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Mazda 3

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Mazda3 Hatchback

Now that Mazda has dropped the redesigned 2014 Mazda6 sedan->http://www.topspeed.com/cars/mazda/2014-mazda-6-ar123717.html ], it’s no surprise that the same treatment is going to be applied to the Mazda3. All we had until now were rumors, but today our spy photographers managed to catch the next Mazda3 testing somewhere in Germany.

The prototype caught testing is heavily camouflaged, but you should expect a design language similar to what we saw with the new Mazda6. Our spy photographers also managed to catch a photo of the interior, revealing a redesigned dashboard and higher-quality materials. As for the engine lineup, we expect to see some improved versions of the current gasoline and diesel versions.

The new Mazda3 will be unveiled in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show . The first to arrive will be the hatchback version and it will be followed by a sedan a few months later.

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After releasing the new generation Mazda6 onto the market, the company has focused its attention on the development of the next generation Mazda3 . The first details suggest that the model will arrive in Summer 2013 and will be ready for the US market as a 2014 model year.

Today, British magazine AutoExpress is dropping what appears to be the first images of the next generation Mazda3. According to the site, these are digital renderings received from Mazda to confirm what everyone else already knew: the next Mazda3 will feature the company’s latest Kodo design language already unveiled in the design of the new Mazda6.

The next Mazda3 will be offered in the same 4-door sedan and 5-door hatchback configurations as the current generation. It will benefit from Mazda’s fuel-saving SkyActiv tech making it both lighter and more fuel efficient. We also expect to see an MPS version, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer for confirmation of that.

Source: AutoExpress

Mazda has already announced plans to unveil a new generation Mazda3, but until that new model arrives in 2014 , the British market can take advantage of two very cool editions based on the current Mazda3 MPS. The two new models, Tamura and Venture, are priced from £15,995 (about $25,700 at the current exchange rates) and £17,495 ($28,150 at the current rates), respectively.

The new Tamura Edition will be offered with an impressive list of standard equipment: 17" alloy wheels, Sports styling kit, front fog lights, electric windows, six-speaker audio system, dual zone climate control air-conditioning, front, side and curtain airbags, and a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm.

The Venture Edition will add light gunmetal alloys wheels, a unique rear spoiler, privacy glass, 5.8-inch Sanyo TomTom navigation, Bluetooth hands-free, automatic lights and wipers, cruise control, and heated front sports seats.

Both models are offered with either a 1.6-liter MZR petrol or diesel engine, both delivering improved fuel economy by 1.4%. Co2 emissions are also reduced by 2%.

Mazda Takeri Concept

With the debut of the new Takeri Concept , Mazda has revealed the design language for their future Mazda6 sedan, but that isn’t the only new model the Japanese company has in their future plans. In a recent interview with Automotive News, Robert Davis - Mazda’s Senior Vice President of U.S. operations has announced that the company plans to unveil four redesigned models by 2014.

The first to arrive will be a major update for the CX-5 in the spring of 2012. It will be followed by a redesigned Mazda6 and redesigns of the Mazda3 ,MX-5 Miata , and CX-9 in 2013.

The big news is that these redesigned models will not only receive exterior and interior updates, but new lightweight platforms and new gasoline and diesel powertrains that boost power and fuel economy. By 2016, Mazda also plans to add stop-start, regenerative braking, and hybrid technologies.

The new platform developed for the four new models will be the first one developed solely by Mazda. The company has been using platforms shared with Ford Motor Co. for most of its vehicles, but since Ford sold its stake in Mazda Mazda in 2006, the Japanese company has announced it has no plans to share its new platforms and powertrain technologies for U.S. vehicles with Ford.

Mazda’s little compact car showed up to the 2011 New York Auto Show with a midcycle refresh that not only provides a refined exterior and interior, but also dishes out a new engine that utilizes Mazda’s innovative SKYACTIV fuel-saving and performance-oriented technologies.

The new engine is the first application in North America of the SKYACTIV technology and improves the Mazda3’s fuel economy by 17%, allowing it to go up to an impressive 40 mpg on the highway.

"SKYACTIV is not just an engine; it is the next generation of advanced vehicle performance and efficiency," said Jim O’Sullivan, President and CEO, Mazda North American Operations (MNAO). "SKYACTIV embodies Mazda’s philosophy of engineering only vehicles that are fun to drive, satisfying to own and environmentally responsible; and there is no better vehicle to start with than the Mazda3, one of the most exciting sport compact cars on the road."

The 2012 Mazda3 also features improved sporty driving dynamics, responsive handling, and comfortable cabin space.

UPDATE 04/27/2011: Mazda has revealed four videos of the new 2012 Mazda3 - both sedan and hatchback - that shares details of the car’s design elements and shows them off in action! Check it out by clicking on the image above and remember to hit the arrow to see the rest!

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There are numerous Mazdas being shown at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and some have unique body styles and neat paint jobs, but this Mazda does all its talking on the road.

TheMazda3 Turbo Sedan takes the normal sedan look, but adds some serious power to it for some driving excitement. It’s like adding ballistic missiles to a submarine, as normal subs are great, but a missile sub is even better and even more aggressive. While we are perfectly aware that the turbo is by no means a nuclear weapon, it’s still pretty neat.

To create this vehicle, Mazda let its team have a little fun with some parts. The team took its knowledge of the Mazda parts bin and its close relationships with MAZDASPEED Motorsports suppliers, looked in the mirror, and decided to build a fast version of the Mazda3. We should work at Mazda.

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As rumors go, this one is somewhere in the middle. Not quite as crazy as it could be, but not really a sure thing. Mazda U.S VP of product development, Robert Davis, made a comment that a diesel engine could be in the next Mazdaspeed3 . That’s about all the information we have at this time.

We wouldn’t be opposed to this, but it seems odd that Mazda would put a diesel in the performance model and not the economy based standard Mazda3. That being said, if Mazda had boosted the new diesel Sky engine for performance, the new hot hatch could be something special.

There are many issues with this rumor though. We all know that the normal Mazdaspeed3 has issues with torque steer , so imagine how much there would be with a diesel motor. Not to mention a performance tuned Sky diesel will likely have to forgo efficiency for performance.

We would expect to see a diesel in the baseMazda3 way before we see one in the hot 3.

In the event you have a 2007-2009MY Mazda3 or Mazda5 – manufactured from April 2, 2007 through November 30, 2008 - sitting idly in your driveway, you might want to hold off using them for the time being.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, these specific models of the Mazda3 and Mazda5 are in line for a recall after it was discovered that a problem with the car’s steering could lead to serious accidents.

Turns out, there’s some sort of defect with these cars that results in the loss of power assist with the vehicle’s steering wheels that could, in turn, seriously hamper the way these cars can be driven. The problem becomes even more profound when the cars are being driven at gradual speeds.

Yet despite the announcement, the recall won’t come into effect at least until owner notifications are done. And with repair parts in short supply, the recall probably won’t happen for another few months.

In any case, if you do own any one of these vehicles, it is highly advisable to give Mazda’s customer service department a ring at 1-800-222-5500. Find out how the recall will happen and follow every appropriate measure to ensure that you don’t find yourself in any unfortunate – and avoidable – situations.

Source: NHTSA

A few days ago, Mazda pulled the covers off of their latest special edition range – the Takuya – that will be exclusively distributed in the UK.

Following in the success of the special edition Tamura range that was sold in the past, Mazda’s new Takuya range – the word ‘Takuya’ is a Japanese translation for ‘pioneer’ - will likewise feature variations for a number of Mazda models, including the Mazda 2 , Mazda 3 , and Mazda 6 .

The entry-level Mazda 2 five-door Takuya Edition will come with a 1.3-liter engine with a number of special edition features, including a set of 16” alloy wheels, front fog lights, and a sports styling kit that comes with a spoiler, sports bumpers, and side skirts. As for the interior, the Mazda 2 Takuya Edition will come with a black sports trim, trip computer, leather steering wheel and gear knob, steering wheel remote audio controls, and a Parrot Bluetooth hands-free kit.

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Source: Mazda

Some drivers are just plain assholes. No other way to describe it than that. And if you wanted any proof as to how these people exhibit their displeasure on just about anything that they deem as threatening to their ride, watch this video of a BMW 335i whose owner can’t stand the heat of a nice little trail ride from a MazdaSpeed3 .

We don’t know what led to the uncalled-for outburst by the jerk in the BMW, but we’re guessing that he can’t stomach the fact that the high-powered Mazda could keep up with his precious ride.

Good thing that the driver of the Mazda kept his cool during the whole ordeal because a hot-tempered fellow with a penchant for road rage would have probably taken the Mazda and rammed it into the BMW. Don’t think it’s far-fetched. We’ve seen it happen before.

Source: YouTube

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