Mercedes CL-Class

Mercedes CL-Class

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It takes a lot of money to get your hands on a Mercedes CL. So to make a custom kit for the car, it has to be to a high standard. That’s why very few companies take the time. A few weeks ago we saw the Mercedes CL600 by Kicherer , and now we can add to the short list the Japanese tuner VITT.

Mercedes CL Super Wide by VITT

This new kit includes a new front bumper with integrated fog lights, a new hood with new air inlets, side sills, a rear roof spoiler, a rear trunk spoiler and a redesigned rear bumper with integrated air diffuser and 4-pipe exhaust system. Also a new set of 21 inch wheels were added for better stability. Price of the kit: $20,000.

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The Mercedes CL600 is already a fast and sleek coupe, so not many tuners decide to customize it. That’s why when a tuning house announces its kit for the CL-Class, it’s likely to be a masterpiece. In this case, Kicherer unveiled today a new body kit for the Mercedes CL600 which changes it into a more aggressive machine.

Mercedes CL600 by Kicherer

The new kit includes an entirely new front bumper, new grille, a set of new side sills and a carbon-fiber rear air diffuser. As you may know, the V12 engine of the standard CL600 develops 510 hp, but with the new software remapping, an extra 60 hp were obtained. For better stability a new suspension system was installed, lowering the car with 25 millimeters. The kit is completed by the new set of Kicherer RS01 alloy wheels.


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Nothing is impossible! This looks like the slogan for the Japanese tuning specialist, Wald International. In order to unveil the new set of 21 inch wheels from the Mahora series, the tuning company installed them on its customized Mercedes CL . With the new set of wheels installed the Wald International Mercedes CL becomes a dream car for all the drivers..

Audronis Gestautas, a Lithuanian car lover took a Mercedes CL and transform it into a car that will turn all the heads. is true, not all of them with admiration.

As you can see from the photos the exterior design can’t be something everyone can like. After all not all of us prefers 30" inch wheels on the front and 40" rear ones!

AG Excaliber based on a Mercedes CL-Class

Audronis Gestautas called his creation AG Excalibur, you can easily understand why!

And to go with the exterior design, Audronis added a "few" Swarovski crystals on the interior: the biggest one has 25 cm and is in fact the gearshift lever.

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Although the Mercedes CL-Class is not the car you should tune it, LSD thought something else and installed their well-known wing doors on the luxury vehicle. With these new doors the coupe becomes an absolute looker. Featuring the new GRS+ system, the result includes more safety and more precise opening and closing of the door. Of course you have to know that the LSD wing doors come with a German TUV certificate. No words about the price yet!

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Mercedes will offer an all-wheel drive for its luxury CL-Class Coupe for the first time. The new CL 500 4MATIC offers even greater traction and handling stability.

Mercedes CL500 4MATIC

The CL 500 4MATIC is powered by a V8 engine with an output of 388 hp and 530 Newton metres of torque, which is on tap between 2800 and 4800 rpm. The combined fuel consumption in the NEDC cycle is 12.1 litres per 100 kilometres - a further bonus of the new, highly efficient Mercedes all-wheel-drive system. The CL 500 4MATIC requires just 5.4 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 mph, and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

Mercedes CL500 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz has further improved this all-wheel-drive system, and uses the latest-generation system in the CL 500 4MATIC – the one that has already proved successful in the S-Class. 4MATIC is permanently active and therefore requires no response time to come to the driver’s aid in unfavourable weather and driving conditions. As a result, critical situations can be mastered more effectively and confidently.

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Mercedes presented the CL-Class back in 1998 (with this moniker), and since then it knew three different generations: first between 1998 to 2000, seconds from 2000 to 2006 and third from 2007 to present. But even if the third generation was just launched, Mercedes is working on the fourth generation.

With design cues taken from the F700 unveiled last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 4th generation CL-Class is scheduled to be launched in 2011 and sales will begin in 2012, same time with the next generation S-Class.

Even if the F700 Concept is not a beautiful car, it really show the future design of the entire Mercedes line-up.As previously announced, the F700 is a preview version of the 2012 S-Class, but we’re pretty sure the they won’t stop here!

Mercedes-Benz tuning specialists Carlsson have joined forces with international leather-lifestyle brand Etienne Aigner to develop the Carlsson Aigner CK65 "Eau Rouge". Made in an exclusive small series, the luxury coupé based on the Mercedes-Benz CL produces over 700 bhp and 1,100 Nm after being breathed on by Carlsson.

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