Mazda BT-50

Mazda BT-50

Mazda has unveiled the new BT-50 pick-up at the Australian International Auto Show in Sydney. The new pick-up gets refined and expressive styling; a comfortable, high quality interior; a smooth ride with the feel of a passenger car; sporty and responsive driving dynamics that reflect Mazda’s DNA; and outstanding environmental and safety performance.

The BT-50 is characterized by Mazda’s family face with the five-point grille, headlights with bold boomerang shape, stretched taillights. The interior features a dashboard with an asymmetric design, four bold metallic panel strips, and a metallic outline that highlights the two cylindrical meters and connects them via a center strip.

"With the All-New BT-50, we aimed to express this emotion through the design, and we drew a lot of inspiration from various “movements” in the world around us. For example, we had a photograph of a lion. He looked like a magnificent predator with his muscles all bunching up as though he was about to pounce on his prey. His sinews were stretched taut ready to strike, and his mane framed a sharp, masculine countenance that seemed to say, ‘I am the proud king of the beasts!’ In profile, that lion appeared to be both intelligent and powerful."

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