Mercedes SLK-Class

Mercedes SLK-Class

When Mercedes unveiled theMercedes SLK back in 1996 it proved to be a very successful model. Then, the Merceds received a facelift in the second generation back in 2004 that left us with a revised body and enhanced performance. This second generation SLK went on to considered one of Car and Driver’s Ten Best and won the Canadian Car of the Year’s Best New Convertible award. Unfortunately, it seems we have arrived at another fork in the road that can leave a withering SLK or allow it to transform, yet again, into the popular vehicle it once was. Mercedes seems to have chosen the latter route and recent spy shots reveal some pretty impressive changes.

Of course, the brand new SLS AMG will serve as model for the next generation Mercedes SLK. We also noticed that Mercedes has decided to ditch the F1 nose. That, together with a less optical tapered rectangular grille, a large chrome bar, and an optional glass roof leave us pretty satisfied with the model.

The SLK will welcome a diesel engine for the first time and in 2012 with also see a four-cylinder 2.1 twin-turbo engine producing 204 hp and 500 Nm. The SLK 250 CDI will be well equipped to tease theAudi TT Roadster TDI and Alfa Romeo Spider. A SLK 350 CGI will be powered by the new 306 hp V6 engine and will aim at models like the BMW Z4 .

The new SLK will be revealed by the end of the year and sales will begin in early 2011.

This Mercedes SLK 200 we found hanging out at the Elements Mall in Hong Kong is about as blinged up a car can ever get.

Dressed from head-to-toe in Swarovski crystal, there’s absolutely nothing subtle about this ride. Heck, even the car’s interior has been given the crystal treatment making us all wonder how somebody can go out on the streets of Hong Kong in this car and not get noticed.

We’re fans of adding a crystal touch on your car as long as its done with a great deal of restraint. Unfortunately, whoever made this crystal-decked SLK 200 doesn’t have the word ’restraint’ in his dictionary.

Piecha Design has just revealed a new aerodynamic package for the current SLK. The kit includes a complete bumper including LED daytime headlights, a wide central spoiler sword and additional brake air channel, integrated fog lamps and lateral double gills. Additional modifications include side skirts with large air intake channels, LED skirt lamps, a new rear skirt with a wide grille insert, diffuser and additional under-floor wings.

The package is finished by 19 inch and 19/20 inch combination Piecha dp2 Phantom wheels. Also, the car has been lowered by 30 mm – not only for the perfect visual impression, but also to ensure the required wheel cover.

This kit provides the finishing touches to an already elegant Mercedes SLK bringing in the sporty look that will enthrall buyers everywhere.

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There has been a lot of speculation on what the next generation Mercedes SLK will bring to the table. Many artists have even created renderings of what they think the third generation of the SLK will look like. This rendering, modeled after “carparazzi shots” shows a more retro feel than the previous models. Other visible changes are the new mirrors that improve forward visibility, different lights with LED turn and daytime running lights.

Mercedes’ baby roadster is highly anticipated yet slow to arrive. Talks about this new model go back as far as the eye can see and we are anxious to finally get a look at it. All we can say is if the actual car looks anything like the sexy rendering supplied to us then we cannot wait to take a cruise in that baby.

Unfortunately, not much has been said in regards to the specs for this vehicle so we must leave you with a promise to bring any further information as soon as we receive it.

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While waiting for the next generation SLK to come out of the Mercedes production facility, we have to "settle" for customized versions of the current sports car. The latest SLK to undergo a tuning set-up comes from VATH and is based on the SLK 55 AMG .

Naturally, the biggest changes that were made on the SLK can be found under the hood where the engine’s capacity has been improved to 5.8 liters and, when combined to a compressor, helps deliver an impressive 565 horsepower and 770 Nm of torque.

In addition to the engine upgrade, VATH also added sports pistons, sports distribution shafts, exhaust manifolds, catalysts of high-grade steel, sports exhaust silencers, polished cylinder heads, a sports air filter and a long-stroke crankshaft with the result of a top speed of 192 mph (up from the standard version’s 155 mph top speed).

Meanwhile the aerodynamic package includes, among other things, carbon front spoiler lips, varnished in black here, a rear diffuser and 19" polished rim wheels made from high-grade steel.

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Mercedes Benz has come up with a sultry special edition version of their compact hard top convertible, the SLK Grand Edition. The stylish package adds between 2300 and 3500 Euro to the base SLK and adds distinguishing designo graphite finish, exclusive 18 inch triple five spoke light weight alloy wheels, silver fins on the hood and color matched headlamp housings. On the inside, Mercedes Benz’s design team has added supple gray Nappa leather wrapped upholstery complete with embossed Grand Edition emblems in the seats as well as the newly developed AIRSC RSC ARF personal warming system integrated into the front headrests highlighted by red accent stitching. All in all the Grand Edition adds another layer of elegance to the Mercedes Benz SLK all at a great price.

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The recent unveiling of the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Gullwing has been met with universal acclaim, so much so that talks of future Mercedes models being modeled after the car has began to circulate in and around a number of auto circles.

Artist renders 2011 Mercedez-Benz SLK

While nothing has been confirmed, it hasn’t stopped people from speculating as to whether the rumors have any weight on them. One car that’s been the subject of this constant speculation has been the next-generation Mercedes-Benz SLK , the brand’s ultra-chic compact hardtop-roadster. According to some people, the new SLK will bear styling similarities to that of the SLS AMG Gullwing and some others have – think creative visual artists – even gone to greath lengths to create a rendering of what they expect the new SLK will look like.

One such artist that has created his own take on the new SLK is Theophilus Chin with his work already being touted as a ‘mini SLS AMG Roadster’. Check out the photos and see for yourself Chin’s take on what the new SLK would look like.

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2012 Mercedes SLK spied at Nurburgring

The German luxury automaker, Mercedes Benz, has recently been spotted running laps around the Nurburgring in what appears to be the next generation SLK roadster heavily clad in automotive camouflage. With BMW coming out with the new Z4 roadster, it is very likely that the tri star company is ready to defend their position in the fun to drive small car segment with a new drop top SLK . The Mercedes Benz test engineers do an excellent job of disguising the SLK’s lines with the large panel over the hood amongst other tricks. The front end is much more squared off than the production model will be, as you can see by the driving lights hidden behind the holes in the faux front bumper.

Under the hood Mercedes will use their naturally aspirated gas burning V6 engine along with a range of smaller displacement turbocharged units. There are also rumors about a diesel engine to be used for the first time in the small runabout. Gone is the oversized hand built V8 and instead the AMG version will be powered by a 3.5 Liter twin turbo V6 that will put out somewhere around 470 HP.

This compact sports car ushered in the era of the hard top convertible, so what does Mercedes Benz have planned for the next generation of the SLK roadster? While we are still just speculating about the future equipment, it is not hard to dream about a fuel efficient green sports car derived from the lightweight open air two seat roadster. If diesel is becoming a possibility as an alternative fuel, it can’t be long before the German automaker begins playing around with electric propulsion.

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SLK-R from Expression Motorsport

Expression Motorsport has developed three distinctive takes on the Mercedes Benz compact sports coupe, the SLK . The most aggressive being the R-Kit. Inspired by the SLR supercar, the body kit adds muscular attitude to the elegant Mercedes shape.

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