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A standardMaserati GranCabrio MC gets its power from a 4.7-liter V-8 engine that delivers a total of 460 horsepower. Those are pretty good numbers for a sports convertible, but not the best a Maserati can do.

Luckily for us, there are tuners that came into the picture and tuned the car to its real capacities.

Novitec did just that for the GranCabrio MC . The tuner installed a new supercharger with a water-cooled intercooler and a pair of heat exchangers, which allowed it to boost pressure by 0.43 bar (6.23 psi).

Along with the new supercharger, Novitec also offers an updated intake manifold with larger injectors and it remapped the ECU. The result is a total output of 646 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque.

With the extra power, the GranCabrio MC will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds - down from the standard 4.9 seconds - and will go up to top speed of 189 mph. The sprint from 0 to 124 mph drops to 11.4 seconds.

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Maserati GranCabrio

We already knew that Maserati is preparing to replace the current GranTurismo and GranCabrio with a new generation of models. Along with these next-gen models there will also be a smaller GranSport version.

Now, in an interview with Motor Trend, Maserati CEO Harald Wester revealed more details on what the three new models will bring new on the market.

He started by saying that the current GranCabrio is too big and that the next model will shrink, slightly. In fact it looks like the next generation will be about the same size as the future Gran Sport, making it a competitor for the recently launched Jaguar F-Type and other like it.

He also pointed out that while the design for the new cars is still not finished, the next three models will be more "sporting and lighter than anything Maserati makes now.” A source told Motor Trend that the next-gen cars will be about 177 inches, which is a good bit shorter than the 192.2-inch-long GranCabrio and GranTurismo.

To achieve this downsizing, the new models will move to a considerably shortened version of the new Quattroporte and Ghibli platform. Powering these smaller sports cars will be a 404-horsepower, twin-turbo V-6 engine.

The new lineup is still more than three years away, so there is time for Maserati to change its mind.

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Source: MotorTrend
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If you do a little search online, you will learn that Khamsin is a dry, hot, dusty local wind, blowing from the south in North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Ok, so what does this have to do with Maserati ?

Well, at one point in time, the Italian automaker decided to name a sports car it unveiled at the 1973 Paris Auto Show.

In fact, the Khamsin was introduced as a Bertone prototype in the autumn of 1972, but production was delayed until 1974. The sports car was then powered by a front mounted 4.9-liter V-8 engine delivering 320 horsepower.

Only 430 units were built until 1982 when the model was discontinued. But that still didn’t stop Jay Leno from getting his hands on one. In the latest episode of Jay Leno’s garage, he did just that with the help of Douglas Magnon, Maserati guru and president of the Riverside International Automotive Museum.

Together, the two try to prove what a great car the Khamsin was. No complaints from us here.

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If you ask us, most of the sports cars coming from Italian makers rarely need many upgrades as they are nearly perfect from the factory, and the Maserati MC Stradale is no exception. After all, it has everything it needs: beauty, power and impressive performance figures.

Still, there are tuners out there that think the MC Stradale can do much better. One of these tuners is Wheelsandmore and today it unveiled the Demonoxious - a specially prepared MC Stradale with an output of no less than 666 horsepower.

From start you have to agree the name is rather strange. It has "Demon" in it - most likely an indication of that 666 output level - but it also has "noxious" which means poison, or "substances that can harm or kill.”

Leaving the name aside, the kit is very cool. Wheelsandmore decided the car looks perfect from factory and decided to leave it that way - thanks for that - and focused only on upgrading its performance figures.

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Shortly after Maserati unveiled the Kubang concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, rumors began circulating that a production version would be offered. Shortly after, Maserati Maserati confirmed that a production version will indeed be offered, but the production version will drop the Kubang name in favor of Levante.

The SUV takes its name from the Via Emilia Levante in Bologna, where the Maserati brothers, almost a century ago, dreamed up the company that today still bears their name.

The Levante will be offered with three engines: a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 engine delivering 410 horsepower, a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8 engine with 530 horsepower and a turbo-diesel engine only offered in Europe. All the three engines will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission and will send their power to all four wheels via Maserati’s new all-wheel-drive system.

Maserati’s first SUV will combine exterior and interior elements from Quattroporte and Ghibli with some electronic architecture from Chrysler and Jeep.

Until recently, it was rumored that the Levante would be built at Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit alongside the Jeep Grand Cherokee, but due to the huge demand for the Jeep SUV, this isn’t a possibility. Instead, it will be produced in Italy.

The Levante will be unveiled in 2014 - just in time to celebrate Maserati’s centennial.

Image Note: The above image is a TopSpeed rendering and not an official image of the Levante

Update 5/21/2013: A report by Edmunds has revealed more information on the Levante’s production home and drivetrain.

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Shortly after Ferrari unveiled the LaFerrari supercar , it was rumored that Maserati would unveil a supercar based on the LaFerrari. The model was supposed to be a successor for the 2004 MC12 supercar and we assumed it would arrive in 2015.

An announcement by company Maserati Harald J Wester in a recent interview with AutoExpress confirmed that the company isn’t planning to build a hypercar based on the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Instead, Maserati will focus on developing the new-generation GranCabrio and GranTurismo. After these two are finished, there will also be a new smaller sports car . However, contrary to previous rumors, the new sports car won’t be based on the Alfa Romeo 4C because this will require "to create a more sporty, all-new body for Maserati."

The new sports car will be a two-seat model and will be smaller in size when compared to the next GranTurismo.

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Source: AutoExpress
Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C sports car is drawing attention from all corners of the auto industry. According to AutoExpress, it’s even piqued the interest of its sister company, Maserati.

Following on its plans to sell 50,000 vehicles a year by 2015, the Italian automaker, or at least its boss Harald Wester, also said that a variant to the 4C sports car could very well be in the cards too.

"It’s a nice idea," Wester said when asked by AutoExpress about Maserati’s plans.

With the new Ghibli joining the ranks of the Quattroporte , the GranTurismo and the GranCabrio in Maserati’s ranks, questions on whether the automaker spreading itself a little too thin aren’t unjustified. And don’t forget the Levante SUV, which is scheduled to be unveiled next year.

But if there’s an entry level in Maserati’s future, it couldn’t have picked a better one than the Alfa Romeo 4C.

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Source: AutoExpress
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Maserati is an Italian automaker with a long tradition on the market, as it was established on December 1, 1914. Now, the trident-wielding company is preparing to celebrate its centennial with a limited edition Quattroporte developed in cooperation with Ermenegildo Zegna.

This limited edition will feature new colors, materials and trims inspired by Zenga - a leading men’s’ fashion group. This is the first model to be developed under a new three-year agreement signed between the two companies, but Maserati announced that a whole range of new optional trims by Zegna will be available for all models by 2015.

The Maserati Quattroporte Limited Edition by Ermenegildo Zegna will be limited to only 100 units. Each customer will also receive a unique collection of accessories by Zegna.

This special edition will be unveiled during one of the upcoming international auto shows, but unfortunately Maserati did not revealed exactly which one.

Updated 02/28/2014: Maserati unveiled today the first official images of the Quattroporte by Ermenegildo Zegna Limited Edition, just days before the car’s official debut in Geneva.

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Prestige car auctions offer a rare glimpse at classic exotics too old, rare or obscure to be on the regular radar. This is partly because the cars that change hands at these sales are the best of the best. They’re the ultra-low-mileage, heated-garage type of meticulously maintained classics that are as gorgeous now as they day they were born.

Two such examples surfaced recently for the first time in nearly 35 years at [RM Auctions: a flawless 1969 Maserati Ghibli Maserati Ghibli Spyder and a stunning red 1971 Maserati Ghlibi 4.9 SS. Celebrated at the time of its debut, the Ghibli faded from center stage with the introduction of the next big style step-change: the 1970s wedge supercar.

Does the Ghibli deserve to be a side note in car history, or was it actually a masterful 1967 execution of an ultra-fast, sleek and luxurious Italian pony car?

Please follow the jump for a deep dive into two true Maserati classics with a full image gallery, original brochures and some highlights in the evolution of the Ghibli’s performance.

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Maserati has unveiled today the first teaser image for a new model set to be unveiled at the end of this month at the Shanghai Auto Show. No other details have been revealed, but the teaser image came with the confirmation that the new model represents the “newest addition to its lineup and that it not only borrows from the past but also looks to the future."

This statement make us think the model Maserati is referring to is the new Ghibli sedan we have seen testing in the past few months. Also, the model hidden under the sheet seems to feature a long hood and coupe-like fastback design - a reminder of the original Ghibli.

The new Ghibli will be built on the same platform as the new generation Quattroporte and will be offered with the same engine as the larger sedan: turbocharged V-6 engine and the new V-8 engine. Both engines will be mated to an eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox.

Full details on the new Ghibli will be unveiled at the end of the month during its official debut in Shanghai.

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