McCall Motorworks Revival

McCall Motorworks Revival

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August 14th’s 2013 McCall Motorworks Revival is shaping up to be one of the best supercar parties in the event’s history over the past two decades.

Golden and bubbling champagne, fine foods and the staccato rumble from an occasional ignition of the Pagani Huayra , Hennessey Venom GT or Porsche 918 Spyder is surely anyone car guy’s vision of heaven. Set against a Californian sunset backdrop, and it is easy to see why supercar makers choose McCall MWR as the kickoff to this epic concours show week.

Any time you can gather hundreds of famous historical bikes, airplanes and exotic cars in one place is destined to be fun, but spread out over the Monterey Jets airport hangar with champagne flowing like jet fuel – the McCall MWR is a high-octane jump start for the automotive movers and shakers who plan annual calendars around August’s Pebble Beach Concours week.

Unlike a regular auto show, which places the true exotics behind velvet ropes, this VIP event is private and allows its fancy crowd the chance to get very close and personal with these priceless exotics. Like Salon Privè in the U.K., this is as much a party as a marketing and sales event.

Discreetly to the side of the low-key manufacturer booths, there is typically a small business center for building the car’s customer base. After all, selling a million-dollar hypercar is not like leasing a new Ford Focus. It can take months (or years) of polite contacts and follow-ups, test drives and $1,000 goody bags arriving in the mail to make these individuals write such a big check.

Among the less-wealthy but die-hard car enthusiast clan, any chance to get such a fine group of machinery together is reason enough to celebrate.

Click past the jump for the detailed Event Preview of the 2013 McCall Motorworks Revival, with a list of the confirmed and expected U.S. debuts of the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante and many, many more.

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