1995 McLaren F1 LM

In 1995, the McLaren F1 GTR achieved its place in history by winning the Le Mans endurance race at the first attempt. Not only did the F1 GTR finish first, it also occupied 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th places when the flag came down after 24 gruelling hours.

McLaren F1 LM

To celebrate this extraordinary feat, McLaren Automotive created a limited edition of just five LM’s - one for every F1 GTR which finished the race. Whilst the LM is a model in its own right, the concept was that it should be a 1995 F1 GTR, with the minimum modifications to make it usable on the road.

Thus the LM runs the most powerful engine of any F1, road or race, by using an 1995 GTR engine without the air restrictors. It also features the race car aerodynamics, gearbox and 18" inch wheels.

McLaren F1 LM

As a tribute to the memory of Bruce McLaren, all the F1 LM’s were painted in the same Papaya Orange that was used on his contemporary Formula One and Can Am cars.

With 680 bhp and weighing some 60kg less than the F1 road car, the F1 LM is the fastest accelerating F1 of all.

Inside the LM, the driver sits in an all carbon fibre race seat, and the passenger seats are moulded into the moncoque. With minimal trim, the interior carbon is beautifully finished in high gloss lacquer.

The LM has the most powerful engine of any F1, road or race, by using an 1995 GTR engine without the air restrictors. It also features the race car aerodynamics, gearbox and 18" inch wheels.

Brakes of Formula-1 the large ventilated brakes disks of Brembo are similarly effective, as brakes of machines of Formula-1. Brake and balancing spoiler at the energetic braking the spoiler located in the back-end of machine occupies position under the corner of 30°, forming pinning force and helping to overcome galloping ordinary in such cases.

The McLaren F1 LM makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.5 seconds, the 0-100 mph sprint in 6.7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 225 mph.

In total only 5 McLaren F1 LMs were ever made. The LM therefore represents one of the most exclusive and sought after versions of the McLaren F1. Today they rarely change hands but there are many collectors around the world waiting to add one to their collection.

In the summer of 1999 at RAF Alconbury, a disused airbase in Cambridgeshire, UK the McLaren F1 LM set a new acceleration record from 0-100-0 mph. With Andy Wallace once again behind the wheel of a McLaren F1, the LM smashed the previous record by setting a time of 11.5 seconds.

The acceleration record was the final confirmation that the McLaren F1 is the most powerful road car on the planet.


Mclaren F1 is the first hypercar I love it its lookups but it is sad to say that Mclaren F1 car production is stopped but I would buy one if the car production continues

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