2012 Mercedes E-Class Technology Project Hybrid by Brabus

For the reputation that they’ve built as one of the finest Mercedes tuners in the world, Brabus is more than just fitting powerful V12 engines in their rocket vehicles. They’ve also found a way to be eco-friendly, and they’re doing so with the Brabus Techology Project Hybrid E-Class.

Based on the Mercedes E-Class sedan, the Technology Project Hybrid is a car that Brabus carefully modified to be the kind of eco-friendly diesel hybrid vehicle that fans of Mother Nature will love.

This is proof that you can have your cake and definitely eat it too.

So instead of a V12 engine, Brabus went and fitted a 2.2-liter clear diesel engine and combined with a pair of in-wheel electric motors that were sourced from Protean Electric. Each motor is capable of producing 110 horsepower and 590 lb/ft of torque and when combined with the 2.2 L diesel engine, allows the car to hit 0-62 mph in a pretty impressive 7.4 seconds. More impressive than that is that with this powertrain, the E-Class can improve its fuel economy by a staggering 30 percent, which is out-of-this-world for a car like a Mercedes.

Full specs behind the Brabus Technology Project Hybrid E-Class have yet to be announced, but from what we’ve gathered, this looks like a project that’s definitely worth keeping our tabs on.


The collaboration of a dynamic automotive company and an efficient tuning company is excellent to this project’s growth.

It should be as finest as Mercedes lineups.

Brabus should better do an efficient job of creating a hybrid.

It’s a good thing that Mercedes will come up on Hybrid. I didn’t expect that there will be negative comments about it, but for me, Hybrid project is good as long as it’ll benefit the users.

Even if it is a hybrid, it must not only focus on powering only.

It’s not a good idea for me that a Mercedes will have a Hybrid-powered car. Where’s the luxurious and glamorous stance of this one?

It’s weird because it is a hybrid, yet it isn’t dynamic.

Rather than power, it seems to flaunt its features more. It’s understandable since a lot are already going for dynamics, and not fuel efficiency.

If it isn’t for the concern of its other features, I think this would be more dynamic. Sadly, power isn’t its main focus.

This is one example of a hybrid which is not high-performing because it has other priority features.

I see that it lacks dynamics. It is good that efficiency is there to fill its void.

The making of this project is highlighted with the Hybrid system. Well, it sounds good. What is the range, by the way?

Was Brabus the main thinker of this version or was it merely modified by them? It has this hole for dynamics, but I guess its efficiency compensates for it.

Even if it isn’t that dynamic anymore, at least it gained another quality, which is helpful and beneficial. Hybrid is actually ideal too, right?

Of course, there’s a backlash to its performance when they’ve stated that they wanted it to be more fuel efficient; it isn’t that much powerful. Even so, I can tell that Mercedes and every pro eco-friendly people are already satisfied with it.

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