Mercedes SLR-Class

Mercedes SLR-Class

When RENNTECH and RML announced that the fearsome Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722GT track car would be made available in the US back in December, the two companies made reference to a one-make series for the ultra-exclusive cars modeled on the SLR.Club’s European SLR.UNLIMITED events.

This morning, RENNTECH posted a full PDF brochure on their 722GT mini-site that offers more details on these events while going into more details about the car itself, with some additional technical specs and exciting pictures from 722GT trackday events at the Nurburgring and Paul Ricard.

SLR.Club Trophy USA Brochure

SLR.Club Trophy USA events promise 5-star accommodations and a chance for owners to drive the incredible 680 hp, 2900 lb. SLR McLaren 722GT cars at speed on some of the country’s historic race tracks. Events will also include driver training from world-class drivers (and SLR.Club members) like David Coulthard and Jochen Mass, as well as "special guests" to be announced later.

The SLR.Club Trophy USA events will take place in 2009. Dates and schedules will be announced this fall.

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Two of a kind and more or less of the same race. Sterling, robust and goes like blazes. Both are products of German engineering and both are married to speed. No winner in this battle between the Mclaren Mclaren SLR and the Porsche 911 Porsche 911 GT3. The track honed 911 GT3 showcases the amazing potential of Porsche’s engineering genius. The humongous 3.6-liter flat six revs to 8400 rpm producing 415 horsepower. The SLR on the other hand sports a monstrous V8 supercharged engine that generates a whopping 626 horsepower. Both these cars rank up there amongst the fastest, sportiest and most powerful categories. Just the right cars to zip along at a furious pace either on the track or on the road. A marvelous piece of photography from Pat Ernzen.

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When it comes about a car you love, you might understand why someone will pay almost $1 million for it, but when you pay this amount of money for a F1 license plate... well, you might have reasons not to agree with the guy! But who am I to tell people what to do with their money, right?

The man who did this is the businessman Afzal Kahn (Kahn Design owner) who paid this week-end £330,000 plus VAT (meaning £440,000 or $880,000) for a F1 license plate, Britain’s most expensive registration.

Previous record was £331,000 for M1, sold by auctioneers Bonhams in July 2006.

Source: Daily Mail

Mercedes-Benz’ SLR McLaren 722 GT, available exclusively at RENNtech. While Mercedes’ ultra-exclusive SLR McLaren 722 GT track car has been making rounds in the motoring press for several weeks now, a few key questions remained unanswered - including "How much?" and "Where can I get one?"

Since 1989, RENNtech has been producing some of the most powerful and refined performance cars on the market. Recognized as one of the world’s premier tuning firms and America’s foremost authority on Mercedes Benz, Hartmut Feyhl (president of RENNtech and ex-technical director at AMG North America) is also an avid kart enthusiast.

Following repeated requests by motor racing enthusiasts among the SLR. CLUB members, the British motor racing specialists RML Group (Ray Mallock Ltd) have developed the new SLR 722 GT. This puristic super-sportscar is designed exclusively for the racetrack, has no approval for on-road use and will take part in the SLR. CLUB Trophy, a competition series forming part of the SLR. CLUB racetrack programme in Europe.

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