2006 Mazda Senku

The Mazda Senku concept car made its North American debut today at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto. Designed in Mazda’s advanced design studio in Yokohama, Japan, it is one of three design concepts developed for the 2005-2006 international auto show circuit and made its world debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2005.

"The Mazda Senku concept car gives a glimpse of one direction in which Mazda may go in the design of a four-seat rotary-engine powered sports car in the future," said Moray Callum, Executive Officer and General Manager of Mazda’s Design Division, in unveiling the concept car to the media.


One of the most dramatic features of the Mazda Senku concept is the large-aperture, electrically powered sliding doors. Dubbed "flying wings" by Mazda, these doors each have an 800mm-wide opening but do not compromise the beauty of the concept’s contours. The wide apertures combine with high front-seat hip points to allow smooth ingress and egress.

Also, the sliding nature of the doors enables the doors to be opened when there is limited space on either side of the car (as opposed to hinged doors). In the Senku concept, Mazda’s innovative Rotary Engine Hybrid architecture permits a long wheelbase and taut-looking, minimal overhangs. Meanwhile, large tires help to give the Senku a "floating" look that is complemented by a sleek, boldly chiselled form to create unique proportions embodying dynamism and elegance.

Sharp edges and soft curves are combined to give the Senku a kind of beauty with deep emotional appeal. A body colour called Ingot Silver gives the Senku a look that is evocative of freshly cast steel. It expresses tension and elegance, in line with the "sharpness and mellowness" design theme. The interior colour scheme is based on vividly contrasting jet black and crimson — colours that play an important part in traditional Japanese art.

The jet black conveys quietness and forcefulness while the crimson evokes passion and beauty, complemented by steel-coloured metallic materials on the centre tunnel and seat frames, creating an environment in which refinement and contemporary sportiness are harmonized. The Senku concept car will be on display in the Mazda exhibit for the duration of the Canadian International AutoShow, which runs from February 17 through February 27, 2006.


I like the unique sliding door of this car. It’s looks weird for a two-seat car to have this kind of door. The interior should add smaller details because it appears plain.

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