2012 Mazda CX-5 Urban

SUVs aren’t exactly the kind of cars that attract attention from tuners, but Mazda has shown up to the 2012 SEMA Show with a number of upgrade packages based on the CX-5 , just to highlight the amazing customization possibilities for this model. One of these packages is called the CX-5 Urban - a concept car inspired by styles found in fashion and architecture.

The Mazda CX-5 Urban features two shades of Black Mica exterior paint, with the darker shade showing off multi-dimensional shadows in a triangular-like design shape. The dark night appearance of the CX-5 Urban is highlighted by Ore thin pinstripes on the matte black wheels, in the headlamps, and in the five-point front grille. The SUV sits on a new set of 22" Ace Alloy Scorpio matte black wheels wrapped in sticky Nitto Tire NT420s 295/30R20 all-season tires. The last piece of the package is a new Racing Beat dual exhaust.


i think this car would make a good batman back-up car. it is not crazy enough for batman, but rather it is perfect for fighting crime in a city. it can hide in the shadows. i love it!

alex, a suv is good for the person driving it. for the other drivers it is not so great. for one, you do not see anything around such a big car.

i think that suv’s are perfect urban cruisers. the higher car helps for bumpy roads, you can see better in traffic.

mazda should make mate paint an option for their cars. they look so good in it!

the CX5 is an urban car. it has simple clean lines that follow the new design lines mazda has adopted.

they may be useful to you, i still find them unnecessary. i just spoke my mind.

i love the mate black finish of the paint. i think it is great. and the car itself looks very good.

for someone who does not go off-road each week-end, a range rove / toyota land cruiser or other big cars are pointless.

john, you are wrong. the suv’s have their big share of the market. and they are useful too.

is it only I who thinks SUV’s are a pointless hybrid? it’s not a real off-road car, nor is it a normal car. it’s a big useless car.

22" wheels? wow, that is a lot. nice!

i think this car looks good and the name is right for it. a good concept.

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