2011 Mercedes SLS AMG RSK8 by Lorinser

Wait, is this yet another tuning package for the Mercedes SLS AMG ? Well, color us surprised! This vehicle has seen so many tuning projects, we’re beginning to think people have forgotten what a standard model looks like. But have no fear, this latest package only adds a new set of wheels courtesy of Lorinser and a tweak to improve the Mercedes’ handling.

The Mercedes SLS AMG RSK8 by Lorinser is set apart from its standard brethren with a new set of three-part forged wheels with seven spokes and stainless steel bolts. These light-alloy wheels are offered in 9.5 x 20" for the front axle and 11 x 21" at the back, and should be accompanied by 275/30 and 295/25 tires, respectively.

Since weight for a sports car is always an area that can be improved upon, Lorinser has taken extra care of the SLS AMG by making sure that the new rims are one of the lightest available on the market. This reduction in weight improves the unsprung mass and therefore improves the braking response and the handling of the two-seater. And here we thought they just looked good.


I do agree on you. However, the speed performance of the car wasn’t mentioned above but it was said it has a reduced weight. Well, i do
hope for a good figure!

Who is falling in love on this car?(Hands up)Oh it seems that its everyone! I really love those gullwing they are simply awesome!

Wow, It a good news that they have find a way to reduce the weight of this car. Those gullwing are extremely heavy, good thing is that thy haven’t remove that part.

Well, the main purpose of the whole AMG line is to come up with a tricked out version of their cars. So it is not really surprising that these cars are vastly different from the standard versions.

hmm. For me, I don’t consider the AMG as a good production. Admittedly, the gullwing is insanely awesome and I do love it. However, lets be true, even though those wings are cool they are freaking heavy!

With all the flash that they have put into the car, they seemed to have forgotten or even neglected tuning up the engine. But since this one is already and AMG, I think that one would be alright.

Well, the exterior work on this one is actually rather cool, not surprising since hey used and SLS. What I am interested here is the amount of upgrades that they have done on this one.

This is such a nice model that what ever changes they make it still looks too good. And yes, the color combination is real good.

Oh no! Except for those gullwings, I can’t find other things that are good about this car. The added tuning doesn’t excite me at all. Those wheels are disgusting and the color is lame!

Well, whatever color you put onto the SLS, it would still look pretty cool. But black certainly is a great choice here, add to that the golden wheels.

Nice, I really like the look of those gold wheels. They perfectly match the black finish of the body. And those headlights are definitely a nice touch.

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