "noxious" which means poison, or "substances that can harm or kill.”

Leaving the name aside, the kit is very cool. Wheelsandmore decided the car looks perfect from factory and decided to leave it that way - thanks for that - and focused only on upgrading its performance figures.

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Maserati MC Stradale "Demonoxious" by Wheelsandmore in Detail

Maserati MC Stradale "Demonoxious" by Wheelsandmore

Most of the work was made under the hood where the tuner installed a special compressor, changed the air intake, used a water-cooled intercooler and equipped the compressor with a self-sufficient oil circuit. The tuner also installed a handmade, oversized stainless-steel exhaust system with remote-controlled flap control and added some ECU upgrades.

After all this intensive work, the V-8 engine’s output was increased by 206 horsepower to a total of 666 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. As a result of this power boost, the MC Stradale will now sprint from 0 to 60 mph within 3.8 seconds and up to a top speed electronically limited to 198 mph.

In order to handle the extra power, the tuner also installed a new set of 21-inch 6Sporz² ultra-light wheels wrapped in high performance tires, sized 245/30R21 up front and 345/25R21 at the rear. The wheels were combined with new brake calipers painted in matte black with a subtle red outline and new height-adjustable coilovers.

Press Release

With the MC Stradale model the Corse racing department of the Italian sportscar manufactory Maserati provides a symbiosis of sportiness and everyday use distinctive elegance. That so much beauty can be moved even quicker and more exclusive is now shown by the German luxury tuner Wheelsandmore with their version called "Demonoxious".

Maserati MC Stradale "Demonoxious" by Wheelsandmore

As Wheelsandmore kept the silhouette of the GranTurismo sport Coupe completely stock, they couldn´t accept the power and performance and developed a powerful and exclusive upgrade package.

The standard factory, quite pretty looking 20-inch wheels were replaced by the tuner with multipiece forged wheels. One size larger, much wider and due to its 3-piece design and the associated customization options much sportier and more exclusive, the 6Sporz ² ultralight wheels decorates the front axle sizing 9,0 x21 with 245/30/21 tires and on the drive axle with 12,5 x21 brachial wheels and 345/25/21 tires from Hankook. Finished in classic matte black with a subtle red outline, colored matching the brake callipers and combined with everyday use coilovers, adjustable in height, rebound and compression, the conversion of Wheelsandmore awakens our desire for an exciting joyride.

The look is just the first impression....

Maserati MC Stradale "Demonoxious" by Wheelsandmore

But really pressure has the modified V8 engine, where Wheelsandmore installed a special compressor. In addition, the tuner changed the air intake, used a water-cooled charge air cooler and equipped the compressor with a self-sufficient oil circuit. A handmade oversized stainless steel exhaust system with remote-controlled flap control and a modified engine control completes the tuning upgrade. Wheelsandmore increased the power of the MC Stradale about 206 hp and 120 nm of torque up to fearsome 666 hp and 640 nm. The Gran Coupe finishes the sprint from 0-100 km / h within 3.8 s and the top speed is sealed off at 320 km/h electronically.

What is your take?

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