Mazda RX

Mazda RX

The Wankel engine appears to have a bright future ahead as Mazda spills the beans about a revival of the rotary in an upcoming replacement for the sporty RX-8. U.K.-based AutoExpress says the automaker is eschewing the idea of turbocharging its rotary in favor of its trendy and efficient ‘SkyActiv’ engineering methods. Though no solid details have been confirmed, Mazda seems to have conveyed a few "understandings" to AE in regards to the car’s structure and engine performance targets.

Besides the high-revving rotary, the upcoming car is said to be based on a stretched version of the soon-to-be-unveiled, next-gen MX-5 Miata. It’s likely the chassis will have to undergo some strengthening in order to deal with the larger amounts of horsepower. Though it will be beefed up, Mazda will surely work hard to keep the new vehicle under the old RX-8’s 2,888-pound curb weight.

The RX-8 replacement is expected to hit showrooms for the 2017 model year after it makes its world debut in 2016.

Click past the jump to read Mazda’s powertrain performance targets.

Source: AutoExpress

Just before Christmas we reported that the Mazda RX-7 will be revealed in 2011 and it will replace the RX-8 sports car. Now, according to Cars UK, Mazda will also reveal the RX-9, a sports car, that according to the British magazine makes "more sense."

Of course is not the first time you hear about a possible RX-9 , first rumors appeared at the beginning of the year. The RX-9 will be powered by a Renesis 16X engine that will deliver a total of 350 hp. The car could also take advantage of new technology that would improve the fuel consumption by twenty percent of the traditionally gas-hungry rotary engine.

Source: Cars UK
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The Mazda RX Mazda RX -9 is an advanced concept that came out on top in this year’s Michelin Design Challenge. Mazda’s tires will feature Electroactive Polymers (E.A.P.) that with varying levels of voltage from the vehicle’s electrical system can actually change the shape and depth of their tread pattern. The rubber donuts can go from flat and smooth to knobby and grippy, or even ride high on their centers for ultra-low rolling (...)
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Mazda Motor Corporation has delivered one RX-8 Hydrogen RE vehicle each to its first two corporate customers for this model, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, and Iwatani International Corporation in Osaka, Japan. RX-8 Hydrogen RE cars are equipped with a rotary engine and feature a dual-fuel system that allows the driver to select either hydrogen or gasoline with the flick of a switch. The vehicles that have been leased to Mazda’s first two corporate fleet customers are based on Mazda’s (...)

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