2008 Mazda Atenza

All-new Mazda Atenza, scheduled for imminent market introduction, embodies Mazda’s latest car-making philosophy: Zoom-Zoom Evolution. Along with enhanced environmental and safety performance, the new model has a more emphatic Mazda character in its design, dynamic performance, packaging and craftsmanship. It delivers the best high-speed long-distance touring experience, thanks to dynamic high-speed performance with class-leading aerodynamics, supported by leading-edge safety features and excellent driving characteristics.

Three body types are offered: 4-door sedan, 5-door hatchback (Sport), and station wagon (Sport Wagon). The new MZR2.5L gasoline engine—developed from the current MZR2.3L gasoline unit—yields more torque in the frequently-used range, more linear response and acceleration feel, as well as more economical operation. Exterior and interior design create a sporty character along with an emotion–pleasing, premium feel.

Mazda Atenza

At the Tokyo Motor Show, a bold new sportier version with large front and rear aero bumpers, sporty grille and side spoilers is displayed for the first time. The vehicle also features advanced safety technology including an Rear Vehicle Monitoring system, a first for a Japanese vehicle, and CF-Net (Cross Functional-Network) multi-control system which provides integrated control of audio, climate control and other systems through simple, smooth operation that minimizes movement of the driver’s line of sight.


I would rather prefer Atenza in a color white, it gives the elegant look of this car.

Another innovative stunner from Mazda.

Would be nice to see some renders of the sports wagon

Am I the only one that feels it is time Mazda took Zoom-Zoom to the next level, by offering a rear-drive sport sedan? To be honest, I don’t really drive a car in a way that matters whether it is front- or rear-drive, but others do. And they insist on it. This would take Mazda into a realm that none of its competitors have entered. Problem is, parent Ford doesn’t have such a platform and itself would screw up the build-quality of such a platform, thus compromising Mazda’s efforts. Sigh...

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