Mazda RX7

Mazda RX7

Mazda will launch a new RX-7 in 2012. The car is a must considering the Japanese market will be full of high performance cars in the near future and Mazda really needs one if it want to survive on the market.

The 2012 RX-7 (FE model perhaps) will be powered by the all-new 16X rotary engine; an evolution of the award-winning Renesis 13B found in the RX-8. Armed with a revised eccentric shaft producing more low-end torque—the blatant absence of which has been a common complaint about the RX-8 —and likely some form of forced induction, it’s sure to insert a dose of bees up the collective bonnets of the competition.

Add to that the usual bevy of make-believe insider information such as a curb weight under 1500kg, a usable 2+2 seating setup, and a price tag under US$30k!

The Mazda RX-7 will be based on the Taiki concept unveiled this year at the Tokyo Motor Show. The replacement for the model produced until 1996 in Europe and 2003 in Japan will be unveiled within two or three years.

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Today at TopSpeed we will learn how to park a car in a tree. The lesson is not that hard, you just need to speed with 70 mph in a curve. You don’t believe me is that easy. Well, this is how a guy from Kent, Wash. did it. He was driving with 70 mph, he entered a curve and lost control of his red Mazda RX-7. The result is a really nice parking in a tree, quite incredible actully, because the car is in a nearly vertical position against the tree. Witnesses said if not for the tree, the (...)
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At Barcelona Tuning Show, Maxi Tuning presents the Mazda RX Mazda RX -7 Carbono, a special prototype designed for the Need For Speed Carnon. The car seems to be removed from cartoons on races or, better, from video-games. The spectacular Mazda RX-Carbon features a very special finishing.
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Mazda RX7 is a two-seater model fitted with the Recaro-made exclusive red full bucket seats. These lightweight seats reduce the overall chassis weight of the vehicle by approximately 10 kg. Braking performance is enhanced through the use of large drilled type ventilated disk brakes for all four wheels and high rigid stainless mesh brake hoses.

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