2011 Mercedes SL R230 Black Edition by Prior Design

Prior Design is no stranger to the Mercedes SL R230 , having provided an aggressive package for the sports car just last year. That model was inspired by the Mercedes SLS AMG - hence the aggressive nature - and was a signed, sealed, and delivered success. This time around, Prior Design has opted for milder design modifications to the exterior and interior, but the result is just as scintillating as the first.

The new Mercedes SL R230 Black Edition by Prior Design still gets a bit of edge from the body kit provided, with a new front bumper, front fenders, front bonnet, and front lip spoiler exaggerating the curves of the SL model’s original front end. The same idea is carried along the side of the vehicle with new, pronounced side skirts that direct the attention on back to the modified rear end. The most noticeable change for the rear is the new trunk spoiler, but a new bumper, rear widenings, and a rear diffuser have also been added. Then there’s the new set of wheels with concave design at the back and the replacement windshield water tank to wrap things up.

Nothing has been said about the changes made for the interior of the SL-Class, but the images provided reveal a cool combination of black and red leather for both the seats and dashboard, a three-spoke steering wheel, and various carbon fiber insertions.

The new Prior Design package for the SL-Class doesn’t match the hardcore design of the previous package , but when all is said and done, the modified sports car is still classy and edgy. These two adjectives aren’t usually achieved at the same time successfully, so that says something for Prior Design’s beautiful work.

UPDATE 04/20/12: Prior Design has released a new video of the SL-Class Black Edition. You can check it out by clicking on the photo above!


It was oozing with an appeal because on its exclusive and very decent looks. I only hope that it will have an impressive and awesome interior, just like what their other sports sedan has.

Wow! This SL R230 really looks so classy and exclusive with its glossy body paint. I also noticed that it was oozing with angst on its front design. Anyway, I hope that they would use a boost engine for this one.

It really has an impressive sophisticated and classy appearance which I’m truly expecting for a convertible vehicle. However, it is only so sad to notice that they didn’t use an awesome speed on this.

It really had the impressive look even the sophisticated and classy image for a convertible car is really there but I think they give so much focus on the exterior look of this car that they not notice its poor engine.

I’m expecting for a engine upgrade but it seems that they forgot to include that thing in the package. I’m more on the speed performance of the car. The styling was great and elegant but a increase in the power output would be highly appreciated.

Prior Design really makes an awesome tuned up version for a vehicle. The car is already awesome so I bet this aftermarket company don’t have a hard time modifying the car. With the modified specs of the car it really makes the car more sporty and elegant.

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