2010 Mazda Biante 20S NAVI 90th anniversary special edition

Ninety years is a pretty long time. When you live to be 90, you have every reason to celebrate and you can do it any way you can. Mazda seems to be running on this train-of-thought because they’re rolling out just about any special-edition vehicle they can, even if these vehicles don’t really count as ’special-editions’ in every sense of the word.

The first couple of models unveiled for the festivities were the Mazda3 90th Anniversary edition and the Mazda3 Sport Anniversary edition which made sense because the Mazda3 is actually one of their moneymaking cars. The latest one to be introduced by Mazda is the commemorative Biante 20S Navi Special minivan. Yes, that’s right; a special-edition minivan. Go figure.

The limited-run Biante 20S Navi will only come in 400 units and will go on sale today. Prospective buyers have the choice to opt for a 2.0-liter DISI engine linked to a 5-speed auto or a 4WD with a similar 2.0-liter DISI engine, only this time, it will be linked to a 4-speed auto transmission. Actually, apart from a voice-controlled HDD navigation system, a star-stop system, and parking assist, this special edition minivan pretty much is no different from the standard model, which once again leads us to believe that Mazda will do just about anything to celebrate birthday number 90 by slapping a special-edition tag on all of its models. And we won’t be surprised if they actually do that.

But hey, it’s not like they’re doing it for kicks, right? So, we’ll cut them a little slack.

Source: Mazda


The shape on its back really looks lousy! Moreover, I also noticed that its headlight is seemed like a drawing of a kid, but I still find it cool on that. Anyway, did they truly put it on the market?

Biante really looks so attractive on it exterior appearance, and I truly love the angst of its front headlight. However, I wonder if they have already used a boost engine on this vehicle?

This minivan has already looked great and awesome on its body paint and aesthetic design, but I wonder if what will be the interior of this one will look like and is it already on the market?

The Mazda Biante really had the looks of a luxury car. It looks so classy and elegant! The headlights give lots of angst on this mini van. I’m just wondering if what will be the interior of this looks like.

This Mazda Biante 20s NAVI is really such a good-looking car. It looks so expensive on its sleek body paint. I also noticed that the headlights of this seem like a drawing smiley kidding aside, I found lots of angst on its headlights, cool!

I hope that i got these car, I’m sure the 400 Biante are sold out right now because of Japan’s eco-car incentive program and government’s tax reduction program, which results in 75 per cent tax reductions.

Well, I’m not really a fan of minivans and I’d rather want to drive a coupe However,
I was impressed with the add ons and high technology features in this car!

Well, the good thing about is aside from the fact that Japanese have made them and reliability wouldn’t be a big question. BTW, I think minivans is a fresher look for Mazda.

The Miata needs no words. Just drive one in a nice twisty road with the top down and let your big grin do all the talking.

Wow! Its the first time I fell in-love on minivans at first look. This is great for long trips with family or friends.

agree.. mazda 3 did sell well on the market, outselling the Toyota corolla and Honda Civic...

Mazda is one of the best conventional auto makers that I like because despite with the simple designs it manages to maintain the good performance of the car.

It seems that mazda is achieving those success, hopefully this new mazda biante will also achieved its success so that special anniversary will be repeat again.

It’s wheel does look like the mazdaspeed3’s old rims.

I agree.. mazda 3 did sell well on the market, outselling the Toyota corolla and Honda Civic.

kinda special to me, it looks fun to drive does it? so when mazda si planning to release this on market?

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