2010 Mercedes SLK Grand Edition

Mercedes Benz has come up with a sultry special edition version of their compact hard top convertible, the SLK Grand Edition. The stylish package adds between 2300 and 3500 Euro to the base SLK and adds distinguishing designo graphite finish, exclusive 18 inch triple five spoke light weight alloy wheels, silver fins on the hood and color matched headlamp housings. On the inside, Mercedes Benz’s design team has added supple gray Nappa leather wrapped upholstery complete with embossed Grand Edition emblems in the seats as well as the newly developed AIRSC RSC ARF personal warming system integrated into the front headrests highlighted by red accent stitching. All in all the Grand Edition adds another layer of elegance to the Mercedes Benz SLK all at a great price.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The exclusivity of the SLK Grand Edition is underlined by the elegant designo graphite paint finish. Other highlights include exclusive 18-inch light-alloy wheels with five triple spokes, silver-coloured fins on the bonnet, headlamps matching the paint finish and a third brake light.

Mercedes SLK Grand Edition

In the interior of the SLK Grand Edition, the AIRSCARF® system included as standard ensures that the open-top season can last all year. The driver and passenger are cosseted by finely coordinated materials in a restrained, stylish grey. The newly designed seats are upholstered in basalt grey nappy leather, with arrow-shaped seams and designo pearl leather on the side bolsters. The effect is complemented by the tone-in-tone, grey seat belts. Basalt grey nappa leather is also used for the door linings, with a harmonious contrast provided by the designo pearl leather armrests. Finely executed, red topstitching on the seats and door armrests create a special look. Colour-coordinated trim in designo pearl leather - with the embossed Grand Edition emblem above the glove compartment - rounds off the interior. The floor mats bordered in the same shade of grey also bear this logo.


With the added adds-on on this vehicle I bet no one will be blame if the weight of the car will increase and suddenly affects the performance of the car.

I was expecting for a high speed performance from this car. But I think Mercedes can’t offer what I want! I guess its just a bonus that it looks elegant and classy.

I really hate special edition for they only modified the look of the car and never minds the speed. Well, I guess this is much better than a facelift version!

Well, the elegance of this car is still here though its not my best bet! I really have some trouble with the speed performance of this car and its weight. Well, I guess the hard rooftop of this car will surely affects the boost speed of this edition.

All I can say is a good feedback about this car. Its an amazing machine and
I thought it runs like a train on the rails. And it accelerate like an rocket.. and it runs very smooth smiley

Mercedes replaces the CLK-Class coupe with the E-Class coupe for 2010. Like the CLK, the E-Class coupe is based not on the new E-Class platform, but on the smaller C-Class platform. Although it is a modified C-Class platform with...oh, do you really care?

With the SLK entering its final year before a major redesign, Mercedes decided to offer this special-edition model to spur a few last-minute sales.

Its very auspicious. I like the exterior part and love the color.

Its a totally cool thing. This creation is one of the great thing Mercedes did.

Its a totally cool thing. This creation is one of the great thing Mercedes did.

A intense machine! Its a magnificent add up to Mercedes collection of good stuff.

The SLK has always looked like a fake SLR McLaren to me so that’s lame but mannnn does that SL look sweet. My favorite part is the non-ghetto rims.

They should make an "Atlantique" or something that has the colors of the ocean, or something similar to the Veyron Sang Bleu. Those colors are beautiful on a car like this. The black works really well, though.

Just a glimpse of this car is not enough. You will really ask for more. S stands for sultry, L is for lovable and K is for Kryptonite..the thought that I’m not going to get this, I go weak..lol

The package seems to be interesting for a Mercedes SLK especially the light alloy wheel set that is too stylish.IMO for this car, the money that you’ll throw are all worth it that includes the car performance and the package that makes your SLK fashionable.

Both of these new special models combine the advantages of a roadster with those of a coupé, and are both thoroughbred sports cars and comfortable everyday cars.

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