Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes S-Class

  The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the ultimate reward for a lifestyle shaped by mobility, individuality, success and sophistication. You don't simply decide to buy an S-Class: it comes to you when fate has ordained that your life should take that course. The door closes with a reassuring clunk and you have arrived. This is what makes the car and its predecessors unique among the worlds great sedans. And has done so for more than half a century.

Everyone knows that Mercedes is preparing a new generation S-Class for the 2013 model year, but as of late, the model was only offered as a sedan. Now, Mercedes plans on changing that by offering a total of four models, including, for the first time, a four-seater cabriolet.

During an interview with British magazine, AutoExpress, Dr. Uwe Ernstberger – Mercedes Program Manager for the S-Class - said: "The S-Class is the best luxury car in the world, and we have many surprises in terms of technology for the new model. It will deliver something very different to its rivals – and it will have a much broader range."

The first model to arrive after the base version will be the previously rumored S600 Pullman which will serve as a replacement for the recently discontinued Maybach line-up. Next, there will be a two-door S-Class coupe replacing the current CL-Class and a four-seater cabriolet featuring a vast folding roof inspired by the Ocean Drive Concept from the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. An E300 BlueTEC Hybrid version will also be offered.

Source: AutoExpress

Wald International is slowly building up its line of Black Bison models and the latest vehicle to get dressed up is the ever-appealing Mercedes S63 AMG . The German tuner’s upgrade package for the luxury sedan is nothing short of fabulous with a very cool white - oddly not black - exterior finish and a new set of Vossen CV-1 22 inch wheels by Need 4 Speed Motorsports.

The exterior color and the new wheels are the standout features of the Black Bison S63 AMG, but Wald International did include more of their signature additions, like their typical exterior upgrade kit. This kit includes LED daytime running lights, sport front fenders, side skirts, a rear bumper with LED brake lights, new exhaust tips, and new trunk and roof spoilers. There is also a lowering package and a revised air suspension that offers a low, sporty profile for the luxury sedan.

Wald International hasn’t said anything about what they upgraded for the interior of the Mercedes S63 AMG, but the images released reveal a full leather package. We’re guessing they have also added a number of aluminum inserts, since that is usually part of their upgrade packages.

We knew that the time was coming eventually, and according to a source who spoke to Autoweek, the end has finally come to pass for Maybach .

Mercedes-Benz , the company that revived Maybach nine years ago, is finally pulling the plug on the luxury line in 2013. The decision to drop Maybach was spurned by disappointing sales figures for its two core models, the 57 and the 62 . It certainly didn’t help matters when efforts in trying to jumpstart the company didn’t amount to anything, particularly when a proposed deal with Aston Martin to assist in building future models ended up falling by the wayside.

For now, the plan is for Maybach to continue selling the two models until 2013 when Mercedes’ fifth generation S-Class finally hits the market. The next-gen S-Class will likewise see an all-new S600, which you could take the reins from Maybach in competing in the ultra-luxury market currently dominated by Rolls-Royce and Bentley .

We can’t say that we didn’t see this coming, although we’re a little disappointed that Mercedes didn’t exercise a little bit more patience before they cut the cord. Then again, it wasn’t our decision to make and if Mercedes really wanted to cut their losses on the brand, they have every right to do so.

Source: Autoweek

TheF125 Concept concept unveiled as Mercedes ’ 125th anniversary is not just a simple coincidence. Next to featuring impressive gullwing doors, the concept is also featuring a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain, high-priced materials, computer-assisted driving, advanced telematics. You will say that the F125 will never make it to production, but according to Mercedes this concept might in fact inspire the 2025 S-Class .

"This is a visionary outlook that’s the direction we have to go with large cars. This research car was built with the perspective of, what does a car in 2025 look like? — more than two generations ahead," said Thomas Weber r&d chief for Daimler AG in a recent interview.

The biggest challenge for 2025 will be to hit a range up to 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) completely emissions free. Next to this the company is also consider an unproven method, a lithium-sulfur battery, to increase energy density and new Kevlar-like material to store hydrogen in the body cavities, increasing onboard hydrogen capacity and range.

"These two technologies are advanced, next-generation technologies, but they are not in the heavens," he said. "It’s clear what kinds of technologies we are looking for. We believe as a visionary forecast in 2020, 2025, these kinds of cars are possible."

Mercedes-Benz S-Class

BMW has significantly improved the 7-Series and Audi has brought to the market a new A8 luxury sedan , so it was high time to see some improvements made to the Mercedes S-Class. For the 2013 model year, the company has decided to offer a new S-Class with a design inspired by the 2010 Mercedes F800 Style Concept and, most likely, a new engine line-up. These recent spy shots of the new S-Class testing at the Nurburgring show proof of half of those projections. Despite the heavy camouflage, the future luxury sedan looks much sharper and more elegant than the model it replaces.

It is rumored that the engine line-up for the future Mercedes will include a twin turbo 4.6L V8 engine producing 429 HP, a twin turbo 5.5L V12 delivering 510 HP, and an AMG twin turbo 5.5L V8 getting between 536 HP and 550 HP. A hybrid version has also been rumored for a very long time. It will combine a direct injected V6 engine and a 60 HP electric motor for an impressive fuel economy of 74 mpg.

Expect to see the 2013 Mercedes S-Class launched by the end of 2012.

German tuning firm, Carlsson , has come up with a new tuning program for the Mercedes S-Class , only this time, we won’t get a sniff of the program unless live in China.

That’s right; Carlsson’s ’CS 60 Royale’ tuning program for the Merc S-Class is being offered exclusively for the Chinese market.

In the event that you do live in China and you can avail of this program, then consider yourself lucky. The CS 60 Royale features an extensive body kit that includes a front lip, side skirts, boot lid spoiler, front and rear aprons, and new oval tailpipe trims. The S-Class also receives new polished stainless steel grille inserts, additional light units, vertically mounted LED daytime running lights, and a set of Carlsson’s own 20" 1/10 Brilliant Edition alloy wheels. Inside, Carlsson added a logo to the seat headrests, a set of blue illuminated sill plates, a plaque on the center console, and the signature of Carlsson president Mark Schuster.

Performance improvements are also part of Carlsson’s CS 60 Royale program, most notably the addition of a sports exhaust and a remapped ECU unit. With these modifications, the German tuning firm was able to take the S-Class’ twin-turbocharged V12 engine and increase its output from 517 horsepower all the way up to 600 horsepower. Translated, the S-Class can now hit 0-62 mph in just 4.3 seconds with a new top speed of 198 mph.

On January 29, 1886, Karl Benz received an official patent for his "automobile fueled by gas." Now, 125 years later, Mercedes is celebrating that event with the unveiling of the F125 - a concept car that previews the next generation S-Class and CL-Class .

The F125 concept is powered by four electric motors that take their power from a hydrogen fuel cell stack. The four electric motors deliver a total output of 231 HP and will sprint the concept from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds on its way to a top speed of 136 mph - quite impressive performance numbers for a car in this class.

Even more impressive is the fact that the concept has an autonomy of 620 miles. It also comes equipped with a chargeable lithium-ion battery that will help the F125 to run only on electricity for a total length of 31 miles.

UPDATE 10/24/11: Mercedes has released the first presentation video of the F125 Concept detailing how the car’s concept form came into fruition, as well as how the car’s characteristics will help in determining the automaker’s future auto line-up. It’s a good watch that’s definitely worth your time!

On the heels of the upgrades made by Mercedes tuner extraordinaire, Brabus , for the 2011 S-Class, another noted aftermarket company is releasing their program for the high-end luxury car.

While the package comes with plenty of aesthetic upgrades, the most notable improvement Carlsson made on the S-Class is an engine tweak that took the output of the car’s 5.5-liter 12-cylinder bi-turbo engine from the standard 517 horsepower all the way up to 600 horsepower. These power figures allowed it a 0-62 mph time of 4.3 seconds and a mighty impressive top speed of 198 mph. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Carlsson is also offering an engine package for the powerful S63 AMG , taking its output from 571 ponies all the way up to 684 HP.

The numbers are staggering for a luxury car like the Mercedes S-Class, but there’s more to Carlsson’s program than just an increased engine output. There are also plenty of aesthetic improvements, including an aero kit that features a new front lip, a boor lid spoiler, and front and rear aprons. The tuner also threw in new stainless steel grille inserts, four new headlights, a series of LED daytime running lights, a C-Tronic lowering kit that drops the car’s height by 30 mm, and a set of Carlsson’s own 1/10 Brilliant Edition alloy wheels measured in either 19" or 20".

Inside, Carlsson dressed up the S-Class with a custom leather upholstery that comes with the company badging embossed into the headrests with a blue illuminated signature in the door sill adding a nice touch to the whole look of the car.

Aesthetically, the package won’t overwhelm you with anything outlandish. But given that the car is the flagship S600 model of Merc’s S-Class family, anything that’s over-the-top would only ruin the luxury car’s overall prestige.

Any automaker that has survived a grand total of 125 years has plenty to celebrate, and Mercedes been doing just that with plenty of special editions and even a commemorative statue . Of course, since 2011 isn’t over just yet, Mercedes is continuing its 125th celebration with another special edition, the Mercedes S-Class Grand Edition. The Grand Edition not only celebrates 125 years of Mercedes, but also the 60 years of the b>S-Class . The new Grand Edition will be applied to the current Elegance and Avatgarde versions and will add an attractive sporty AMG feeling to the vehicles.

The Mercedes S-Class Grand Edition will be distinguished from the rest of the S-Class models by a new front spoiler that underlines the imposing presence of the S-Class and a new air intake that extends to the base. The side skirts allow the line of the S-Class to continue towards the back of the vehicle to the rear apron, where the rear bumper with black insert rounds the car out. The final touch is provided by a new set of 19" AMG wheels with 255/40 tires for the front and 275/40 for the rear, a sport exhaust system, and updated brakes with 350mm perforated front discs.

The interior offers sophisticated finishes, with a wood and leather steering wheel, sports pedals, and black ash dashboard.

German tuner, Brabus , has been tuning Mercedes models for quite awhile, so getting a slew of performance kits to slap onto different versions of the luxury brand is neither surprising nor unexpected. Their new PowerXtra CGI kits can be applied to the S550 , the CL550 , the S 63 , and the CL 63 . Depending on the model, this new package can increase the total output for the Mercedes up to between 490 HP and 620 HP. The top speed has also been pumped up to an impressive 200 mph.

For the S550 and CL550, the new performance kit increases the V8’s output from a total of 435 HP to an impressive 490 HP and the peak torque gets raised to 575 lb-ft. The S63 and CL63 models will receive the same kit, but will also get a water-to-air intercooler powered by an electric auxiliary pump. This will increase the total output to 620 HP and the peak torque to 737 lb-ft. As a result, the sprint from 0 to 60 mph will be made in 4.3 seconds, while top speed has been increased to 200 mph.

The kit also includes a special sport exhaust system with exhaust flap that will control the sounds of your engine. Aerodynamics will get boosted with a new front spoiler, carbon-fiber moldings for the gills in the sides of the front bumper, aluminum sport fenders, a carbon-fiber diffuser with integrated reflector, and a carbon-fiber rear spoiler.

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