Mercedes G-Class

Mercedes G-Class

The Mercedes G55 AMG is no slouch by any stretch of the imagination. So when somebody is looking to put more power under its hood, you know that their reasons are far more than just necessity.

Mercedes tuner extraordinaire Brabus knows a thing or two about building performance packages for the G55 AMG , having done so a few years ago with a 700-horsepower monster of an SUV.

Turns out, 700 horsepower wasn’t powerful enough for these guys because they’ve just released their newest performance package that produces a jaw-dropping 800 horsepower, making it the most powerful SUV in the world. We don’t normally subscribe to masochistic amounts of power on an SUV, but Brabus’ work on the G55 AMG is nothing short of staggering. The only thing that we’re worried about is that this SUV’s price tag will be as pocket-burning as the last one the tuning firm built.

If you remember Brabus’ last work, the whole thing cost around €379,000, or about $482,000 based on current exchange rates. Add 100 more horsepower on this one and you can be sure that the price will spike north of half a million, which if you’re a man of sound body and mind, you’ll know is beyond excessive.

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Mansory is a tuner usual known for their impressive tuning packages for sports car models. But this time they turned their attention to a model a little bit more unusual, for them at least: the Mercedes G-Class . While there are no changes made under the hood, Mansory focused on improving the car’s ride comfort that ha always been a problem.

For that the tuner added a new suspension which is electronically adjustable from the cockpit, with two different characteristic shock absorber curves. After fitting, the shock absorbers can be readjusted from the interior of the car for use on tough terrain or for a comfortable drive on metaled roads. There are extra large gas reservoirs, made from high tensile hard anodized aluminum that ensure that the pressure remains constant even at operating temperatures of over 150 °C.

Next to this improvements the car also gets a new set of light alloy wheels, and on request different interior updates.

It seems that the Qatar Motor Show is much more impressive than everyone expected with an exorbitant number of cool cars getting their chance on the show floor. One of these models is the new Mercedes G-Class Arabia 100 Limited Edition. As it name suggests, this special edition will be limited to just 100 units and will be offered exclusively to the Middle East where the G55 AMG sales are higher than anywhere else in the world.

The new edition will be available in two of the more typical exterior colors: Cashmere White and Night Black. Looking further into the special edition G-Class Arabia 100 we can see inlay protection strips in carbon design and 19" alloy AMG wheels in a black matte finish.

Its most spectacular features include a 2-tone Designo leather in black and porcelain, an inner-section door covers in porcelain, floor mats with bordering porcelain, a champagne white Designo piano lacquer wood trim, a media interface, a rear entertainment system, and the NeckPro headrest as well as a badge.

The German tuner, ART, has unveiled a new tuning package based on the Mercedes G400 CDI . The package is called the G Streetline Edition Sterling and includes both styling and engine updates.

The body kit includes a redesigned front bumper, a modified aero hood with four times four air inlets, shape-optimizing running board trim, fender extensions including LED running board lighting, a rear bumper with integrated LED rear and fog lights, a roof spoiler with additional LED brake light, and illuminated entry ledges on all five doors with the A.R.T. logo. The exterior package is continued with a two-tone carbody paintwork that combines Magno blue-black and Designo Alanit-gray, and 22" rim monoART1 wheels.

The interior gets nappa leather with classic British Racing Green used in the diamond quilting and Designo Anthracite Gray and graphite-fiber fittings used in abundance in the area around the instrument board, central console, and doors. The engine has been tuned to deliver 292 HP and 624 Nm of torque thanks to a modified sport exhaust system with six stainless steel tailpipes.

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Mercedes unveiled the G-Wagon Light Armoured Patrol Vehicle 6.X CONCEPT at the recent EUROSATORY 2010 event. The new military vehicle comes with greater agility, higher protection, and a greater payload capacity.

The new LAP 6.X Concept runs on a common rail diesel engine and, with a 1.3 tonnes of cargo, it can hit a top speed of 150 km/h. The vehicle’s modular armor plate system allows damaged plates to be removed quickly and be replaced with new or extra plates, and includes a mine deflector plate on the vehicles floor.

The concept includes protection from land mines that can be added at the LAPV’s floor and features variable air shock absorbers that can be adjusted on the fly to provide up to 450mm of clearance. It also includes hydraulic brakes with ventilated discs, EADS integrated communication system for UHF or VHF bands including a mobile Tetrapol base station for radio coverage out of a range of other networks, and more.

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With a history of more than 31 years, the Mercedes G-Class is a car that needs no introduction. That being said, it has been an interesting four years with this vehicle and its many facelifts. It’s beginning to remind us of Joan Rivers and what’s left of her face.

An inside source at G-Klasse’s manufacturing facility at Graz, Austria has reported that a facelift version for the Mercedes G-Class will be completed just ahead of the Paris Motor Show . This would be facelift number three in the past four years. It will include updated engines that will respect the new Euro 5 emission standards. The 5.5 liter normally-aspirated V8 from the G 500 will be replaced by newly-developed direct injection V8 with twin-turbochargers.

The interior of the vehicle will receive minor changes to include the latest technology out there. These are some of the same technologies seen in the new E-Class. The exterior design will also remain mostly unchanged, but will see a new set of alloy wheels and minor nips and tucks here and there.

The German tuner VATH has revealed a new tuning package for the Mercedes G55 AMG that increases the SUV’s output to an impressive 680 hp and 840 Nm. The tuning kit also includes an intake manifold, a complete outlet system, coolers, as well as the patented VAETH fuel cooler.

The aerodynamic package includes a front spoiler with extra big air intakes, LED daylight lamps and Xenon units, sports exhaust system and 22" wheels.

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Brabus unveiled the most powerful off-roader ever: the G V12 S Biturbo Widestar based on Mercedes G55 AMG. And, naturally speaking, any car that comes with a title of "world’s most" attached to it will fetch a pretty enormous price tag and in this case, the G V12 S Biturbo Widestar will set you back 394,900 euro.

The G V12 S Biturbo Widestar is powered by the same twin-turbo twelve-cylinder as the Brabus SV12 S, with an impressive output of 700 hp at 5,100 rpm and 973 lb-ft of torque at 2,100 rpm. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 163 mph.

The aerodynamic kit includes: wider fenders, Brabus roof spoiler with integrated LED brake light, Brabus door moldings, stainless-steel running boards, LED lights and larger wheels and tires, ranging from 20 to 23 inches.

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If at the beginning of the year ASMA Design unveiled a tuned version for the SLS AMG, this days the tuner focused their attention to the G-Class. While we have just a few details on the tuned SUV we have to admit the car looks quite promising.

The kit includes: new front spoilers, front LED daytime, the bonnet gets the necessary extra cooling holes, new exhaust silencers and of course a new set of wheels.

Source: Autogespot

Mansory unveiled the G-Couture today at the Geneva Motor Show. It is a tuning kit based on the G 55 AMG and limited to only seven cars. Tuner worked on both the car’s appearance, but also on improving its performances. The entire exterior up to the lower window edge and the roof of the SUV are made of carbon.

For the engine, all the components are replaced with high-performance components from the Mercedes-Benz SLR. The result is in impressive 700 hp and 880 NM of torque.

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