Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes A-Class

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If you ask us, the best BMW model ever built is the M3 E30. Mercedes has yet to match the perfect balance that Bimmer pulled off with the M3 E30, even the C63 AMG falls short. But the newly launched A45 AMG certainly gives our latest BMW favorite, the M135i, a run for its money. And who better to put the two head to head than Chris Harris?

So, what does Chris Harris think about two of the latest German models: the BMW M135i and the new Mercedes A45 AMG ? In the latest episode of Drive he put the two sports hatchback through every test he could muster up and tried to find out which one is the best. He tried them on the road, the track, compared the lap times and the standing start acceleration times in an attempt to see which one is better: Stuttgart or Munich?

As usual, Harris brings us a nice mixture or crazy driving, limit pushing, sarcasm and intelligence to his comparison to make it all the more interesting. Check out the video to see what Chris thinks of the two German hot hatches.

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The new Mercedes A-Class is a pretty cool car, but there’s a pretty huge gap between the standard version and the A45 AMG , especially when it comes to its outward appearance. In order to improve the car’s look, two German tuners — Inden Design and Binz — joined forces and created a very cool A-Class. In fact, the tuners churned out two A-Class models: one painted gray and one red.

The first model comes painted in a dark grey and features a factory-made AMG-optical-package. This package adds a new front and rear bumper, plus new side skirts. There is also a flap made from carbon fiber that runs the entire width of the vehicle, plus a new rear diffuser also made in carbon fiber. The two tuners also modified the exhaust system and capped off the exhaust with new pipes from the C63 AMG Black Series .

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The A-Class may not be the hottest model that Mercedes-Benz has to offer, but the German luxury car builder’s resident hatchback is certainly worthy of a few tunes. At least, that’s how RevoZport feels about it.

With this, the folks from RevoZport present to you the RZA-290 kit, which is chock-full of aero components to make your 2013 A200 and A250 with the AMG body kit look even better. Over the course of six months RevoZport designers and builders developed: a front splitter; canards to help direct airflow to the oil cooler and radiator; side skirts to add a little downforce along the side of the hot hatch; and a carbon-fiber hood with vents for lowered weight and optimal cooling.

Around the backside, the tuner added in a revised diffuser with quad exhaust tips peeking out, a 3D under spoiler that is available in red or carbon to add some extra downforce, and a massive GT wing to push the backside even harder toward the tarmac and add a pretty bad-ass look.

No tune worth a hill of beans is complete with a few extra ponies, and RevoZport is not one to disappoint. The tuner added in a piggy-back ECU remap that you can remove, if needed; a carbon-fiber air-intake system; and a full exhaust system that includes a downpipe and high-flow cat made from stainless steel and the rest made from lightweight titanium. This tune is good enough to take the A250 - sorry, the A200 is left out of this part - from its base 211 horsepower to 290 horsepower.

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Source: RevoZport
Mercedes C-Class Coupe Sport

For all of you that have a Mercedes CGI turbocharged engine in your late-model Mercedes – engine codes M270, M271EVO and M274 – Carlsson has announced that it now offers CB kits to help bump power by up to 28 percent.

The base CB kit is an adapter plug that goes between the vehicle wiring harnesses and the factory ECU. This little nugget of joy communicates with the various electronic systems within your Benz, assessing the driving situation and conditions, and making adjustments to optimize power.

There’s no need to worry about reliability when you install this kit, as it includes safety checks that help prevent damage that some other tuning kits may cause. First, the CB kit waits for the engine oil temperature to reach 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) before the performance boosts activate. Secondly, the CB kit closely monitors the limits of the CGI engine (oil temperature, coolant temperature, etc.) and drops the ECU to its normal performance if these limits are reached.

This kit’s improvements range from a 24-horsepower gain in the A 180 and B 180 to a 42-horsepower gain in the A 250 and B 250 .

For those that want some extra power from the M271EVO engine lineup, the CBS kit is available too, which adds a larger and freer-flowing intercooler to the base CB kit. The power increases from the CBS kit range from 35 horsepower in the C 250, E 250 and SLK 250 to 45 horsepower in the C 180 .

When you purchase this kit, Carlsson further shows its dedication to keeping your Benz running by taking over the manufacturer’s drivetrain warranty for two years or 100,000 km (62,137 miles).

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Just yesterday, we reported that the upcomingGran Turismo 6 will feature a total of 1,200 cars. Today, Mercedes announced that three of these model will come from AMG and include: the SLS AMG GT3 , E63 AMG and A45 AMG. These models will join the current lineup already offered by Mercedes in the GT5 which includes a total of 21 vehicles.

The three AMG models deliver a combined output of more than 1,400 horsepower: 500 from the SLS, 557 from the E63 and 360 from the A45 AMG.

The new Gran Turismo 6 will be released just in time for the holiday season, so this might be a good gift idea if you’re drawing a blank for the car lover in your family. The new GT6 will be initially available for the Play Station 3 platform, but it will be offered for the PS4 at a later date.

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Mercedes tuner extraordinaire Brabus has been quite busy the past few days. Earlier this week, it unveiled its very first program for the new CLA-Class and though it wasn’t as extensive a project as what we’ve come to expect from Brabus, it was still enough to draw significant attention.

This time, Brabus is following that up with its new take on the Mercedes A-Class , particularly the A 220 CDI diesel model.

There’s a tendency to ignore the A-Class because it’s the littlest brother in the Mercedes family. But doing so would be to ignore what makes it such a special car. It’s little, yeah; but it’s also affordable, especially to the younger market who can’t afford anything north of the CLA-Class.

And when you have an entire generation fixated on a car that they can attach themselves with because it’s a Mercedes, then you have one that can sell more than a handful just by sitting still.

Brabus knew that, hence the program for the A 220 CDI. Everybody should too.

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Mercedes CLA-Class

We brought you a rendering of a shooting brake version of the CLA-Class last year and now we have gotten a little confirmation of the car. In a conversation with What Car?, Mercedes’ design boss, Gordon Wagener, admitted that the company is currently planning to add a shooting brake variant sometime in the future.

With the CLS Shooting Brake receiving rave reviews for its careful mixture of utility, luxury and sportiness, and the CLA looking to add a little affordability to the mixture, a shooting brake model is nearly a no-brainer. For now, the report stops here, but we can say that this one is all but in the bag, considering the rather reliable source it comes from.

We’ll keep a close eye on this developing report and let you know as soon as Mercedes releases a little more confirmation.

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Source: What Car?

German tuner extraordinaire, Vath, has made a living building some of the most impressive Mercedes programs this side of Brabus.

Recently, Vath added another program to its growing portfolio, this time for the 2013 Mercedes A-Class. The program is actually based on the A250 and comes with a host of upgrades that give new life to the German automaker’s resident sports hatchback.

To be fair, the A-Class already looks pretty good in standard guise, but it certainly looks better with Vath’s aerodynamic program. The carbon front spoiler lip (€1416 / $1,840) adds sporty aggression to the sports hatch while the car’s brakes were improved with the addition of stainless-steel brake lines and Castrol SRF racing brake fluid. Rounding out the list of exterior enhancements is a set of 19-inch wheels and tires (€2,545 / $3,310) and lowering springs (€333 / $433) that drop the car’s height by 30mm (1.18 inches).

Inside, there are not a whole lot of upgrades, but at least there’s a new sports steering wheel to go with several wood and carbon applications inside the cabin.

Moving to the engine, Vath kept the A250’s 2.0-liter gasoline engine, but thanks to a remapped ECU unit (€940 / $1,222) and the installation of a 270 EVO downpipe system, a stainless-steel, 200-cell tri-metal catalyst and a rear silencer (all priced at €5,450 / $7,090), the tuner was able to improve the output all the way to 245 horsepower and 287 pound-feet of torque. Those new output numbers translate to a 0-to-100km/h (62 mph) time of just 5.9 seconds with a top speed of 155 mph.

Mercedes’ stand at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show included a particularly sporty and racy A180 that was designed to preview the German automaker’s new Sport program.

If this display is any indication, then Mercedes has a versatile choice of options to give its customers.

Dressed in a Polar Silver exterior paint with Jupiter Red detachable parts, the A-Class Sport is a real sight for the senses. The new components fitted into the sports hatchback and treated with the Jupiter Red shade include the front apron spoiler lip, the roof spoiler, and the rear apron trim, all of which carry a distinct complement to the shiny Polar Silver body.

From there, Mercedes decorated the entire body of the A-Class Sport with a sticker kit that features a checkered-flag design with a color gradient and a silver-tinted sun protection strip with red linings and a choice of racing numbers that customers can have run the entire length of the car. If that isn’t enough, the German automaker is also previewing its "Night" styling package, one that comes with its own front and rear trim, a new diamond radiator grille, illuminated door sills and a set of 18-inch two-tone light-alloy wheels. A sports steering wheel is also part of the program, as are the new sports pedals.

Last but not least, the A-Class Sport also receives performance and handling kits that feature a two-pipe rear silencer, a new sports suspension system and perforated brake discs and red calipers.

Check out the full list of Sport spec accessories available for the A180 after the jump

German aftermarket company, Brabus , is the foremost authority when it comes to building tuning programs for Mercedes vehicles. Just look at its history and you’ll notice that about 80 percent of its projects involve Mercedes vehicles with the occasional Smart programs sprinkled in.

Its latest program for the Mercedes A200 CDI is yet another shining example as to why people go to Brabus when they have a Mercedes that’s ready for some aftermarket lovin’.

Compared to what we’ve seen from some of their past projects, we’d say that the performance mods given to the A200 CDI are relatively modest. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t garner some attention, especially since the A-Class is a popular choice among people looking for an affordable Benz.

So with the help of its BRABUS PowerXtra D2 kit, Brabus was able to take the A200 CDI’s 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and improve its output from 136 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque up to 165 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque.

On top of the decent performance spike, the German tuner also added a set of grey twin-ten-spoke alloy wheels while taking out the stock exhaust and replacing it with a twin dual-exhaust setup.

It’s also worth noting that with the 2013 Geneva Motor Show just around the corner, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Brabus brought this car to their exhibit space.

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