McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C

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With McLaren Automotive ’s massive expansion well under way, the British firm recently entered its 21st global market with the announcement that the brand will be entering the Nordics in the coming months with a new Stockholm dealership and showroom planned to be completed by the end of 2012.

After recently entering the Middle Eastern region , this latest move is yet another brave move by McLaren as it obviously believes that the Nordics should be a productive area for MP4-12C sales, as well as the additional McLaren models planned for the coming years.

Exclusive car specialists, Autoropa will begin selling MP4-12C’s this month prior to the completion of the Stockholm dealership. Autoropa has an illustrious history of dealing with high end exotic sports cars, with it actually being one of the very few authorised service workshops to perform maintenance on the McLaren F1.

“I am very pleased to confirm Autoropa as our Nordic retailer and a key partner in our plans to launch McLaren Automotive and the 12C around the world,” stated Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive’s Managine Director.

“With a rich motor racing heritage, and many sports car enthusiasts, the region will be an influential guide as to our success in Europe. In order to be part of the McLaren family, it is vital that our retail partners understand our business, our prospective customers and the technological innovations at the heart of the 12C. Autoropa was the obvious candidate in this regard and will make the perfect introduction in Sweden and throughout the Nordic region for McLaren Automotive,” he concluded.

Additionally, Fillip Larsson the Managing Director of Autoropa stated, “It is a huge honor to be part of the McLaren Automotive project. There is clearly a lot of excitement and great anticipation from customers for the brand to arrive in the Nordics. As a service partner for the legendary McLaren F1 supercar, I’ve witnessed first-hand the extraordinary level of service which McLaren offers customers. I’m very excited to now be involved in retailing and servicing the breathtaking 12C and the future models from McLaren.’’

Any fan of supercars remembers the mighty F1 from McLaren . With its BMW sourced V12, center seat driving position and gold lined engine cover the car was truly exotic. It held many records and for longer than most other machines are able to. It shot the company right to the top of the automotive stratosphere and helped them grow into a healthy and sustainable racing company. Several years ago McLaren spent a reported 300 billion pounds to design and build the McLaren Technology Center meant to encompass all aspects of the company. That was finished back in 2003, so what have they been up to in Woking, England for the past 7 years? Quite simply they have been designing the next and possibly most formidable challenger to the Ferrari 458 Italia .

Engineers and designers at McLaren are currently developing several new and highly innovative sports cars to bring to the global market. The MP 4-12C is now in production signaling the beginning of the rebirth of a company that has not had a distinct production vehicle for over a decade. Its stunning performance and efficiency have caught the eyes of the automotive press since McLaren first began testing mules at their facility and now we get to see it in final form.

UPDATE 06/07/2012: McLaren has officially confirmed that, for the 2013 model year, the MP4-12C will come with an additional 25 HP, an Innovative Intake Sound Generator (ISG), and more color and leather finish options. Also, existing 12C owners will be offered complimentary upgrades to the latest specifications. Check out the full 2013 additions after the jump!

Hit the jump for more details on the 2011 McLaren MP 4-12C.

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McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren has continually stated that it will stop at nothing in order to turn the MP4-12C into the world’s greatest junior supercar, and as we know from past experiences from the legendary F1, perfection in McLaren’s eyes is just around the corner and development will not end until it is reached.

In line with this popular statement, or motto, McLaren has revealed that all early MP4-12C owners are now being offered a free power upgrade to help bump the supercar into what McLaren hopes will be its very own league. This bump will be well above all rival cars, including the Ferrari 458 Italia and the recently launched Porsche 911/991 .

Power is said to be increased by 25HP, lifting the car’s overall output to 625 horsepower which is around 50HP more than the top-of-the-line 458 Italia, meaning Ferrari better be planning something special with its upcoming 458 Scuderia. It’s unclear if any torque gains have been achieved through the simple remapping of the engine’s computer system, but we this is the case.

In addition to this relatively large change in power, McLaren is also said to be offering remote passenger door opening to try and get around the MP4-12C’s notoriously difficult to open doors, while a programmable engine note and a few tweaks to the high-end Meridian sound system will also be conducted free of charge.

All of the aforementioned changes should be fitted to cars by October 2012, before McLaren finishes its upgrades on the new IRIS navigation system which we suspect will also be fitted to all 12C’s once the British marque has perfected every last component of the system.

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In line with McLaren Automotive ’s massive expansion across the globe, which includes the construction of more than 30 dealerships, the British brand recently opened its latest showroom in the Middle East with McLaren Abu Dhabi. Now they are celebrating the occasion with the release of another video promoting the MP4-12C and the firm itself.

Mark Harrison, McLaren’s Automotive Regional Director of the Middle East and Africa, stated: “We wanted to produce this video to highlight our presence across the Middle East and reaffirm our commitment to establishing our brand in the region. The 12C is as comfortable on the road as a premium sedan, yet faster than any competitor car in its segment and this excellent video shows this fact; capturing the beauty of the desert, the emotion of the urban environment and the drama of a world famous Formula 1 circuit – three locations where the 12C is supremely confident.”

Don’t for one second, however, think that this was a poorly executed marketing scheme by McLaren as its team actually invested thousands into the production of this 5 minute long video, even utilizing the latest in RED camera technology which captures images in four times the resolution of High Definition.

McLaren Abu Dhabi is now the fourth McLaren retailer in the Middle Eastern region, and the remaining two will be completed by years end. So all up, the wealthy upper class in the Middle East will have access to McLaren Bahrain, McLaren Doha, McLaren Dubai, McLaren Jeddah, McLaren Kuwait, and of course, McLaren Abu Dhabi.

It’s currently unclear how many orders have been placed for the MP4-12C in these regions, but it’s clear that McLaren is targeting this area for its sole model as well as all the additional models it has planned, including the McLaren MP4-27.

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Despite the McLaren F1 and McLaren MP4-12C having been built by the same company, the British marque has faced such dramatic changes since the inception of the F1 that one could consider the MP4-12C to have been built by a completely new firm. And it’s little wonder why many would believe that.

With production of the F1 ending in 1998, McLaren stopped producing road cars and instead focused on developing technology for its hugely-successful Formula One team, but over the past few years all of that has changed.

Not only is McLaren’s production facility clean enough to resemble the inside of an expensive hospital but it also features a huge selection of technologically-advanced systems all of which help aid the company to produce the aforementioned MP4-12C . And on top of all that, it’s got a pretty cool name too, being dubbed the ‘McLaren Technology Centre.’

And in the latest episode of Driven on the Drive YouTube network, J.F Musial was privileged enough to get a first-hand tour of the center, after his other recent visit to Pagani’s headquarters in the heart of Italy. In what can only be described as an extremely informative and enjoyable 26-minute video, it looks in detail about what makes this facility as unique as it is as well as some in-depth discussions about the MP4-12C itself.

Well, that’s enough talking for now, so check out the video above and enjoy it!

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Acceleration is one of the key components which create a supercar. Getting that perfect launch requires a combination of an extensive list of factors, namely finding a car with perfectly suited horsepower and torque figures. Finding a supercar with enough grip and a fast enough transmission to whip through the gears is also extremely important in getting off the line and continuing through to the quarter mile.

In the latest episode of Head2Head on the Motor Trend YouTube channel, they pitted the latest generation of carbon fiber constructed supercars against the all-conquering Bugatti Veyron over the quarter mile to see just how close the competition has come and if the Veyron can finally be knocked off its seemingly everlasting pedestal.

Motor Trend gathered the Lexus LFA , the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 , the McLaren MP4-12C , and a beautiful blue Bugatti Veyron Grandsport and took them to an abandoned runway in the depths of the U.S. They then conducted the review through two knockout rounds in order to find the Veyron’s closest competitor before pitting the remaining car against the Veyron.

So who won, you ask?

Well, we won’t ruin that for you as this video is definitely worth the 7 minutes it lasts.

McLaren MP4-12C Spyder

We already knew that McLaren was planning a roadster version for their new MP4-12C model, but now it has been confirmed: an official debut will be made by the end of 2012. The new MP4-12C Spyder will be identical to its coupe brother, except of course, for its drop top appeal.

Just like the coupe version, the future Spyder will be offered with a V8 engine, as will every other model from the British company, because there will be no V12 engine offered in any McLaren models in the near future. This, however, doesn’t mean that the upcoming successor for the legendary F1 will only deliver 593 HP. McLaren said that the V8 engine has been built to be very flexible and can be tuned to any desired level.

The next F1 supercar will have conventional side-by-side seating (unlike the 1+2 layout of the original McLaren F1), a V8 engine coupled to a dual-clutch transmission, and plenty of lightweight carbon fiber. It will be unveiled sometime in 2013.

Source: CarAndDriver
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Just days after we brought you news of a 2013 BMW M5 crashing on the autobahn , we have yet more bad news from what seems to be a haunted-stretch of road. Not only has one supercar crashed on the Autobahn in recent days, four high supercars were actually totaled on the same stretch of German highway in just a few days.

This horrific chain of events all started last week when a luxurious, silver Maserati GranTurismo crashed on Wednesday while in the hands of its brand new owner. Arguably the most expensive car to crash out of the lot was a grey McLaren MP4-12C which was wiped out on Friday, after its 27-year-old owner lost control but fortunately managed to escape the incident uninjured.

The following day, the two remaining supercars were involved in separate incidents with the first car of the two to be written-off being an extremely exotic Dodge Viper ACR which had only been rented for the weekend with the renter having only been in possession of the 612 horsepower behemoth for just three hours. Unless the car was insured from the rental facility, the driver could be looking at an extremely hefty bill.

And finally, the forth supercar to crash along the same stretch of Autobahn was a silver Chevrolet Corvette Z06 , which met its untimely demise by sliding off into an embankment.

Thus far, only the McLaren has been confirmed as a write-off while the Dodge Viper ACR and GranTurismo aren’t far off needing entire re-builds. It’s currently unclear if the German police are investigating these incidents and possibly looking into any faults in the road surface which may have played parts in each of the crashes.

Luxury4Play and the Gold Rush Rally have joined forces and have created a very special McLaren MP4-12C for their 2012 charity event. This special McLaren will be raced during the rally and the company hopes it will raise the profile of the event and the charity.

Every time somebody donates $100 or more for the charity, a ’Heart of Gold" sticker will be added to the supercar, so lets hope we will see as many stickers as possible. All the money raised during the event will go to the Taylor Lynn Foundation and will be used to save the lives of many children.

This year’s Gold Rush Rally will start at the West Coast in Los Angeles on June 9th and will end on the East Coast in Miami on June 16th. This year’s event theme is "Rise Against the Sun" and it has been promised it will feature some of the most exotic cars you have ever seen.

During the qualifying session at the 2012 Blancpain Endurance Series at Monza Circuit, there were a few McLaren MP4-12C GT3 models that definitely earned the right to be called Hell on Wheels and Youtube user 19Bozzy92 was there to witness it. A few MP4-12C GT3 models were actually able to throw out flames during their high speed run. Check out the video to see what an MP4-12C can really do when pushed to its limit!

As a reminder, McLaren has announced that a total of 25 new MP4-12C GT3 cars will race across Europe in the FIA GT1 World Championship in 2012. The GT3 version will be powered by the same 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 as found in the standard model, but tuned to racing specifications. The exterior was also provide with a new aerodynamic package in compliance with GT3 regulations, incorporating a new front splitter, door blade, rear wing, diffuser, and louvers in the front fenders.

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