mercedes gullwing

mercedes gullwing

Okay, we laughed a little when Japanese fashion designer Nigo painted camouflage on a Rolls-Royce Phantom ; we were a little offended when he turned one of the very rare Bugatti Veyrons into king of the pink jungle ; but his latest fashion mistake has us positively enraged.

Mercedes Benz AMG 300SL for Nigo

Proving that money can’t buy brains or class, Nigo ruined a classic Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing . The atrocity starts with the signature camo paint from his clothing label, but that’s not all. Bad paint can be undone easily, but what will be much harder to atone for will be the removal of the original 3.0-liter inline six engine. Sure the new 6.0-liter AMG V8 engine may be more powerful, but God doesn’t like it when someone messes with perfection.

There are plenty of other “upgrades” including new interior bits and AMG wheels, but we’ll stop listing them because we hate to see enthusiasts cry.

Nigo isn’t the only one to blame. This former classic was built by AMG.


Sorry, no new details just a good excuse to take a look at new speculation of the future Mercedes flagship supercar. Although Merc has not officially named its gullwing coupe yet, we have been going with the name SLC . We imagine we’ll see plenty more spy shots and renderings between now and next September when the car will make its official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The powerplant for the new super coupe should be a V8 from Mercedes parts bin that will have a capivcaty of 6.2-liters or more. Whatever engine is used, expect it to be heavily breathed on by AMG and make 570 hp or more.

Source: Drive
Mercedes is planning a new flagship sports car in the shape of a stunning 21st-century Gullwing. It will be placed somwhere between the SL roadster and the Mercedes McLaren SLR supercar and it is believed to become one of the most desirable performance machines on the planet. The 2010 Gullwing will be developed by Mercedes’ sporting arm, AMG and although it is still in its early stages, one element of the design is paramount - the doors. Bringing back memories of the 1954 300 SL, Mercedes (...)
Source: AutoExpress

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