2012 Mercedes C-Class Coupe by Mansory

The Mercedes C-Class Coupe is one of the models with the fewest tuning packages. Thankfully Mansory picked up on that fact and have come out with a new tuning package that will upgrade both the exterior and interior of the luxury coupe.

The Mansory package starts off with a cool body kit that includes a new front grille, more pronounced front and rear wheels, new side skirts, and a new rear apron. All of these elements, along with the car’s engine bonnet, will be made out of carbon fiber. Any customers wanting more can benefit from Mansory’s additional features, including a new front bumper lip, vented bonnet, exterior mirror caps, and a new rear spoiler offered in a variety of options.

Just like the exterior, the interior is characterized by the use of carbon fiber. Mansory added a new sports steering wheel and new door sills, both made from the lightweight material.


Great features!. But I will also like to see the interior and more details on it’s engine.

I really love this car. From exterior to interior, all are very impressived.

I really hope that I can see the interior design of this beautiful car. I think it will bring shocked to the readers if they see it.

What I really love about this C-Class Coupe is the carbon-fiber bonnet. This is the first thing that catch my attention

This car have really strong edges that can really make your car really cool.

I really want my car to have those cool body kits.

Mercedes really did a great job on doing this car. And also Mansory. I didn’t know that they can make this gorgeous car.

Wow. I really love the choice of colors, white, black and red. Those colors are the colors that many wants their car to have. I’m impressed.

The Mansory really did a great job on putting the cool body kit.

I hope the other Mercedes Car unit will have this Cool Body Kit. It’s really amazing.

Cooler looks and modified parts makes it interesting.

This cool body kit is one of the boasted features of the new C-class coupe. It has new front grille, more pronounced front and rear wheels, new side skirts, and a new rear apron.

The carbon-fiber bonnet will make this C-class coupe to stand-out on a crowd..

Body kit is cooler on this version. I love the accessories they have on this C-Class.

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