Mercedes SLR-Class

Mercedes SLR-Class

As you know the SLR Roadster will be the final collaboration between Mercedes and McLaren. And today Mercedes confirmed it: "The partnership ends in 2009 and it will not be renewed."

The SLR will be replaced by a new flagship premium roadster called the SLC that will debut in 2010 and will be built Mercedes’ in-house performance unit AMG at the automaker’s Sindelfingen plant, near Stuttgart, Germany.

Couchman said the SLR’s high price limited sales. The car starts at 452,200 euros in Germany. Mercedes has sold 1,577 SLRs worldwide since the car’s launch in 2003, according to Global Insight.

The car has also suffered from technical problems. The SLR was one of the models affected in a recall of 680,000 Mercedes cars in 2004, after the electronic braking system failed on some vehicles.

In 2006, Mercedes-Benz USA recalled 433 SLRs that had developed overheating problems.

As we reported yesterday, Mercedes-McLaren will unveil a new special edition to celebrate the SLR’s end of life. The car will be limited to only 75 units and will be priced around €750,000.

Codenamed Z119, the supercar features no windscreen, the only protection from the elements being a tiny pair of aero-screens in front of the driver and passenger.

The car is based on the SLR Roadster’s chassis and offers an exceptional rigidity thanks to the extensive use of carbon-fibre in the car’s construction.

We first told you about a limited edition SLR back in May. Today, Auto Motor Und Sport revealed more details about this exclusive edition. The car will be built to "celebrate" SLR’s end of life and will be limited to only 75 units.

The special edition will be 200 kg lighter than the current SLR and will deliver more power. It will make the 0 to 300 km/h (186 mph) sprint in just 6 seconds and will hit a top speed of 217mph.

The special edition model will cost about 450,000 euro ($712,605) and will be official unveiled on July 30.

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A year ago Renntech unveiled their Performance PKG1 package for the Mercedes SLR which included upgraded intercoolers, larger crankshaft pulley and custom ECU software that delivered 722 hp.

Renntech release Performance PKG2 for Mercedes SLR

According to the tuner, due to the demand of Renntech customers, the company released the Performance PKG2 for the SLR, which includes a motorsports-style exhaust system and new ECU software making the engine deliver 740 hp at 6400 rpm.

Available at a price of $26,990 the package includes new stylish Renntech Signature 10-spoke performance wheels, making the car more stable at high speeds!

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We do not know if this is a joke or not, but it looks to good to be ignored! According to AutoGespot there will be a new model from Mercedes, something like a final SLR. It will be limited to only 75 units and will have the same price as a Veyron.

The car is a modern interpretation of the car which Stirling Moss driven in the Mille Miglia with two small frontwindows and a little bit of SLR-flavour. It will have no roof at all, so it’s not going to be a targa and it’s not going to be a convertible.

The car is supposed to be unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. First delivers will be made in the summer of 2009.

Pictured here is a F400 Carving.

Source: AutoGespot

Even if not actually a real success, the SLR McLaren is a dream car for many of us, and of course its price don’t let us hope that one day might drive it. But a car like Mercedes SL has a much more affordable price. So by a SL and go to Ukraine. Why? Because in here there is this small company that take your SL and magically deliver you a SLR.

McLaren SLR? Not really!

The car you see in the picture was, before conversion a Mercedes SL 55 AMG, but you can full many people by saying its a SLR.

The front lights and front bumper quite match the original car. The only thing so far we don’t recognize are the little "eyes" around the engine hood. If we check the rest of the car, we see the SLR tail lights but what we are missing are the exhausts on the side.

Well, yes, I still want a real SLR!

Source: AutoGespot

If a few hours ago we brought you a new rendering of the Mercedes SLC supercar that will replace the current SLR, we can now tell you that the production of the SLR McLaren, both coupe and roadster version, will end in 2009, only five years after its official debut.

Production of the SLR rose in 2007; 275 were built last year, 14 more than in 2006. But that’s significantly down on Mercedes’ original estimates of 400-500 cars a year.

The next step for McLaren is a new supercar codenamed P11, that will debut towards the end of next year, while Mercedes will have the SLC.

Source: Autocar

The Mercedes-Benz SLR Roadster has won the cabriolet and roadster category of the prestigious "Auto 1 von Europa" ["Europe’s No. 1 Car"] awards organised by leading car magazine AUTO BILD. Readers of the 26 European editions of AUTO BILD as well as an international jury of experts selected the super sports car from Stuttgart for its exceptional qualities. The award honouring the SLR Roadster as the most sought-after open-top car was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show yesterday.
Some 40 million readers of the 26 European editions published by the AUTO BILD family were invited to vote for the best new cars of 2007 in six categories. The three top vehicles in each category in this Europe-wide poll then had to undergo two days of professional testing in Rome. It was on the basis of this thorough programme of comparative testing that the members of the expert jury – made up of experienced engineers, top motoring journalists and leading international racing drivers – decided on the category winners.

The Mansory Renovatio is another supercar unveiled in Geneva. It comes with a facelift bodywork and an modified supercharged engine. Ultra-light forged wheels and a superlative automotive interior complete the all-round renewal.

Mercedes SLR by Mansory

During the development of the MANSORY Renovatio great value was attached both to individual design as well as aerodynamic efficiency. To save weight MANSORY fashioned its body components out of carbon. The production car body is also made out of this extremely light and resilient material. One component of the body kit is the front apron in dynamic sport design. It channels the airstream perfectly to the custom-designed intercoolers of the performance kit and so ensures an extra helping of cooling air.

The new side skirts constitute the optical link between the front and rear wheel arch extensions. These calm the airstream between the axles and create space for the outlets of the MANSORY side pipe exhaust system. The new rear apron with integrated diffuser takes care of additional downforce and puts the final touch to the sporting lines of the styling package.

Brabus will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the SLR McLaren roadster, a tuning kit inspired by the yacht design. The supercar is priced at 699,000 Euros, and when buying it you will get an extra BRABUS ULTIMATE 112, a tuning kit based on the Smart Fortwo.

BRABUS SLR and ULTIMATE 112 "tender"

The tuning kit for the 5.5-liter supercharged engine consists of special camshafts and a fuel-cooling system. Power output increases by 24 hp / 18 kW to 650 hp (641 hp SAE net) / 478 kW at 6,500 rpm. BRABUS also offers a special clutch-type limited-slip differential with a locking rate of 40 percent for the SLR. It optimizes traction and thus acceleration performance further: The tuned SLR Roadster rockets from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 337 km/h (211 mph).

BRABUS SLR and ULTIMATE 112 "tender"

The ULTIMATE 112 produces a maximum power output of 112 hp (110 hp SAE net) / 82.4 kW at 5,600 rpm. Even more important for everyday driving is the peak torque of 150 Nm, available on a plateau from 3,330 to 3,900 rpm, an exceptional figure for a car in its class.

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