2011 Mercedes CLS 55 AMG and SL 65 AMG by Pole Position Tuning

There’s no shortage of tuning firms that work on wide-body aerodynamic kits for Mercedes vehicles. Whether it’s a renowned firm like Brabus or just a local custom company in your town, you’re going to inevitably find someone that can offer you these packages.

Over in Osaka, Japan, a shop called Pole Position Tuning recently released their aerodynamic kits for two Mercedes models, the CLS-Class and the SL Class . Judging by the photos of these two kitted out Mercs, the folks over at PPT have definitely shown some promise with their packages.

The Mercedes CLS-Class was given a wide-body kit, a lower stance, and a set of custom wheels. The wheels look massive, and the tires practically look non-existent when tucked in the wheel arch, making it seem as if driving the Mercedes will give way to some metal to metal action. On top of that, there’s also a pretty intimidating rear wing that, if you ask us, doesn’t really suit the luxury styling of the CLS. The wide-body kit, the lowered stance, and the custom wheels all look good on the car, but that rear wing, especially those aluminum wing mounts, does very little to give the car’s overall luxury appearance some justice.

Hit the jump to see what Pole Position Tuning did with the SL 65 AMG.

Meanwhile, PPT also gives the same aerodynamic kit to the SL-Class as the one found on the CLS. There’s a wide-body conversion, a lowered stance, its own set of custom wheels - though not so tight-hugging -, and another imposing rear wing. Unlike the CLS conversion, the rear wing on the SL looks more appropriate on the car, although it probably wouldn’t hurt as much if they made it a little more subtle. It would probably also be a good idea to go back to the aluminum mount as opposed to the clear plexiglass wing mount found here. Hope no one gets too close to that thing without bubble wrap.

Overall, PPT did a good job outfitting these two Mercedes cars with their own wide-body aerodynamic kit. We would have preferred a little more subtlety on the rear wings, especially the one on the CLS, but all told, they are still mighty impressive pieces of work and ones that are sure to grab some attention wherever they go.


yeah. I was disappointed! Its just a pointless and useless creation! I rather choose "OVERUSED Aston martin DBS"!

when i first saw the CLS it gives me a "wow" reaction..But once I review the whole concept of the car, i better choose Camaro or Mustang over this one! They could make it more faster!

wow these are some ugly cars ...

Very nice, but those wheels are so close to the car’s body that on any hoop they will get cut!

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