2011 Piecha Design Evorian RS

We haven’t heard from Piecha Design in quite awhile - 2009 to be exact - since they made over the Mercedes SLK , but it seems they have moved on to the bigger side of Mercedes with a new tuning package for the Mercedes M-Class and GL-Class . Their package is called the Evorian RS and includes impressive exterior and interior updates.

The exterior package of the Evorian RS is defined by impressive LED day headlights integrated into the front spoiler corners, LEDs embedded in the side sills (4 per side), high-gloss chrome aerowings, and a Quadro-4-tube exhaust conversion that includes two chrome-plated double-tube end pieces. The package is finished by 22" dp1-CC Silver light metal wheel rims in three-part style with their high-gloss polished stainless steel bases.

The tuner is also offering a lowering module produced by the H&R undercarriage specialists for vehicles with coil springs to lower the Mercedes Benz brothers by 35 mm at the front and by as much as 50 mm at the rear. This addition adds a little more aggression and sporty appeal to a set of already powerful vehicles.


I am not really impressed with the platform design of this Piecha Design. Well, I hope that its interior recovered the disappointment that I feel on its outside appearance and even on its figure performance.

Impressive glossy exterior, seems so sophisticated and classy but I wonder what the interior of it looks like. I will surely wait the other updated article of this Piecha.

I am not really impressed with the platform design of this Piecha Design and I also hoped that they also include on the article about the interior features that it had.

hmm. It seems that G Class is a small version of Mercedes car. Well, I like detailing of this car although they haven’t announced its performance, I bet there’s no reason to doubt the reliability of this car.

Wow! The look of this car reminds me of the AMG, i think the front has something to do with that..BTW, I like those wheel!

The tail diffuser can also be used for vehicles with a trailer coupling. The corresponding marking is applied to the component already so that the aperture can be cut out.

The Evorian RS exterior package is outlined by extraordinary LED day headlights built-in into the front spoiler corners, LEDs inlayed in the side sills (4/side), high-gloss chrome arrowing, as well as a Quadro-4-tube exhaust transformation which includes two chrome-plated double-tube end pieces.

So it was under Mercedes huh. This is not the usual production of Mercedes. Is this the first time that they are making a SUV type car?

i want to heard more from this Evorian RS concept.

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