2012 Mercedes Benz SLK 200 Blue Efficiency by Project Kahn

Project Kahn , a British tuning firm with eyes for Land Rover models, has switched its focus this time around to take a look at the brand new Mercedes SLK 200 Blue Efficiency. The tuner’s new package works on adding more power to improve performance and provide a unique sense of motor supremacy.

To achieve this, Project Kahn began with a full AMG sport pack, including front and rear bumpers and side skirts. The black exterior finish is molded into something a little more spectacular with a matte black and carbon finished grille, carbon front splitters, red calipers, matte black side vents, brushed aluminum roll bars, and a remote control roof. The interior was only slightly tweaked with a black and red quilted leather interior.

As for the engine upgrade, Kahn opted for a Brabus engine with a powerful, supercharged four-cylinder that increases the output by 30 HP and a plug-and-play auxiliary control module that adds another 26 HP. This brings the total output up to 240 HP. The Mercedes was then given a lowered suspension and a Kahn exhaust, as well as a 7g Tronic 7 speed automatic transmission.

The Mercedes SLK 200 Blue Efficiency by Project Kahn is priced at about £42,875, or about $58,854 at the current rates, give or take any additional modifications the customer chooses.


I don’t think that 240 horsepower is already good enough on this sedan. Moreover, I have to agree with them that in spite of having only a simple style and detailing it still looks very decent and exclusive on that.

Its engine output is still impressive for me. Well, it doesn’t really need to have a powerful engine for the fact that it is not truly a sports vehicle instead its a sedan car only that’s why I think its engine is just suited on it.

240 horsepower? I don’t think that it will be good on this vehicle, although it doesn’t really need to be so powerful, just an efficient output is enough! smiley Anyway, I’m already satisfied with its looks.

It had the looks of Porsche car, but in spite that I can say that I’m still so impressed with this Mercedes for the fact that it is very reliable on the road.

In spite of having only a simple platform and styling, I can still say that it is so striking on that, but I hope they also include some pictures of its interior. smiley

I don’t think that the engine of this Mercedes Benz SLK 200 blue can give a better figure performance on it. I hope that before they put this one on production, they should enhance it first.

I am really a fan of black cars. This Mercedes Benz in full black exterior finish just made it an elegant car. I think the lowered chassis is an accent of a sports car combined with this car.

Well, it really looks so luxury and classy on its sleek body paint but I wonder if it can also offer some luxurious amenities. smiley Furthermore, the supercharged four cylinder of it that can delivered 240 horsepower is I think quite good enough on this exclusive car.

Impressive car. Black car is really great and mercedes bens car is one of the best car company in the world of automotive. The trade mark of mercedes car is long hood and it’s lowered chassis.

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