2012 Mercedes S63 AMG Black Bison by Wald International

Wald International is slowly building up its line of Black Bison models and the latest vehicle to get dressed up is the ever-appealing Mercedes S63 AMG . The German tuner’s upgrade package for the luxury sedan is nothing short of fabulous with a very cool white - oddly not black - exterior finish and a new set of Vossen CV-1 22 inch wheels by Need 4 Speed Motorsports.

The exterior color and the new wheels are the standout features of the Black Bison S63 AMG, but Wald International did include more of their signature additions, like their typical exterior upgrade kit. This kit includes LED daytime running lights, sport front fenders, side skirts, a rear bumper with LED brake lights, new exhaust tips, and new trunk and roof spoilers. There is also a lowering package and a revised air suspension that offers a low, sporty profile for the luxury sedan.

Wald International hasn’t said anything about what they upgraded for the interior of the Mercedes S63 AMG, but the images released reveal a full leather package. We’re guessing they have also added a number of aluminum inserts, since that is usually part of their upgrade packages.


This sedan really amazed me. I love the wheels of it and the simplicity of its exterior design. This one really looks classy and sophisticated as well.

I’m so impressed with the sporty profile on this luxury sedan! It looks perfect on it. Anyway, I hope that it also has an upgrade package on its interior even an awesome engine specification.

It looks great with its upgrade packaged especially on its new set of wheels, which really looks cool with this. However, I hope that they also include some entertaining technology on its interior.

Yeah! It really looks so decent and exclusive on its body paint, and even though it only has the same platform and detailing with their other cars, I’m still impressed with this for it is very reliable on the road.

I just only love the decency of this vehicle, but I must say that I’m not so impressed with its exterior detailing even on its wheels. Anyway, I can’t wait to determine if what will be the engine specification of this vehicle.

I’m too excited to determine if what’s the figure performance of this S63 AMG! Well, I hope that they upgrade as well the barrel of it, so it will be more fun to drive with!

I just love its neat appearance and even on its exclusivity. However, I only find it as their typical vehicle because on its platform design. Moreover, I am hoping that it would have an impressive engine as well.

Well, another new vehicle but still looks like their typical car. Anyway, the only good thing that I see on this one is that it as well has an impressive interior an awesome engine output.

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