2012 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG Streetfighter Yellow

The 2011 Bologna Motor Show will play host to a special collaboration between Mercedes and Ducati that includes a special edition model from both companies.

On the side of the German automaker, the vehicle is based on the 2012 Mercedes SLK 55 AMG . Inspired by the new Ducati Streetfighter 848 , the SLK 55 AMG comes dressed with a "Streetfighter Yellow" exterior paint finish, an extraordinarily unique and aesthetically pleasing color scheme that is available as an optional special color variant courtesy of the AMG Performance Studio. Other unique highlights of the SLK 55 AMG Streetfighter Yellow include an interior that has been dressed with Black Nappa leather with contrasting yellow stitching. This material can be found on the door center panels, the beltlines, armrests, leather-covered roll-over bars, dashboard, the shift lever gaiter, and the AMG Performance steering wheel. The yellow theme of the SLK 55 AMG Stealthfighter Yellow continues with illuminated AMG door sill panels that feature LED technology, further accentuating the overall theme of the most powerful SLK of all time.

Speaking of power, the SLK 55 AMG is powered by a 5.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that produces an impressive 422 horsepower and 398 lb/ft of torque. Those figures translate to a 0-62 mph time of just 4.6 seconds with an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph.

It may not have any performance boost, but you only need to look at the car to understand that even without power modifications, the SLK AMG 55 Stealthfighter Yellow is delightfully awesome.


I agree with the comments, the car looks stunning on its yellow painted body. I just hope that they could boost its 155 mph to a speedy one.

I’m already impressed on its maximum speed, but I still find out that there are more powerful vehicles out there than with this. However, I have to agree that the collaboration of this two companies is really great!

This is absolutely so lovely on its detailing! Well, I bet every car lover would surely love to have this! Anyway, I also have to agree that it already looks so elegant on its body paint.

Lovely indeed on its streetfighter yellow paint and its car lines only adds more aggressive looks on it. However, I’m not so satisfied with its engine output. Anyway, I can also say that Mercedes and Ducati have a nice alliance.

So lovely! This SLK 55 is really an extraordinary vehicle and has a promising appearance, and this special collaboration of Mercedes and Ducati seems perfect because this one is obviously stood out.

It really looks so cool and stunning on its yellow body paint, and I truly admired the modification that they did on this 55 AMG. I also noticed that they perfectly matched its exterior into its sporty interior.

Yeah! I think that its collaboration would really be great with these two companies. Anyway, I must say that their product vehicle is so awesome, and I’m glad that they still maintain its engine output.

Looking at the above image, I can say that the collaboration of the two companies will really work and can truly build such an awesome vehicle. These vehicles are absolutely beyond so fabulous on their modifications!

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