2007 Mazda 'Demio' Special Edition

—Mazda Motor Corporation today announced the launch in Japan of the Mazda Demio special edition "Style C" and "Style S" models. All models come with exclusive body colors and interior design and go on sale nationwide at all Mazda, Mazda Anfini and Mazda Autozam dealers from today.

These special edition models make up part of the Stylish Tone Series, which are products with enhanced style and chic color tones. Mazda plans to extend this concept to certain other vehicles in the Mazda product range.

The Demio (known as the Mazda2 in overseas markets) Style C is based on the Demio Casual, the core model in this product range. The stylish feel and comfort level have been strengthened by the exclusive Icy Blue Metallic body color, specially designed seat upholstery with light-blue highlights, a rear roof spoiler and an advanced keyless entry and starter system.

The Demio Style S builds on the features of the Demio Sport model through the special addition of the Cosmic Black Mica body color, custom designed seat upholstery and door trim with red highlights, and genuine leather trim for the steering wheel and shift knob. With these features, it achieves an even more exciting sporty feel.

When the Demio first appeared in 1996 it was hailed as a new type of compact car with eminent packaging and functionality. It underwent a full model change in 2002 and celebrated its tenth anniversary in August 2006. The Demio reached 1 million units of production in September 2006.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices (including consumption tax):

  • Demio Style C: 1,190,000 - 1,463,000 yen
  • Demio Style S: 1,560,000 - 1,649,250 yen 

Main features of the Demio Style C

Base model

Casual (version equipped with a 1.3-liter DOHC engine with either FWD/4-speed AT, FWD/5-speed MT or e-4WD/4-speed AT)

Special equipment

  • Custom-designed seat upholstery
  • The seat fabric has light-blue highlights (standard model seats are plain medium grey). 
  • Rear roof spoiler 
  • Advanced keyless entry and starter system 
  • Dark tinted glass (for rear seat door windows, rear three-quarter windows and rear window) 
  • Water repellent coating (for windshield glass, front door glass and door mirrors) 

Body colors

Exclusive to the Style C is the light-blue, Icy Blue Metallic paint. The existing range of seven colors, which includes Snowflake White Pearl Mica, Winning Blue Metallic and Brilliant Black, is also available, making a total of eight color choices.

Main features of the Demio Style S

Base model
Sport (1.5-liter engine with FWD/5-speed MT or FWD/4-speed ’Activematic’ AT)

Special equipment

  • Custom designed seat upholstery and door trim
  • The seat fabric has red highlights (standard model uses plain black fabric) 
  • Genuine leather-wrapped steering wheel (black) 
  • Genuine leather-wrapped shift knob 
  • Advanced keyless entry and starter system 
  • Autolight system and rain sensing wipers (front) 
  • Immobilizer 
  • 6 speakers (2 speakers are standard) 
  • ’Audioless’ specification center panel (i.e. with free space for a 2-DIN size audio system without a factory or dealer-installed audio system) 

Body colors

In addition to the exclusive Cosmic Black Mica, a choice of six colors from the existing range is available, including Snowflake White Pearl Mica, Winning Blue Metallic and Brilliant Black. The complete range consists of seven colors.

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