2010 Mercedes SL65 Black by TC-Concepts

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Have you always wanted a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series with a folding hard top? Me neither, but just in case you do like this sort of thing, TC-Concepts has your car.

The company took a standard SL65 and added the Black Series body kit with a new grille, modified bumpers, and massive fenders to ensure that you stand out like a sore thumb when driving down the road. If that’s not enough, they also added 20-inch ADV1 ‘Deep Concave Series’ wheels and a heavily revised interior that isn’t all that nice either.

Under the hood, TC-Concepts modified the twin-turbo 6.0-liter V12 so it now cranks out 690 horsepower. The problem with the original SL65 AMG Black was never the power, it was the traction control, super hard suspension, and the massive amount of torque and it appears TC did nothing about that.

Overall, this car is neat, like most modified supercars, but once again, unless you really want to stand out, we don’t see the point.

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It looks so classy with its sleek body paint, and I wonder if did they already put it on the market? Good thing as well that it is not an electric vehicle instead it has a powerful engine.

It looks so sophisticated and classy on its sleek body paint. Well, I can’t blame them if they are really fond with this concept because it is really having the an impressive look. The mileage looks so elegant either.

I’ve seen this thing today in the streets of Berlin. Could easily spin its tires in the 2 or 3 gear.

It looks great and goes great. The SL has done a good job.

it reminds me of that Top Gear episode with the Brabus SL that could barely get on the gas without the rear tires lighting up and the traction control going bonkers.

I think it would be a good laugh to see what people who would actually buy something this stupid look like.

Now it looks more aggressive and sportier than before.

That’s all fine and dandy, but I want torque numbers. Uncork this engine’s potential of 900+ lb.ft. of torque, beef up the powertrain, and then you’ll have my attention.

the SL can finally take to the field with the rest of the world’s exotic performance cars. It’s ungodly quick, takes to the track like a squirrel to a tree, and looks righteously menacing

Very nice! A way better looking than the Mercedes benz kompressor. It looks more sporty and aggressive

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