Mercedes BLK

Mercedes BLK

Mercedes started teasing the idea of developing a BLK model back when BMW announced the X1 and Audi divulged the Q3 crossover. It was a particular market that Mercedes couldn’t compete in for lack of a vehicle, and since the GLK turned out to be a good idea, why not fill the void in the competing market by sliding a model right underneath it?

The new BLK, set to be released sometime in 2013, will be built on the same MFA architecture (Mercedes Front-wheel drive architecture) as the next generation A- and B-Class. We expect to see a design language inspired by the Concept A-Class revealed earlier this year, but adapted to a production version model. The interior will combine the latest technologies and will offer enough room for about five-people.

Under the hood, expect to see the same engines used for the A- and B-Class, with a possible hybrid variant. This means we will see two different four-cylinder engines - a 170 HP 2.2 liter engine and a 204 HP 2.0 liter -, both offered with 4MATIC technologies. We may also see a turbocharged 2.0-liter gasoline engine with about 240 HP and the European market will get its usual diesel line-up.

Availability is still a question, but since Mercedes is allowing the A-Class to find its way on over to the US market, we’re thinking we may get a chance to drive the BLK as well. If we do see it on our side of the pond, prices will be set at about $30K ($5,000 less than the GLK).

The German luxury carmaker, Mercedes Benz, is preparing an even smaller version of the GLK . This new uber-mini G-Wagen will be called the BLK , the new crossover will be a competitor for BMW’s future X1 and Audi’s Q3 . Based on the next Euro only B-Class, the future BLK will debut in 2012 and will cost 5000 Euros cheaper than the slightly larger, GLK .

From the outside, the BLK is smaller than the GLK, but on the inside it is almost as roomy as its big brother. Taking a cue from the original Mini Cooper , the Mercedes Benz engineers turned the engine sideways and mounted it transversely under the hood; this makes a flatter floor pan, and fewer intrusions into passenger compartment.

Engine options for the new BLK will consist of a 2.0 Liter turbo diesel making 175 HP, 204 HP and 225 HP; there will also be a gas burning turbocharged engine with the same displacement making 204 HP and 238 HP. If you are averse to shifting the gears of a manual transmission, Mercedes will also be offering their eight-speed double clutch automatic gearbox.

Source: Autobild

Back in August we first saw that Mercedes is working on a new SUV as part of the new small cars based on the upcoming A and B-Class . Car Magazine has now come out with a new rendering of the new baby Benz dubbed the BLK.

Mercedes’ BMW X1 and Audi Q3 competitor is expected to be similar to its GLK big brother, but carry a somewhat more angular style. It will be offered as a four-wheel drive model, and rumored to come in two model trims known as "Street" and "Nature". It should have a range of four-cylinder direct-injection gas and diesel engines, sized between 1.6-liters and 2.2-liters.

Source: CAR

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