2005 Mazda MX-Crossport Concept

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The MX-Crossport was created at Mazda’s main design studio in Hiroshima, Japan by Iwao Koisumi, whose previous work includes the Mazda6 and the RX-01 concept, the latter being the original prototype of the new RX-8. Where many brands have struggled to define an identity for their sport utility vehicles, the chief designer turned to a popular product for inspiration - the company’s flagship sports car, that same RX-8.

Designed in Japan with a focus on the North American market, the Mazda MX-Crossport takes it’s styling cues from the RX-8. One of the goals of the MX-Crossport exercise was to create a vehicle that offers both sport and utility, but is not the traditional SUV. The MX-Crossport offers sport and utility, but more importantly, it’s engineered with a true driving enthusiast in mind.

From a styling perspective, the Mazda MX-Crossport is a handsome design with fluid bodylines and subtle, yet well-sculpted wheel flares. While the look is attractive and clean, the MX-Crossport comes up a bit short in distinguishing itself from the numerous SUV concepts from Mazda’s competitors. What is special is the glass roof, with a unique feature that allows for its transformation from a clear to a translucent panel to control the amount of light entering the cabin. Stylish 20-inch polished alloy wheels are wrapped in 275/45 tires.

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