2011 Mercedes E-Class Xtend by Binz

Long wheelbase vehicles are meant to give extra room for people who can’t seem to get enough of it on their cars. So you would think that having that additional space would be enough for these guys, right?

Well, guess again.

To accommodate those people that want their vehicles to redefine the word ‘spacious’, tuning ‘extentionaires’ Binz has released their latest line of Mercedes E-Class XTEND vehicles meant to give the space needy their due medicine. Measuring a ridiculous 19 feet in length with a wheelbase of over 12 feet, and weighing an eye-popping 4,629 lbs, Binz’s new XTEND line-up will give you all the space you need to have your own party inside the car. The tuning firm’s list of E-Class Estate vehicles eligible to be “extended” – no pun intended – include the E250 CDI, E350 CGI and E500. These three models have their own engine specifications - you’ll see them in one of the photos – so the price tag for all that extending begins at €121,950, or about $163,400 based on current exchange rates, going all the way to possibly around €160,000, or $214,000.

Guess there’s a pretty big price to pay to have all that space in your car, huh?

If for nothing else, at least you can get to roll around town in a car that writes wealth and luxury all by itself.

Source: Binz


The S5 cabriolet is much more beautiful, by a pretty wide margin. I prefer fabric tops versus clunky looking, rattle-prone hard tops. The multiple cut-lines, visible seams and gaskets required in hard top convertibles look terrible.

think they originally had two blue cars, and two white cars as that would have made a pleasing photo. And then realized they had created an abstract BMW badge.

Check out the group photo of all the E class models in the 3rd series. Two blue cars, one white one, one beige one.

100% photoshop...look through the windows...if you look through the back window you can see the normal driverside rear window support where it
should not be based on the side facing us. Pretty sloppy photochop.

hahaha totally agree, but it looks kinda comfortable to sit inside... honestly I would rather have a Limo than this crappy chopped Benz.

Every funeral director’s dream. Wins over the Lincoln hands down.

Lovely but its kinda awkward because it really looks like a hearse.

Was paying for the R&D on the Shooting Brake rear so important they needed to put this abomination in to production?

And speaking of space, one wonders how much this thing needs to make a U-turn. Definitely not a car to test your parallel parking skills on!

well I’m not that impressed because it looks more like a hoarse to me.. but it looks very luxurious i wonder how many people can fit inside and what’s inside.

The back part is more like for the pick-nick and bikes. Couldn’t fit in there a coffin guys!

I agree Adolfo. Looks like funeral car!

Looks to me like a funeral car with more room for passengers. If their intentions were different, they should of made it in different color smiley

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