McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

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McLaren unveiled the MP4-12C back in 2011 and it looks like the car is already about to receive its second revision. The first revision took place for the 2013 model year and the changes were very slight. This time around, the changes will likely be a little more noticeable and our our spy photographers caught one of there revised MP4-12C prototypes testing at Nurburgring under camo.

Since this camouflage only hides the car’s front end, we expect to see changes to the front bumper and headlights. Rumors also suggest that McLaren will offer a small power boost for the twin-turbocharged V-8. The current MP4-12C delivers a total of 625 horsepower and we expect to see updated version to deliver somewhere in the 650-horsepower area.

Expect to see the revised MP4-12C unveiled in September at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show , with sales to begin shortly after.

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McLaren recently trooped to Hong Kong to introduce its P1 supercar to arguably one of the most exotic-friendly markets in the world. But in the course of telling the gathered crowd that the P1 would cost HKD$8.9 million (excluding First Registration Tax) - that’s about $1.14 million based on current exchange rates, by the way - the British automaker also brought a special one-off MP4-12C that came straight out of its McLaren Special Operations program.

Similar to past one-off creations out of the customization program, this 12C B&W Edition, was treated to a bevy of modifications, highlighted by a two-tone exterior with a unique white color and gloss black accents. The latter, in fact, was used on the roof, the front splitter, the mirror casings and the wheels.

Additionally, the 12C B&W Edition also had its gloss white paint on both the air vents and the instrument cluster bezel, providing a consistency of color and shade that belies its appearance as a true one-off supercar.

And in case there are any questions regarding how much the 12C B&W Edition is going to cost, McLaren has officially priced it at a tidy HKD$4.68 million, which is just a shade above $600,000 based on current exchange rates.

There’s something to be said for a supercar, even a one-off make like this, to carry such a price tag. But given the exotic climate in a place like Hong Kong, we doubt this piece of handiwork from the McLaren Special Operations program would sit long in the McLaren dealership.

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There’s not enough superlative to describe the McLaren MP4-12C Spyder . Every so often, even we get a little lost for words when talking about a supercar of the 12C Spyder’s stature.

That, in a nutshell, has also been the go-to expression with Florida-based tuner Ultimate Auto.

It’s produced some really wicked programs in the past couple of months and the one for the 12C Spyder is about as impressive as it gets. The really cool thing about what Ultimate Auto did to the 12C Spyder is that it gave the supercar some custom enhancements you normally wouldn’t see other tuners even bother getting into.

Not only does it give the supercar a unique look, but it also makes it an undeniable stunner, something Ultimate Auto has prided itself on recently.

And lest we forget, this British rocket also comes with a 3.8-liter V-8 twin-turbo engine combined with a 7 Speed SSG dual-clutch transmission, allowing it to produce 616 horsepower and sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds with a top speed of 204 mph.

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McLaren MP4-12C

When McLaren announced the 2013 MC4-12C sports car it also announced a 25-horsepower power boost over the previous year. Now it looks like the same treatment will be applied to the 2014MP4-12C .

The announcement was made by a McLaren engineer during a recent test drive by Jalopnik’s own Travis Okulski. Of course, this was all the info he revealed, as, according to them the level of power is "undetermined at this time." Uh huh…

Until McLaren is good and ready to let out all of the details, we are left to speculate. The 2013 MP4-12C delivers 616 horsepower to its rear wheels and the 2014 P1 puts 727 horses to the pavement,. We suspect that the MP4-12C will split the difference, which would put it at about 672 horsepower. Sounds good to us!

Of course, we could all be crazy and the increase may be just 5 horsepower, but we’ll have to just wait for the guys across the pond to break their silence.

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Source: Jalopnik
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These past few days were pretty busy at the Wheelsandmore factory. Along with the MC Stradale "Demonoxious" announced earlier today, Wheelsandmore has also unveiled a nice upgrade for the McLaren MP4-12C Spider. Just like with any other upgrade kit it offers, this one offered for the 12C Spider includes exterior and interior updates to go along with a nice output increase.

In fact, Wheelsandmore’s decision to offer an upgrade for the 12C Spider shouldn’t be such a big surprise, considering last year the tuner unveiled the "Toxique Evil " package based on the 12C Coupe.

Most of the tinkering went on under the hood where the tuner performed an ECU update and installed a new exhaust system with freer catalytic convertors. As a result, the engine’s output was increased to a total of 700 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque from the standard 616 horsepower and 442 pound-feet.

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McLaren continues to celebrate its 50th anniversary with the unveiling of a limited edition based on both the 12C and 12C Spider . Each model will be limited to just 50 units and will be sold globally. On the British market the 12C 50 is priced at £196,000 (around $296,000 at the current exchange rates) and the 12C Spider 50 at £215,500 ($325,000).

The two models were designed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO), the division of McLaren responsible for the delivery of bespoke projects. The new McLaren 50 Edition models will be distinguished by an optimized front bumper from MSO and numerous elements made in carbon fiber.

For the interior, the model adds full leather upgrade and a series of carbon-fiber elements. The models can be ordered only in Carbon Black, Supernova Silver or McLaren Orange and will feature numerous "McLaren 50" logos.

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No, this is not a camouflaged prototype of the McLaren MP4-12C . This is an actual MP4-12C that’s been dressed by McLaren dealer Miller Motorcars in Greenwich, Connecticut.

So what did they use to dress this up?

Apparently, the vinyl wrap used to decorate this MP4-12C is the same camouflage patterns McLaren uses for its own prototypes. Since Miller Motorcars is a certified McLaren dealer, we’re guessing that they got some sort of blessing from Woking, England to cover this MP4-12C with this camouflaged pattern. The dealer even has a name for it: the Greenwich Special Edition.

It’s also a pre-owned vehicle with some mileage on it, but for the sheer uniqueness of it all, its $259,035 price tag might be a little justified. And if for nothing else, the prospective buyer can take comfort knowing that he’s buying a supercar that’s unique to its own.

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There aren’t very much tuners out there that have put their talents to use on the McLaren MP4-12C , but the gang over at Autodynamica decided to load up the McLaren with all sorts of exterior, interior and, most importantly, performance upgrades.

The tuner started by updating the exterior look of the MP4-12C . For this the coated the lower lip in a sharp gray. Autodynamica then turned its attention to installing a carbon-fiber lower grille bars and side-view mirrors, giving the MP4-12C a more race-inspired look. Under the hood, the customers will get a surprise in the form of a signature from F1 McLaren driver Sergio "Checo" Perez.

Our favorite part of this project, as you can likely guess, is what’s under the hood. Under here, the tuner reprogrammed the ECU and spent an exhausting – no pun intended – 10 hours installing a new Fabspeed X-pipe and high-flow catalytic converters.

After these changes, the super car now turns in an astounding 724 horsepower and 552 pound-feet of torque.

After a tune of this magnitude, you need to add some extra sticky stuff under the car. Autodynamica was happy to oblige with a set of 20- and 21-inch HRE wheels on the front and rear, respectively, wrapped in high-performance rubber.

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2013 marks McLaren ’s 50th anniversary and as a celebration of the event, McLaren will showcase a selection of legendary models from the company’s heritage collection at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

This lineup will include some of the most famous race and championship-winning models from the brand’s illustrious past, as well as the new 12C Can-Am Edition which was announced last year at the Pebble Beach Concours.

The McLaren race team participated in Can-Am racing throughout the 1960s and 1970s, during which the race team claimed five back-to-back world championships between 1969 and 1974, making it the most successful team in the history of the championship.

With its 630-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, the current Can-Am is the most powerful 12C produced to date. It will be produced in strictly limited numbers, as McLaren announced that no more than 30 units will be produced globally.

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The McLaren MP4-12C GT3 can now lay claim to holding the fastest lap ever set at the new Highlands Motorsport Park in New Zealand.

All it took was a blistering lap time of 1:41.9 with Porsche 911 Cup racer, Craig Baird, behind the wheel.

The Highlands Motorsport Park just opened last month and it certainly kicked off its opening weekend in remarkable fashion with Baird and the MP4-12C providing a lot of the fireworks. In this video, you can check out seven different camera angles of the record-setting lap, complete with remarkable camera work on both the exterior and interior of the car.

We’re pretty confident that, at some point, another car will be able to hold the lap record at Highlands Motorsport Park. But for now, it’s the McLaren MP4-12C GT3’s turn up the record books and if you’re part of Highlands management, you couldn’t have picked a better super car/racecar to become the inaugural record holder of the fastest lap on your track.

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