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The Maybach brand may no longer exist, but Daimler is not willing to let it die altogether. Although it has yet to be officially confirmed, the moniker is set to make a comeback on an ultra-luxurious version of the brand-new S-Class. Specifically, the S-Class Pullman won’t be the only special-edition limousine , as an extended-wheelbase version of the S600 — the Maybach — is set to sit below the 250-inch-long Pullman beginning in 2015.

The upcoming S600 Maybach is still somewhat of a mystery, but various reports suggest it will sport a wheelbase that’s nearly eight inches longer than that of the long-wheelbase version of the S-Class. Spotted on public streets earlier in 2014, the S600 Maybach just traded the city’s narrow roads for the Nurburgring track. That’s right folks, this luxurious land yacht has sporty ambitions as well and the Germans are looking to sharpen its senses on the "Green Hell."

Granted, it’s rather awkward for a vehicle that’s longer than any other standard, full-size sedan to tackle the ’Ring at full throttle. And let’s face it, wealthy customers are more interested in the car’s sumptuous interior, massage seats and comfortable ride. However, Mercedes-Benz is known to have one of the most dynamic vehicle lineups on the market, and the S600 Maybach needs to fit in. Especially considering the $400,000 sticker that’s rumored to adorn its windshield.

Naturally, tackling the ’Ring’s tight corners at high speeds is somewhat of a struggle for the S600 Maybach, but the limousine fares quite well given its curb weight and elongated body. It’s a bit early to judge, but it seems Mercedes’ rival to the Bentley Mulsanne and Rolls-Royce Phantom is impressively sporty.

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With the long-wheelbase version of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class already underway, it appears that Daimler is set to revive the Maybach nameplate for an even longer version of the luxury -packed limousine.

According to Reuters, the Maybach-branded Mercedes will be quite a land yacht, sporting a wheelbase that’s 20 cm (7.9 inches) longer than that of the extended version of the S-Class .

The added length and luxury amenities, such as "soft-touch leather and bespoke materials", will also reflect in the vehicle’s price tag, which is expected to be "more than double the €165,000 ($228,000) asking price" of the current Mercedes-Benz S600.

However, don’t expect for the Maybach to fetch more than $400,000 before options in the U.S., as the aforementioned price applies to the European-spec version — it will be lower Stateside. Nonetheless, the limousine will sit between the Bentley Mulsanne and the Rolls-Royce Phantom price-wise.

If you’re thinking that this all sounds familiar, it should, because the Maybach will likely be closely related to the Pullman that we’ve caught testing. The Pullman, according to the source, is actually even longer yet at nearly 260 inches, and will be aimed at heads of state and oligarchs, especially in its nearly $1 million armor-plated version.

We will find out more about the Pullman later this year, as the vehicle is scheduled to be showcased during both the Los Angeles and the Guangzhou auto shows this fall.

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Even thought Daimler decided to drop the unsuccessful Maybach brand, tuners still show interest in the luxury limousine. Florida-based tuner Knight Luxury came up with a very cool "Sir Maybach 57S " tuning kit that shows that even now, the 57S still has strong potential.

As expected, the tuner decided to update the exterior and the interior look of the limousine, but it also made some important changes under the hood. This is where the tuner installed a four-pipe sports exhaust system with valve control and Rennkats that increases the final output up to 712 horsepower — an healthy increase over the 543 horsepower found in the standard model.

All the exterior additions were made from carbon fiber and they include new front and rear aprons with integrated LED daytime running lights, a new hood and trunk lid, rear diffuser and a new rear spoiler. For good measure, the tuner also swapped out the stock engine cover for a carbon-fiber one.

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When Daimler started offering $100,000 rebates on new Maybach models, the writing was on the wall that the failing ultra-luxury car company was about to be taken off of life support. About four months have past since the rebates began and it is official now, as Daimler has eliminated all plans for 2013 Maybach models.

When Daimler restarted Maybach production in the early-2000s, it never really took off, as Bentley and Rolls Royce had the ultra-luxury market pretty well tied down. Maybach continued floundering around until 2011 when Daimler finally announced that it would cease production by 2013. A promise that Daimler certainly held true on.

The worst thing is that Daimler didn’t even issue a press release on its cessation. The only send off that Maybach has received is a “Discontinued” label next to every model on its price list as an indicator of its death. The other indicator is the fact that the Maybach website is nearly inaccessible now.

So, farewell to Maybach, yet again... Maybe we’ll come across you in another half-century or so. Maybe VW is interested in snagging it up... We’re kidding, sort of.

Maybach 57 and 62 Facelift

A little while ago we reported that Daimler – former owner of Chrysler – was about to give up on yet another one of its brands. This time it is not the middle-class Chrysler lineup, but instead it is the extremely expensive Maybach lineup . Daimler’s not even making an attempt to sell it, it’s just axing the failing company altogether.

In light of its upcoming release, Daimler is trying to rid itself of every last one of these nearly half-million-dollar machines. It is now taking drastic measures by adding in a $100,000 rebate. We’ve heard of crazy rebates upwards of $10,000 on some high-end cars, but $100K, really?

Then again, ridding itself of the remaining $376,000 Type 57 and the $427,000 Type 62 is not going to be an easy task. Maybe cutting the price by nearly one-third and one-fourth, respectively, will do the trick. Besides, reports say that Maybach loses roughly $500,000 on every model it sells, so what’s another $100K per car?

After this whole snafu, it appears that the “Maybach” name will again remain dormant in the automotive world, which it did from 1940 to 1997, for a very long time to come. So if you want an ultra-luxury car “on the cheap,” that may soon be worth tons of money as a collectable, swing on down to Maybach, if you can find a dealer, err, “studio” anywhere, and claim your cool $100K rebate.

We’re curious to see what kind of crazy restrictions there are to getting this rebate. We all know there is some kind of catch. Missing out on a $1,000 rebate due to some weird financing requirement ticks us off enough; missing out on $100K would likely send us into a small temper tantrum.

Bentley is extensively prepping for their future with a couple of new paths to higher sales. Just recently, the company has downsized from a W12 to a V8 engine and their next course of action is to offer a plug-in hybrid model. In an interview with Car and Driver, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer reported that the hybrid system could be based on Volkswagen technology and that it could combine either a W12 engine or a V8 engine with an electric motor placed between the engine and transmission. This system will allow an electric-only range of 16 to 19 miles - a relatively good range considering we are talking about very heavy vehicles.

Another new direction Bentley is taking, and probably the stranger of the two, is their announced plans to steal customers from Maybach. This bit of news came shortly after Mercedes announced that the last Maybach unit would be produced in early 2013. Bentley hopes that this termination of production will get stars like hip-hop artist Jay-Z, actor Samuel L. Jackson, and King Juan Carlos to turn their attention from the old Maybach models to Bentley’s line-up. We would think that Rolls Royce would be a good candidate as well, but Bentley wouldn’t be a bad way to go either.

"The withdrawal of Maybach is a business opportunity for us and we’re going to use it," Bentley Chief Executive Wolfgang Duerheimer told Reuters. And they aren’t too worried about Mercedes’ decision to offer an S600 Pullman because "they wanted something more exclusive than a Mercedes in the first place, so Rolls or Bentley would seem an obvious substitution."

In this war, Bentley has the advantage of planning alarge luxury SUV that will be placed over the top Cayenne and it will be "highly customizable, including a wealth of interior materials and a choice of four- or five-passenger configurations."

We knew that the time was coming eventually, and according to a source who spoke to Autoweek, the end has finally come to pass for Maybach .

Mercedes-Benz , the company that revived Maybach nine years ago, is finally pulling the plug on the luxury line in 2013. The decision to drop Maybach was spurned by disappointing sales figures for its two core models, the 57 and the 62 . It certainly didn’t help matters when efforts in trying to jumpstart the company didn’t amount to anything, particularly when a proposed deal with Aston Martin to assist in building future models ended up falling by the wayside.

For now, the plan is for Maybach to continue selling the two models until 2013 when Mercedes’ fifth generation S-Class finally hits the market. The next-gen S-Class will likewise see an all-new S600, which you could take the reins from Maybach in competing in the ultra-luxury market currently dominated by Rolls-Royce and Bentley .

We can’t say that we didn’t see this coming, although we’re a little disappointed that Mercedes didn’t exercise a little bit more patience before they cut the cord. Then again, it wasn’t our decision to make and if Mercedes really wanted to cut their losses on the brand, they have every right to do so.

Source: Autoweek

Taking a page from one of history’s most beloved fairy tales, the "Cinderella and the Maybach Berline" movie stars Cindy, a simple and down-trodden young lady who spends her days working at her father’s workshop while her stepmother and her spoiled princess of a daughter spend theirs living it up at the Billionaires Club.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

On the night of her birthday, though, Cindy’s father bought her a beautiful dress and gave her the chance to hit the town while behind the Maybach Berline Carriage prototype. Inspired by the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class , the futuristic Maybach is an autonomous E-Cell - or F-Cell - vehicle that’s tele-operated via a satellite link to a Maybach Virtual Chauffeur Center. The ’no driver’ set-up of the car allows for more interior space on the vehicle, leaving plenty of room for passengers to enjoy the comforts of luxury in a moving, private setting. Among the features decked out in the futuristic Maybach, include a vis-à-vis seating layout with a “Royal Lounge” on one side and two single seats on the other. There’ also a large glass screen that displays 3D laser projection, which, in turn, is suspended from the ceiling and can display the Virtual Chauffeur or a variety of media and entertainment. The Berline Carriage also has large divided gullwing doors that carry their own oversized privacy glass and retractable stairs to make for convenient loading and unloading.

Suffice to say, this quintessential ’futuristic rom-com’ will show us the story of the the 21st century Cinderella - or Cindy - complete with a romantic twist and a young, dashing prince.

Maybach is celebrating its 125th anniversary with the unveiling of a one-off Edition 125! at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. According to the manufacturer this special edition model "presents exquisite new possibilities for individually styling the high-end saloons."

The Maybach Edition 125! was created as a celebration of the 125 years of the automobile and it also honors the ingenious designer behind the brand, Wilhelm Maybach. The 125! is painted in a newly created Tahiti Black/ Patagonia Silver combination that works well with the lavish contour lighting and laser-engraved light motif in the front armrest. Other features for this special one-off model include a glove compartment lid that has been embroidered with the signature of Wilhelm Maybach, silver-colored top-stitching, silver carbon fiber and black piano lacquer trims, 20" matte black wheels with high-sheen spokes, and a newly styled radiator grille.

Along with the new Edition 125!, Maybach also brought the restyled versions of the 57 and 62 that debuted earlier this year. These models received a new chrome radiator grille, a new front bumper, a redesigned hood, re-styled side mirrors, new rear light clusters, and new-look 21-spoke, 19-inch wheels for the standard models and 12-spoke, 20-inch wheels for the S variants. The 57S and 62S models are powered by a 12-cylinder engine that develops a total of 630 HP. The 57 and 62 models get a 6.0 liter V12 supercharged and turbocharged engine that develops 542bhp.

Rappers tend to have some of the biggest paychecks known to man. Even "Birdman" who may not be the most recognized or the most talented rapper has enough money to splurge now and again. Keeping that in mind, it’s no wonder that he recently became the owner of a Maybach Exelero for which he paid an incredible $8 million. Considering Forbes lists him as the fourth wealthiest rapper and he is also the proud owner of a Bugatti Veyron and a Maybach Landaulet , this latest purchase shouldn’t astound anyone.

"They got this new Maybach that I want that costs $8 million, I gotta have it," he said in a recent interview, and why shouldn’t he when his net worth is estimated to be $100 million?

The Exelero is powered by a V12 biturbo engine that develops an impressive 700 HP at 5,000 rpm and 753 lm.ft of maximum torque at 2,500 rpm. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds and hits a top speed of 218 mph. If that isn’t impressive enough, there is only one Exelero in the world.

UPDATE 08/15/2011: Either Birdman has changed his mind or the money from his old CDs isn’t coming in as fast as he would like it to because the rapper has yet to pay for his expensive new ride. According to a representative of European entrepreneur, Arnaud Massartic (the current owner of the Exelero), Birdman has yet to pay for the Maybach. All this means is that anyone with a spare $8 million can still snag the vehicle and pull a Jay-Z/Kanye makeover. (MotorAuthority)

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