2012 Mercedes CLS-Class by Carlsson

Carlsson is considered as one of the best Mercedes tuning companies in the world and when customer calls to have their Mercs customized, they answer with some of the most comprehensive programs on the market.

Recently, Carlsson received a client request to build a program for the Mercedes CLS-Class (C218) and they went to work to provide a comprehensive special aerodynamic and performance package based on one of their recently-released programs.

To ensure that the CLS keeps an agile appearance, Carlsson added a new carbon front spoiler and lip spoiler, as well as black steel grille inserts, on the front of the car. At the rear, the German tuning company went out and dropped a rear spoiler and a rear apron insert with a carbon fiber Carlsson RS rear diffuser, providing that extra downforce to create a more stable driving experience of the car. The package was completed by a new set of 20” Carlsson Design alloy wheels.

Inside, Carlsson’s reputation for excellent craftsmanship was in full display. The German tuner took the interior of this luxury sedan and dressed it up with most luxurious of materials, including leather, Alcantara, carbon fiber, and natural wood. The front seats of the car were re-upholstered with Carlsson’s very own Nappa Exclusive leather while the rest of the interior was given velour floor mats with the Carlsson logo, scuff plates with blue illuminated Carlsson logo, and polished aluminium door locking pins.

This unique one-off Carlsson-tuned CLS-Class was given the same engine set-up as the Mercedes CK63 RS , a model Carlsson introduced at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show. Just like that model, this one comes with an engine improvement of up to 649 horsepower and 663 lb/ft of torque, allowing the car to improve its 0-62 mph time from 4.3 seconds to 4.1 seconds.


I noticed that its car lines only add more appeal and aggressive looks on it. Moreover, I’m glad that it still has an impressive and a very efficient engine which is suited for a sedan like this.

I’m so impressed if how they perfectly matched that sporty, decency and luxurious appearance of this vehicle, and even its interior seems very admiring. It’s a good thing as well that it has a great engine specification.

Maybe it looks like an agile vehicle on its front design. Anyway, I really love the fact that it was dressed up with the most luxurious of materials. However, I’m sure that it will undoubtedly give the expensive market price on this one.

Its power output is really so impressive and too powerful for a sedan. Well, this vehicle is only recovered on its engine specification because it doesn’t truly have an awesome exterior appearance.

I’m really impressed with its engine that can deliver a powerful output of 649 hp! That is truly quite great for a sedan like this. Anyway, I’m curious if what will be the inside of it, will look like?

I wonder if what will be the interior of it will look like? Well, I hope it is impressive as well as on its exterior appearance. Anyway, I’m impressed on its powerful engine output, so cool with this sedan!

It maybe looks like a luxury sedan because on its sleek body paint, but they are right that the platform and style of Mercedes’s cars today are truly looking so satiated now. Anyway, I’m still impressed on it, for it had a nice engine specification.

Well, even though it only looks likes their other model, I still prefer to have it, for the fact that it is so practical to use in everyday transportation, and I could drive this in any occasion.

The design and styling of Mercedes’s cars are lately getting so bored and to be honest it seems either that there’s nothing more interesting on their cars aside from having an impressive speed performance.

I’m so impressed with its engine specification! It seems very powerful for a sedan like this. Anyway, for some reason, I must say that I’m not so impressed with its exterior detailing, it only looks like their other models.

Well, in spite of having only a simple detailing on this one, I could say that the car lines of it, is only given some elegant appearance on this. Furthermore, its engine improvement is really so striking.

The V8 engine that can deliver a powerful 649 horsepower surely gives a better performance on this one...I can say that its engine specification is already impressive.

It’s not too classy for me, but I’m glad that it is still very reliable on the road and a truly decent car, which I can use for any occasions. Anyway, the engine specs are somewhat very nice.

Just like what I’ve expected on a Mercedes car. Well, this one is maybe on its simple detailing, but it still looks so classy on its features. I’m also glad that they maintain the striking engine of this one.

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