2012 Mazda MX-5 Spyder

Generations of gearheads have come to fall in love with the Mazda MX-5 Miata for its combination of drop-dead good looks, punch-power performance capabilities, and overall affordable price. That’s why the model has been one of the most consistently popular lines in the industry for the better part of 20-something years.

At the 2011 SEMA Auto Show , Mazda is set to reveal the MX-5 Spyder, giving us even more reason to bat our eyelashes at the iconic Japanese roadster. Mazda opted to tease these photos without so much as giving any information about it so we’re left to our senses to see what kind of package the hot stuff sports car has.

Judging from the photo, it appears that the MX-5 Spyder was given an automotive diet of sorts. The lowered suspension, combined with the new set of larger Brembo brakes are both in the spirit of what a track-version MX-5 Miata could be packaged in. Add that to the sexy silver-and-red finish, a soft and skimpy top where the normal folding roof used to be, a low-lying spoiler, a bigger central intake, and cooling ducts for those front brakes and you have a car that’s ready to stretch its legs on a race tarmac real soon.

In terms of performance, your guess is as good as ours, but if it’s as impressive as the car’s overall look, then we’re about to be treated to a MX-5 that will undoubtedly leave some drool on the SEMA floor.

Updated 11/09/2011: We have added new images of the Mazda MX-5 Spyder from its official debut in SEMA. Check the picture gallery.


The exterior design offers a luxurious look and sporty look at the same time. I don’t like the red color on the top of this car; it lessens the excellent look of the car. Aside from the pleasant looks, the performance is amazing. 

The folding roof is great. Now that it has the shade of red. It’s simple in the exterior, but the way it was outlined was very detailed.

This MX-5 Spyder was very oozing and aggressive on it’s exterior design in sexy silver-and-red finishing. It combined with the new set of larger Brembo brakes and track-version MX-5 Miata in packaged. This is really a package of hot stuff of sport cars.

Is it a race car? Well, if it is, I hope that Mazda would really boost now the engine that they will use on it. Anyway, I love the exterior detailing of this Spyder. It looks so sweet on that! smiley

Mazda MX-5 is absolutely looking so cool on its platform and to its other detailing! Furthermore, I can say that its front design was oozing with angst and appeal, which is very striking on it.

This Mazda MX-5 is absolutely a teaser! The silver-and-red finish oof this one, is really looking so awesome on it. Anyway, I am hoping that it could have a nice engine specification.

This Mazda MX-5 absolutely looks so sexy on its platform, and I must say that I’m truly impressed with this Japanese roadster. I just hope that it also has an impressive engine as well.

It looks like Vantage, but anyway, I must say that I love the sweet appearance of this Mazda Spyder, and it is already so striking on its silver body paint and even the wheels of it, is only adds more appeal to it.

I love the aesthetic design of this MX-five Spyder of Mazda, but I hope that this time, they didn’t focus on its exterior appearance, instead on its engine and horsepower also. Well, I will surely wait for another updated news about it.

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