Mercedes SL-Class

Mercedes SL-Class

  The Mercedes-Benz SL-Class is a series of automobiles with some of the most prestigious nameplates in the motor industry. The designation, which means "Sport Light" or in German, Sport Leicht, first appeared on the 1954 300SL 'Gullwing' so nicknamed because of its passenger doors which opened upwards.

Mercedes is sneaking around like the cat that ate the canary, but its dinner has consisted of swallowing up the V12-powered SL-Class . The 2012 SL65 AMG is joining the other quietly discontinued model - the SL600 - in order for Mercedes to focus on developing the new generation SL-Class set to be released in 2013.

Mercedes hasn’t officially announced why they are phasing out their top of the line SL model, but it may have something to do with the SLS AMG and its similar power output. The SL65 AMG produces 604 HP to the SLS AMG’s 571 HP, but the SLS AMG is also 900 lbs lighter than the SL65 AMG . The lighter weight allows the SLS AMG to be more agile and provide better performance.

Dupont Registry is also saying that Mercedes may be slowly eliminating their V12-powered models to make room for their new 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine. This engine fits right into the whole "go green" phenomenon with a fuel efficiency improvement of about 25% when compared to the brand’s 6.3-liter V-8.

Either way, the market has lost two of Mercedes’ big guns and so far, they don’t seem to be too upset about it. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Prior Design is no stranger to the Mercedes SL R230 , having provided an aggressive package for the sports car just last year. That model was inspired by the Mercedes SLS AMG - hence the aggressive nature - and was a signed, sealed, and delivered success. This time around, Prior Design has opted for milder design modifications to the exterior and interior, but the result is just as scintillating as the first.

The new Mercedes SL R230 Black Edition by Prior Design still gets a bit of edge from the body kit provided, with a new front bumper, front fenders, front bonnet, and front lip spoiler exaggerating the curves of the SL model’s original front end. The same idea is carried along the side of the vehicle with new, pronounced side skirts that direct the attention on back to the modified rear end. The most noticeable change for the rear is the new trunk spoiler, but a new bumper, rear widenings, and a rear diffuser have also been added. Then there’s the new set of wheels with concave design at the back and the replacement windshield water tank to wrap things up.

Nothing has been said about the changes made for the interior of the SL-Class, but the images provided reveal a cool combination of black and red leather for both the seats and dashboard, a three-spoke steering wheel, and various carbon fiber insertions.

The new Prior Design package for the SL-Class doesn’t match the hardcore design of the previous package , but when all is said and done, the modified sports car is still classy and edgy. These two adjectives aren’t usually achieved at the same time successfully, so that says something for Prior Design’s beautiful work.

UPDATE 04/20/12: Prior Design has released a new video of the SL-Class Black Edition. You can check it out by clicking on the photo above!

The Mercedes SL65 AMG has been around the block for quite some time now, but there seems to be no end in sight for aftermarket packages for the German drop-top sports car. Can’t say that we’re surprised at all. The SL65 AMG has always been one of our favorite Mercedes’ cars and after finding out what Inden Design did to it, it just made our itch that much harder to scratch.

The German tuning firm that’s made a name for their impressive programs on Mercedes vehicles has come out with another winner. Inden Design’s aerodynamic program comes with a new wide body kit that takes the appearance – or at least closely resembles the look – of the SL65 AMG Black Series. Complementing the wide body kit are other new features, including new front and rear bumpers, a boot lid spoiler, new side skirts, a carbon fiber roof, wider wheel arches, a new bonnet with two air vents on either side, a new grille, a new exhaust system, and a set of 20” alloy wheels wrapped in 265/30 tires on the front and 325/25 tires at the back. Inside, Inden Design left the changes to a minimum, opting only to dress the steering wheel and some parts of the instrument panel in Alcantara.

Apart from the aerodynamic improvements, Inden Design also remapped the SL65 AMG’s ECU, bumping the output of the car’s 6.0-liter bi-turbocharged V12 engine from 612 horsepower to 680 horsepower while also removing the sports car’s electronic speed limiter.

All told, it’s an impressive work from the folks over at Inden Design, a fact that really doesn’t surprise us anymore. These guys know what they’re doing.

The Carlsson C25 officially debuted last year at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, and this year it’s back in Geneva with more goodies and an even cooler name. The Super GT C25 Royale is a tuning project based on the Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG . It includes an abundance of carbon fiber elements, as well as optimized driving dynamics and perfected electronics. Carlsson will only build 25 units of the C25 Royale, one unit for each country the vehicle will be sold in.

"There are more than enough super cars around that can only be driven safely on a racing track", says engineer Markus Schuster, Managing Director at Carlsson. "We deliberately wanted to develop a car that is exclusive on the one hand but can still be used for the daily commute to the office. A Super GT which can go from 0 to 100 kph in just 3.7 seconds while at the same time offering the utmost in ride comfort."

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Two things have been around for a long time, Mercedes Benz and Performance Tuning. The two also share intertwined histories as companies such as AMG, Brabus , Renntech, and Lorinser were born and continue to adapt the latest technology to factory Benz models. There are hundreds of tuning companies and race shops throughout the country, but telling them apart can be difficult. Most do not build their own parts, but rather perform the mechanical work for you to add aftermarket exhausts, ECU upgrades, and turbochargers. Some offer full service tuning and testing, but currently there is only one that is attempting to push a natural-gas powered Mercedes to a land speed record.

Speedriven is a Chicago-based firm that is currently working with Bernie Towns to develop this “green” record breaker. Towns’ is an engineer for HighMount Exploration and Production and the companies main focus is natural gas energy. Many of your home appliances, such as the water heater and stove, may run off natural gas, but did you ever think your car would? Actually, Utility and Transportation departments throughout the country have been using natural gas in everything from construction equipment to buses for years; which have helped to reduce costs and improve air quality.

For someone that wants to help the environment, lower costs, and produce tons of horsepower, natural gas is the perfect option for this SL600. Speedriven also provided other performance enhancements for the Mercedes in order to keep it safe under high speeds. Jo Borras of Speedriven speaking about Towns’ said, “He doesn’t just want to do a CNG Benz, though. Bernie wants to break records.”

Hit the jump to learn more about Towns’ vision.

There’s no shortage of tuning firms that work on wide-body aerodynamic kits for Mercedes vehicles. Whether it’s a renowned firm like Brabus or just a local custom company in your town, you’re going to inevitably find someone that can offer you these packages.

Over in Osaka, Japan, a shop called Pole Position Tuning recently released their aerodynamic kits for two Mercedes models, the CLS-Class and the SL Class . Judging by the photos of these two kitted out Mercs, the folks over at PPT have definitely shown some promise with their packages.

The Mercedes CLS-Class was given a wide-body kit, a lower stance, and a set of custom wheels. The wheels look massive, and the tires practically look non-existent when tucked in the wheel arch, making it seem as if driving the Mercedes will give way to some metal to metal action. On top of that, there’s also a pretty intimidating rear wing that, if you ask us, doesn’t really suit the luxury styling of the CLS. The wide-body kit, the lowered stance, and the custom wheels all look good on the car, but that rear wing, especially those aluminum wing mounts, does very little to give the car’s overall luxury appearance some justice.

Hit the jump to see what Pole Position Tuning did with the SL 65 AMG.

Some have mistakenly thrown around the name ’Shining Star’ a little too loosely for our liking, and as is often the case, the vehicles with that sparkling name almost always fail to deliver. This, however, is not the case with MR Car Design’s work on the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG . The name ’Shining Star’ fits the sports car almost perfectly.

As the latest work of the Erftstadt-based auto tuner, this particular SL65 comes with a number of exterior improvements, including a new carbon bonnet courtesy of its compatriot and tuner-at-arm, Kicherer . In addition to the SLR-inspired bonnet, MR Car Design lowered the SL65 AMG’s ride height by 30 mm while also putting in a new rear bumper, black fender lights at the front, a mid-mounted black brake light out in the back, a new sport exhaust system, and a set of 20" forged rims courtesy of yet another aftermarket brethren, Carlsson . As for the interior, not a lot of changes were done except for the installation of custom-made Black Series dial lenses.

Under its hood, the SL65 AMG also gets a little boost in performance, thanks to software adjustments done on the ECU that netted an improvement on the 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 engine from its standard 604 horsepower and 748 lb/ft of torque to 683 horsepower and 819 lb/ft of torque.

Overall, there’s plenty to like about MR Car Design’s work on the SL65 AMG and for the first time in a long time, the ’Shining Star’ name is more than just a title.

In 2010, Mercedes unveiled the SLK Grand Edition , and now, one year later, the German manufacturer is ready to bring out yet another model with the same "Grand" makeover. The SL Grand Edition is being offered as a celebration of the company’s 125th anniversary, with packages for the SL 300, 350, and 500 versions. Prices for the package will range from an extra € 4,830 (about $6,532 at the current rates) for the SL 500 to € 7,176 (about $9,704 at the current rates) for the SL 300.

The Grand Edition will be distinguished by Nappa leather seats, door trim, and steering wheel, a start button in the gear lever, and the newly developed AIRSCARF personal warming system integrated into the front headrests. Plenty of "Grand Edition" logos were placed all over the body of the vehicle, as well as the interior, so no one is confused by its distinction. The final touches are provided by silver air vents, silver paddles, KEYLESS-GO, a chrome air shot, headlamps matching the paint finish, a third brake light, and a new set of 19" AMG wheels.

Having a Mercedes SL63 AMG in your garage is already reason enough for your neighbors to feel supremely jealous of you. But what if you had a way to knock that ‘envy meter’ up a few more notches? Would you do it?

If you answered ‘yes’, then we have the perfect interior styling program for you. Courtesy of the folks from Vilner is this new styling program called the SL63 AMG Shadow Line.

Among the upgrades included in the Vilner Shadow Line program includes a steering wheel that’s been outfitted with thicker hand-stitched light gray perforated leather. The sports car’s doors were also given a red perforated leather treatment with an ornamental design on the door handles, which, incidentally can also be found on the car’s center armrest and at the back of the headrest. The seats were also dressed in the same black and red color scheme with a headrest dressed in leather with white stitching and accompanied by an embroidered ‘Shadow Line’ name on it.

The changes are minimal compared to what we’ve seen from Vilner in the past. But when it comes to interior styling, the company’s ‘Shadow Line’ package just might be the answer you’re looking for if you ever decide to give your SL63 AMG a classy and beautiful dress-up.

There’s no typo in the title, in case you’re wondering. And if looks can be deceiving, we won’t blame you if you think that this 1961 Mercedes 190SL is just a restored classic. But the truth is, it’s not. On the contrary, in fact.

This, dear folks, is the Mercedes-Bent 190SL.

The project, which was the brainchild of Hot Rods and Custom Stuff, began by taking a 1961 Mercedes 190SL and stripping it of its original parts with only the car’s body left standing. Then, Hot Rods and Custom Stuff widened and lengthened the 190SL’s body to accommodate all the new parts that were going to be put in, most notably the platform of a 2004 Mercedes SL600 .

After hours and hours of labor, the finished product is what was unveiled at SEMA 2010 – a car that seamlessly blended old school looks with new school performance features, a marriage that is both awesome to look at and even better to drive.

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