2012 McLaren MP4-12C by Taylor Lynn

Luxury4Play and the Gold Rush Rally have joined forces and have created a very special McLaren MP4-12C for their 2012 charity event. This special McLaren will be raced during the rally and the company hopes it will raise the profile of the event and the charity.

Every time somebody donates $100 or more for the charity, a ’Heart of Gold" sticker will be added to the supercar, so lets hope we will see as many stickers as possible. All the money raised during the event will go to the Taylor Lynn Foundation and will be used to save the lives of many children.

This year’s Gold Rush Rally will start at the West Coast in Los Angeles on June 9th and will end on the East Coast in Miami on June 16th. This year’s event theme is "Rise Against the Sun" and it has been promised it will feature some of the most exotic cars you have ever seen.


It’s only a matter of time until this goes old again.

Through the generosity of the people, it’s possible to cover the MP4-12C by Heart of Gold Stickers. It might consider including the windshield as part of the body which will stick on the car. smiley

It’s only a matter of time until this goes old again.

It’s a nice try to keep the McLaren up to date.

It most certainly looks ready for the rally race.

I have nothing to say, but let the rally begin.

Maybe the little children can put those stickers.

Taylor Lynn’s design is simply exquisite. Wait, would it be the children who’ll put the stickers?

The McLaren car already looks like one of the exotic cars itself. I personally don’t like its color combination and paint job, but I guess it is acceptable.

Is there any other way to give a proof that it’s been a beneficiary to children? I think that the stickers will be messy.

I quite don’t get how it’s related, but it’s okay since the cause is what’s significant. This is definitely stylish on its own, regarding its design.

As of the moment, transactions are ongoing. Well, I’ve already thought that this charity event will be a huge success. I can’t wait for the other exotic cars to be revealed before the main event.

The stickers themselves will be actually part of its design too. The owner of this car would forever carry the pride of helping these little children.

Are online donations accepted? I wonder how I could possibly send mine.

Aww, it’s such a good cause. I do hope so too that the car will be studded with stickers so that there will be plenty of help for the children. Aside from that, I’d also love to see the exotic cars!

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