Mercedes CLS 350

Mercedes CLS 350

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After last week we saw the Mercedes CLS by Job Design , today another tuner revealed its customization kit for the Mercedes CLS350 . This new program includes a redesigned front and rear bumper and the new 19 inch Performance GT wheel fitted with 255/30 R19 tires in the front and 305/25 R19 on the rear.

Mercedes CLS350 by Inden Design

The most interesting thing about this kit is the new suspension kit that automatically lowers the car between 30 and 55 millimeters once the car hits 43 mph.

It was no less than around 70 years ago that Mercedes engineers implemented the idea of spraying fuel directly into the combustion chambers of an engine, and only then mixing it with air. At that time, the first Mercedes aircraft engines (DB 601) with direct petrol injection were taking to the skies. In April 1939 a Messerschmidt M 209 equipped with a 2035 kW/2768 hp engine from this series achieved a speed of 469.1 mph, establishing a world record which was only beaten 30 years later.

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