Mazda MX-2

Mazda MX-2

The UK Pricing for Mazda ’s limited-edition 20th Anniversary MX5 has now been announced with the 20th anniversary roadster fetching a price tag of £16,850 - around $24,000.

Based on the 1.8-liter MX5 SE, these special-edition MX-5s were created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mazda’s venerable sports car, arguable one of the most popular ones from its generation.

Each of these three models comes in three unique color-ways – True Red, Chrystal White Pearlescent, and Aurora Blue Mica – with all of them sporting their own distinct artistic styling.

In addition to the its UK pricing, Mazda also released new photos of the three 20th anniversary models, with the White Pearlescent edition having its own unique racing decal with a matching Union Jack flag on its hood.

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Mazda of Japan has just revealed a special edition MX-5 in celebration of the lightweight roadster’s 20th Anniversary as a member of the automaker’s lineup. Since its inception, the Mazda Miata has been awarded the title of world’s highest production two seater roadster by the Guiness Book of World Records. All of the double decade Miatas will be covered in Crystal White Pearl Mica, True Red or Aurora Blue.

Mazda will unveil the special edition MX-5 20th Anniversary Edition in March at the Geneva Motor Show with plans to produce only 2000 units being sold exclusively in the European market. This special edition Miata is based on the 1.8 Liter powered soft top production roadster and is distinguished from ordinary MX-5’s by a special exterior styling package complete with chrome accents on the grill, door handles and headlight fascia; along with silver look fog lamp frames, specific 17-inch alloy wheels and bespoke 20th Anniversary logos.

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In celebrating the 20th year anniversary of one of its most successful vehicles, the MX-5 Miata , Mazda staged what can only be described as a full-on MX-5 car-fest at the Miyoshi Proving Ground in Japan.

Over 2,500 owners of the best-selling roadster of all time showed up for the event, in addition to over 1,600 of the said Miatas.

1,600 MX-5s; Porsche and Ferrari can’t hold a candle to that.

While the car’s were the unquestioned stars of the show that day, the day was also filled with a number of exciting programs, quizzes, and the introduction and getting-to-know-you of all of the Miata auto clubs scattered all across Japan.

The participants also penned their John Hancock’s on a special edition 20th anniversary Miata, which, from what we’ve heard, will be auctioned off sometime in the future.

The true highlight of the event was the closing parade where all the Miatas lined up for an enormous parade that had to have at least over 1,600 Miatas.

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In an attempt to downsize the fun in their lineup, the automaker from Hiroshima is preparing a smaller version of their popular MX-5 , the MX-2, a model set to be unveiled in 2012. Anyone who has ever found himself or herself behind the wheel of Mazda’s current lightweight rear wheel drive drop top will tell you that this reinvention of the classic English roadster is the best new car on the market, for the money. So a smaller MX-5 should also be lighter and less expensive.

The MX-2’s front end has swooping lines that that were strongly inspired by the Mazda Furai concept with some Ferrari California inspired headlamps, while the rest of the body reminds us of the newly redesigned BMW Z4 roadster . The smaller Miata will compete with upcoming models like the Mini Speedster and possible Nissan Urge.

You would think that while Mazda’s engineers were scaling down the roadster that they might have skimped on the output, but not from the Zoom-Zoom family. In an attempt at downsizing and turbo charging the top of the line model will have a 1.6 Liter four, boosted to make 160 HP. With a power package like that, Mazda’s MX-2 could become even more of a hit than the Miata. If enough of these turbocharged sports cars actually move off of dealer’s lots, it could inspire the Japanese automaker to resurrect another great sports car, the RX-7 .

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