2011 Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Fortune by Veilside

Anytime someone has a car like the Mercedes SL65 AMG and gets an opportunity to do some tuning work on it, that person shouldn’t even think about hesitating.

Now if that person happens to live in Japan, there’s even more incentive to bring their German sports car to the boys over at Veilside, considering that they’re in the process of unveiling a new aerodynamic body kit at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Developed under Veilside’s new Black Fortune sub-brand, the aerodynamic program consists of a complete overhaul of parts, including a new front bumper spoiler, new side skirts, a new rear bumper and diffuser, a new rear spoiler, and a slew of other parts, all of which are made entirely out of carbon fiber.

Coming from the same guys that worked on a Mercedes SLR McLaren under another one of their brands - Premier4509 - Veilside has made a habit of building some swanky programs for Mercedes . In the case of the Black Fortune program for the SL65 AMG, Veilside will be limiting it to ’only’ 300 units at a cost of €30,000 - $38,450 - for the entire package.


Sebastian Dom, I agree that the golden yellow it shows is luxurious and sporty, but I think I still prefer the S-class than this Black Fortune.

The stunning yellow gold color of this Mercedes sports car gives it the elegant and luxurious look. I really love the aggressive yet stylish exterior design of this 2011 Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Fortune. I can’t wait to own one.

I liked most it’s front design like the headlamps and the steering wheels as well. This must be a great concept for me.

Mercedes - no wonder you’ve never been out of the list of luxurious cars. Your top speed for SL65 is 155mph. Feels like its the gust of wind that can topple homes. You rocks.

I am sure that I will also do some tuning work on my Mercedes and I will let Veilside to do it for me. haha. This is pretty cool. That body paint is oozing with angst and strong looks.

Veilside has a terrific taste in doing some creative designs. This Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Fortune is oozing with appeal on its orange glossy body paint. I am really impressed on its engine performance.

It looks beautiful on that glossy orange body paint. Moreover, SL65 AMG Black Fortune has an impressive engine performance. With a V12 engine that has an output of 612 HP, how fast can it be? smiley

An another model that Mercedes makes us impressed. I truly adore its front design like the headlights and the striking wheels as well. This car is at low price. Who wouldn’t love to have this one? Looking forward for more glossy body paint.

This car will be on the market with 300 units at a very low price of $38,450? Well, who wouldn’t pick this? It looks stunning on that glossy orange body paint that suited on the style and design of this car. I truly adore its front design.

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