Mercedes 540K

Mercedes 540K

  The Mercedes-Benz 540K was introduced at the 1936 Paris Motor Show. IT was designed by Friedrich Geiger and was built from 1935 to 1940. The Mercedes 540K was available as a two seater cabriolet, four seater coupé or seven seater limousine with armoured sides and armoured glass. It was powered by a 5,401 cc straight-8 cylinder engine matched up with a Roots supercharger. This combination allowed it to produce 180 hp getting it up to a top speed of 170 kilometres per hour (110 mph).

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The automotive factories of today utilize computers and robots in order to produce different combinations of cars in short order. The buyer is able to choose different options, colors, and accessories that can all be changed at a moment’s notice on the assembly line. Some may consider this customization, but having a specially ordered car in the 1930s was a much different scenario.

In 1936, Mercedes Benz introduced its new 540K model at the Paris Motor Show. Subsequent years would see this car be called on as the most striking Mercedes model ever built. When it came out, this car was not simply sitting on dealers lots to be test driven and sold to the first person with enough money. It was specially ordered and built once the customer had made payment. Recently, one of the rarest models came to auction at RM’s Villa d’Este event.

The Cabriolet A model was built for the 14th Maharajah of Indore whom was an avid car collector. More recently, the car was fully restored and has won its fare share of concours events across the country. The rare and beautiful 540K Cabriolet was auctioned for the price of $2,013,000 to one lucky bidder that will undoubtedly be satisfied with his purchase.

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Source: RM Auctions

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