2011 Mercedes C63 AMG by Wimmer

You might as well change those two ’Ms’ with two ’Ns’ because the guys of Wimmer RST are unquestioned winners in our minds. As one of those tuning companies that take painstaking lengths in refining their past products, the German tuning firm went back to their prior program for the Mercedes C63 AMG and gave the Merc’s 6.3-liter V8 engine more pop under its hood.

From their past project, which gave the car 580 horsepower from the standard 457 horsepower, Wimmer went back to the shops and re-tuned the engine, which now boasts of an output of 601 horsepower and 532 lb/ft of torque. That number translates to a power-to-weight ratio of 2.79kg/horsepower and a new top speed of 204 mph, up from the electronically limited 189 mph figure of the previous incarnation.

The engine upgrade was made possible by the addition of of new modifications, including a sports camshaft, re-tinkered cylinder heads, a new optimized air intake, custom manifold catalytic converters, a sports air filter, and a new stainless steel exhaust system. Controlling the added power is a set of BBS CH-R alloy wheels (8.5 or 9.5 x 19 inches), wrapped in Dunlop tires, 235/35-19 at the front and 265/35-19 at the rear.

According to Wimmer, all these modifications will cost the owner around €19,900, which is about $28,156 based on current exchange rates. Add that to the price of the Mercedes C63 AMG and you’re looking at an $85,000 investment. Hey, that’s the price of cool and apparently the price of a weird yellow, white, and black paint job.


I agree with you webpad11, its not worth it to spend such thousands bucks for a tuning kit. I could actually buy a car on that price tag.

Well, I hope that they worked on the suspension of this one. That’s often the problem with some tuners, they tweak everything except the suspension, which can be quite a problem.

Yeah, Wimmer does allow custom graphics for their builds, you can simply tell there artists the look that you want or you can bring in your own graphics for them to work on.

Or maybe with different graphics, I think Wimmer also allows custom graphics designs. This one would really look cool in red though.

Yeah, the paint job is a bit too plain, but I think clients can choose what kind of paint jobs they will have on their cars. It would really be cool to see this one in a different paint scheme.

I guess you’re right, I could be able to buy a brand new car on that money. And, It is not practical to spend thousands of dollar just for tuning kit. BTW, i don’t like the paint job of this car but the wheels are insanely beautiful.

Well, if you look at the specs that they have provided, you will say that the price is reasonable. Then again, tuning is not really for all of us.

Yeah, you’re right. With the way they did work on this one, they should really change their name to Winner. That engine upgrade really takes home the crown.

$28,156 for tuning? I think I can go for a new car instead. But for those who are not satisfied even with the best, Go ahead put your car in to these guys hands. Challenge the limit and enjoy thee ride. After all it is worth spending for 601 HP, wheels, that new sports look, and that crazy paint.

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