Mazda 2

Mazda 2

Launched in 1996, the first-generation Mazda2 had very little in common with the current supermini. More a minivan-like, tall hatchback with a boxy design, the Mazda2 , also known as the Mazda Demio, was offered with a couple of small-displacement, four-cylinder, gasoline engines that delivered 82 horsepower (1.3-liter) and 99 ponies (1.5-liter). The first-gen Mazda2 became a hit in Japan and was kept in production until 2002. The second-gen model brought major styling changes to the 2, but the company kept the tall, minivan-like design, while adding new gasoline engines, including a diesel. It was 2007 when the third-generation Mazda2 arrived and the compact started looking more like the supermini we all know today. The third-gen car is also the first Mazda2 to arrive Stateside, following its debut at the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. After nearly eight years on the market, the Mazda2 is finally receiving its much-needed overhaul for the 2015 model year.

The supermini follows into footsteps of the Mazda3 and Mazda6 in design and technology, as it comes to life as a production version of the 2014 Hazumi Concept . Set to go on sale in Japan by the end of 2014, the Mazda2 won’t hit U.S. shores until 2015 (2016 model year). But until it does, let’s have a look at what the redesigned supermini has to offer.

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We are back! It is episode 2 of the Podcast . In this week’s episode we cover a ton of great news. Just like last time, we start out with the Weekly Wheels. Justin talks about the latest Mazda MX-5 Miata , Mark covers the Toyota Tundra , and I talk about why the Lexus ES 350 doesn’t suck.

In the news we talk about the new collection of cars for download in Need for Speed: Rivals and Forza 5 , the BMW i8 and the 2016 Camaro. After a quick tirade about horsepower we get to newer, cheaper Bentleys and we finish things up with the Land Rover Discovery lineup.

After the big news we revisit Geneva again to cover some stuff you guys said we missed.

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Weekly Wheels: Lexus ES 350, Mazda Miata MX-5 PRHT Club, Toyota Tundra

The Mazda2 has been largely an afterthought in the Mazda lineup but at the Geneva Motor Show , the Japanese automaker’s resident hatchback will get its much deserved time in the spotlight.

Good for the Mazda2 because it has really earned the right to get a concept vehicle to preview what the next-generation model will look like. As far as the name of the concept goes, Mazda has christened it the "Hazumi," which apparently means "spring up" or "bound" in Japanese.

While we have no clue on the significance of its meaning to the Mazda 2, we do know that the change is long overdue, especially with that all-too-happy look of its predecessor. In its place, it appears that Mazda will adopt the new styling language seen on the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 . What that means is that we expect to see the same angular headlights that the teaser proudly shows, as well as a more contoured grille and a sculpted signature wing. LEDs are also in play for the Mazda2.

On the more technical side, the new Mazda2 is also being prepared to use a shorter version of the CX-5 ’s platform, which means that we can reasonably expect a slightly bigger frame than what we’ve come accustomed to.

All that is good news for Mazda’s forlorn hatch. It’s forsaken no more, folks, so get excited for that!

Updated 3/4/2014: Mazda revealed the Hazumi concept today in Geneva.

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There are very few stunts in this world that can compete with a car driving along a wall without the aid of any Hollywood magic. But for those talented enough to pull of such a feat, it makes for some sick viewing.

In this video, we find ourselves in the Demon Drome Wall of Death with no less than Dynomite Dave, the man who has made an art form out of mastering the Drome. For this particular stunt, Dynomite Dave demonstrates his incredible skill at conquering the Wall of Death, and he does so not with a bike but with an actual Mazda2 .

As incredible as this all sounds, it’s even more impressive when you watch the video for yourself. And for those thinking that they could pull off this stunt on their own, consider the fact that Dynomite Dave knows what he’s doing inside that wall. So for the sake of your health and finances, leave the stunts to the experts.

Hatchbacks may not offer the same kind of thrill as sports cars and muscle cars. They also don’t have the utility of SUVs and pick-ups. Heck, they’re not so much for luxury, either. But at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show , hatchbacks will have their turn in the spotlight as a host of custom-modded hatches will be making their way to Las Vegas.

This list comprises most of the vehicles you’ll see. There are Scions iQs, Ford Fiestas , Ford Focus , and even a Lexus CT200h . Not only are these vehicles modded to the brim, but they also give us an idea on all the possibilities that come with aftermarket works being done on hatches.

The people who think that hatches aren’t cool enough should take a good look at this list and if they don’t change their minds, then they really need to check themselves before they wreck themselves.

But for those like us that enjoy modded hatchbacks, this list will tell us all the vehicles we need to look out for at the SEMA Auto Show.

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The Mazda Turbo2 won’t be the only green Mazda getting some attention at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show. 3D Carbon has arrived with its own Mazda2 tuning package to share the spotlight. Painted in a very cool Spirited Green Metallic paint, the 3dCarbon Mazda2 is highlighted with a vinyl graphic design courtesy of Sticky Fingers Design and darkly tinted side and rear windows.

The colorful additions to the Mazda2 are joined by a body kit manufactured in a high-pressure polyurethane injection molding. The body kit includes a front air dam, side skirts, a rear lower diffuser, and a Mazda2 Touring-spec upper rear spoiler. The exterior kit is topped off with a new set of 18" FIVE:AD S6:F Gunmetal wheels wrapped with Yokohama 215/35R18 tires. The vehicle will also be equipped with an Eibach Springs Pro-Kit that improves handling as well as visual appeal.

Unfortunately, 3dCarbon has decided not to match up their exterior modifications with equally pleasing engine updates. In fact, they did aboslutely nothing to increase the vehicle’s output. It’s too bad, it would’ve been cool to see the same 2.3-liter Direct Injection Spark Ignition (DISI) turbo engine found in the Turbo2 displayed underneath the hood of the Mazda2 by 3D Carbon.

Updated 11/09/2011: Check the picture gallery to see new images of the Mazda2 by 3dCarbon from the SEMA Show.

There’s no chance you can wipe the smile off of the Mazda 2Turbo’s face because quite frankly, this is the most awesome Mazda 2 we’ve ever seen.

Details behind the car’s specs have yet to be revealed - we actually found the photos on Mazda ’s Flickr page - although the caption it came with pretty much sums up what this car is all about: “One of our most powerful turbocharged engines in our lightest platform. ’Nuff said!”

The name seems to suggest that the race-spec hatch will come with a turbocharged engine that could potentially be akin to something a lot more powerful than the car’s existing 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 100 horsepower.

Exactly what kind of powertrain lies under that hood? At this point, it’s anybody’s guess. But if we were to take a little stab at it, we’re guessing that it could be somewhere along the lines of a 2.3-liter unit that pumps out 244 horsepower. It seems a little outrageous given the car’s current capabilities, but then again, that’s what the SEMA Auto Show is all about.

Whatever the case may be, we’re itching to find out what the Japanese automaker has in store for us with this gnarly little beast that’s already looking like it’s armed and ready to tear up race tracks from here to Timbuktu.

Updated 11/09/2011: Check the picture gallery to see new images of the Mazda Turbo 2 from its official at the SEMA Show.

In today’s world, spec series racing is only limited to the virtual world of Gran Turismo . Sure, it’s a fun and affordable way to get some racing burn on a race track, but the truth of the matter is, it’s constrained to nothing more than video games. Real world racing of this kind costs a lot of money and resources, and people that have neither of those things are left out of luck.

Despite the fact that there are no B-spec professional series out there, Honda and Mazda are setting a goal of providing close racing in affordable cars by jointly announcing the formation of "B-Spec" Showroom Stock racing. The performance divisions for each brand – Honda Performance Devel Devel opment and MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development – recently unveiled their entries for a proposed new low-cost B-Spec series, using the Honda Fit and the MAZDA2 as their respective platforms.

As one of the fastest-growing segments in the entire automotive industry, B-segment vehicles have grown in popularity because they’re affordable and, more importantly, have enjoyed a tremendous following from younger demographics. That success has translated into the idea of producing cheap(er) B-Spec racers with the Fit and Mazda2 being two of among a number of other hatchbacks that would fit into this category. Other vehicles include the Ford Fiesta , Hyundai Accent , Nissan Versa , Toyota Yaris , and Chevrolet Aveo .

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Source: Honda/Mazda
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Small cars don’t have to be boring, just ask owners of the legendary Mazda MX-5 . This car doesn’t have the power of a sports car or the size of a supercar, but it sure is fun to drive, more so than some of its larger car counterparts.

Mazda has been known to be small car lovers over the years, as they take these tiny chassis and make them fun to drive. Take the MazdaSpeed 3 for instance. It wasn’t large and it wasn’t as powerful as a Ford Mustang , but it had to be one of the best driving vehicles on the road.

Mazda hopes that their new Mazda 2 Evil Track will continue this small sporty car theme, as it takes the base 2 and adds a touch of speed to it. Imagine what would happen if the cute little green Mazda went to prison and you get the idea of what this Evil Track is all about.

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Talk about a bold claim from Mazda , as the Japanese automaker has said its next Mazda2 subcompact would get 70 miles per gallon, making it the most fuel-efficient gasoline car on the road.

The vehicle will go on sale in Japan next year and it will be the first vehicle to get Mazda’s new engine and transmission technology, called SKYACTIV . Mazda hopes that this new setup will improve fuel economy on its cars by 30 percent by 2015. The company hopes to introduce the new SKYACTIV system on all of its cars by 2016.

The company also plans on building hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and an electric vehicle, using their current technology, by 2015. Currently, Mazda has no hybrid system of their own, but we don’t doubt that they have the ability to develop one.

The current Mazda2 manages 29/35 miles per gallon city/highway, which is decent, but not good enough to compete with the new B- and C-segment vehicles.

Source: Reuters

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