Maybach 57

Maybach 57

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Even thought Daimler decided to drop the unsuccessful Maybach brand, tuners still show interest in the luxury limousine. Florida-based tuner Knight Luxury came up with a very cool "Sir Maybach 57S " tuning kit that shows that even now, the 57S still has strong potential.

As expected, the tuner decided to update the exterior and the interior look of the limousine, but it also made some important changes under the hood. This is where the tuner installed a four-pipe sports exhaust system with valve control and Rennkats that increases the final output up to 712 horsepower — an healthy increase over the 543 horsepower found in the standard model.

All the exterior additions were made from carbon fiber and they include new front and rear aprons with integrated LED daytime running lights, a new hood and trunk lid, rear diffuser and a new rear spoiler. For good measure, the tuner also swapped out the stock engine cover for a carbon-fiber one.

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When Daimler started offering $100,000 rebates on new Maybach models, the writing was on the wall that the failing ultra-luxury car company was about to be taken off of life support. About four months have past since the rebates began and it is official now, as Daimler has eliminated all plans for 2013 Maybach models.

When Daimler restarted Maybach production in the early-2000s, it never really took off, as Bentley and Rolls Royce had the ultra-luxury market pretty well tied down. Maybach continued floundering around until 2011 when Daimler finally announced that it would cease production by 2013. A promise that Daimler certainly held true on.

The worst thing is that Daimler didn’t even issue a press release on its cessation. The only send off that Maybach has received is a “Discontinued” label next to every model on its price list as an indicator of its death. The other indicator is the fact that the Maybach website is nearly inaccessible now.

So, farewell to Maybach, yet again... Maybe we’ll come across you in another half-century or so. Maybe VW is interested in snagging it up... We’re kidding, sort of.

We knew that the time was coming eventually, and according to a source who spoke to Autoweek, the end has finally come to pass for Maybach .

Mercedes-Benz , the company that revived Maybach nine years ago, is finally pulling the plug on the luxury line in 2013. The decision to drop Maybach was spurned by disappointing sales figures for its two core models, the 57 and the 62 . It certainly didn’t help matters when efforts in trying to jumpstart the company didn’t amount to anything, particularly when a proposed deal with Aston Martin to assist in building future models ended up falling by the wayside.

For now, the plan is for Maybach to continue selling the two models until 2013 when Mercedes’ fifth generation S-Class finally hits the market. The next-gen S-Class will likewise see an all-new S600, which you could take the reins from Maybach in competing in the ultra-luxury market currently dominated by Rolls-Royce and Bentley .

We can’t say that we didn’t see this coming, although we’re a little disappointed that Mercedes didn’t exercise a little bit more patience before they cut the cord. Then again, it wasn’t our decision to make and if Mercedes really wanted to cut their losses on the brand, they have every right to do so.

Source: Autoweek

Maybach is celebrating its 125th anniversary with the unveiling of a one-off Edition 125! at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. According to the manufacturer this special edition model "presents exquisite new possibilities for individually styling the high-end saloons."

The Maybach Edition 125! was created as a celebration of the 125 years of the automobile and it also honors the ingenious designer behind the brand, Wilhelm Maybach. The 125! is painted in a newly created Tahiti Black/ Patagonia Silver combination that works well with the lavish contour lighting and laser-engraved light motif in the front armrest. Other features for this special one-off model include a glove compartment lid that has been embroidered with the signature of Wilhelm Maybach, silver-colored top-stitching, silver carbon fiber and black piano lacquer trims, 20" matte black wheels with high-sheen spokes, and a newly styled radiator grille.

Along with the new Edition 125!, Maybach also brought the restyled versions of the 57 and 62 that debuted earlier this year. These models received a new chrome radiator grille, a new front bumper, a redesigned hood, re-styled side mirrors, new rear light clusters, and new-look 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels for the standard models and 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels for the S variants. The 57S and 62S models are powered by a 12-cylinder engine that develops a total of 630 HP. The 57 and 62 models get a 6.0 liter V12 supercharged and turbocharged engine that develops 542bhp.

With a price tag of more than $340K, the Maybach 57 is definitely a car that will only be driven by some of the richest people in the world. Then again, sometimes some of the richest people in the world shouldn’t be allowed to drive it.

In their latest video, "Otis," rappers Jay-Z and Kanye West have done the unthinkable and destroyed a perfectly good Maybach limousine. No, it wasn’t an accident; these guys did it on purpose. Why? Apparently, they wanted to customize the Maybach for their video. Next time, they should take Otis Redding’s word to heart and Try a Little Tenderness.

Nevertheless, this car is actually getting auctioned off to benefit the East African Drought Disaster, so we hope there are people out there that actually like what these guys have done.

Weddings are a huge deal for just about every woman with a breath and for Kate Middleton, the event is even more spectacular considering she is tying the knot with none other than Prince William. An event like this is sure to be on the calendars of every romantic in the world and would likewise never slip past the automakers marketing departments as a fleeting thought so finding a vehicle to mark the occasion wasn’t something we thought would be difficult. Turns out, we were right. Project Kahn has taken the time to create a special Maybach 57 Wedding Commemorative edition, which is appropriately painted in pearl white.

The Wedding Commemorative Maybach 57 will feature special paintwork and finish to go along with the pearl white exterior and will also make good use of a new set of 22" wheels. The 57 will also have Project Kahn Maybach 57 Maybach 57 smoked rear lights, special interior components, and Pentagon privacy glass. The royal tribute carriage is made complete with a number plate fit for a prince: 4 HRH. For those that do not know, HRH stands for His/Her Royal Highness.

Project Kahn explains the intention behind the special edition: "Project Kahn understands the meaning of traveling in style and with the conversion we perform on this prestige vehicle there is no more of a stylish way to travel. The 4 HRH number plate is worthy of befitting a vehicle such as the Project Kahn Maybach 57. And as a proud Englishman and designer, this is our way of wishing the royal couple many happy years together."

Another model getting the royal treatment is the Lexus LS600h . The hybrid sedan hit it big as Prince Albert II of Monaco and his future wife, Miss Charlene Wittstock , will be driving the Lexus during the shindig. We’re sure these won’t be the only royal vehicles hitting the procession so we’ll keep a look out for any more.

Who is Xenatec ? Well, if you’ve been around the tuning block, you’ve probably heard of this German coachbuilder who has been announcing plans for amazing cars for quite some time now.

After years of talking, Xenatech finally released their latest creation, the Maybach 57S Coupe. The German coachbuilder will be bringing their new prized vehicle to Geneva, but ironically enough, the launch won’t take place at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. Instead of joining the rest of the automotive world at the Palexpo Center, Xenatech will be pulling the covers off of the new 57S Coupe at a specially built pavilion in the gardens of “La Reserve” hotel on the banks of Lake Geneva.

Why they decided on doing this is a question that we don’t have an answer to. Whatever the case may be, these guys probably want all the attention for themselves, which isn’t a bad thing. At the very least, a lot of people attending the Geneva Motor Show should be buzzing about the $1 million-dollar luxury car that’s being launched across town.

Details on the Maybach 57S Coupe by Xenatec after the jump.

German coachbuilder, Xenatec , gets its kicks from making short cars
long, long cars short, and long cars even longer. This is evident in their many zany interpretations, including their transformations for the Audi R8 and the Porsche 911 . But their craziest package is yet to come with the Maybach Cruiserio Coupe, developed by Daimler and Saudi-based Auto Kingdom. There will only be 100 units built at a price of $940,000.

"The new Cruiserio coupe demonstrates a vision for design and production which AutoKingdom shares with the two German companies. This vision is the result of intellectual cooperation. The new generation features an advanced and ultra-elegant design by the most experienced and skilled automobile engineers and specialists who have deep knowledge of the demands of owners of luxury cars and their vision for an ultra-luxurious car which surpasses all what they saw in the past and is set to beat what they could see in the future."

The Cruiserio Coupe is powered by a V12 engine with an output of 605 HP and a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 5.0 seconds, while top speed hits the 170 mph mark. Pretty amazing numbers considering we’re talking about a 5.7 meter luxury coupe.

UPDATE 12/29/2010: Well, it didn’t take long for the luxury ride to find its way into dealerships. We recently got word that the very first model of the Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe is now being put up for sale by AutoKingdom, a luxury car dealer in Saudi Arabia for al ittle less than a million dollars. Incidentally, AutoKingdom is one of only two companies outside of Germany that has been given the rights to sell the limited-run vehicle with the other dealership being Russia’s ArmorTech Group.

Source: Jameslist

Daimler unveiled today the facelift version for the Maybach line-up. The company made chances to the exterior design, interior comfort, but also added a more powerful engine. This is the last chance Daimler offered to Maybach before making a final decision on its future.

The exterior chances include a new chrome radiator grille, a new front bumper and redesigned hood, re-styled side mirrors and new rear light clusters and new new-look 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels for the standard models and get 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels for the S ones. Also the 57S and 62S models are 11 mm longer and 17 mm wider.

On the interior the limousine gets a hand-braided or crystal-encrusted seat piping, a 19-inch rear screen, a perfume atomiser and a wireless internet function.

The 57S and 62S models are powered by a 12-cylinder engine that develops a total of 630 HP. The 57 and 62 models get a 6.0 liter V12 supercharged and turbocharged engine that develops 542bhp. Fuel consumptions and CO2 emissions have been lowered in both models.

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