2012 Mercedes SLS AMG by Weistec Engineering

We don’t always hear from the people over at Weistec Engineering, but every so often, these guys resurface with a program that just blows you away.

With that being said, Weistec has unveiled the first details of their latest
project involving the mighty Mercedes SLS AMG . Packed with an extensive list of performance modifications, Weistec was able to put enough added horsepower on the supercar to make it, at least according to Weistec, the most powerful SLS AMG in the world...period.

The biggest addition to the SLS AMG is a new 2.3-liter Twin-Screw compressor, a supercharger system that clearly defies anything we’ve ever seen before outfitted to an SLS AMG. On top of that, Weistec also put in dual high flow cast aluminum T6 intake tubes, brisk spark plugs, a fuel delivery system upgrade, and a 1,000-hp liquid-to-air unit with aluminum lower manifold and aluminum throttle body inlets.

That’s not all.

A Constant Mu, Delta Pressure (CMDP) cog drive system was also added, as was a billet aluminum cog drive cradle assembly, a new cog belt, a new drive belt, aluminum serpentine idlers, a 30 liter intercooler water pump, an intercooler recovery tank, a new heat exchanger, a high flow fuel rail system, silicone couplers, and a power-steering reservoir relocation assembly.

The list of modifications is already making our heads spin. But through it all, Weistec was able to improve the SLS AMG’s 6.3-liter V8 engine and increase the output from the standard 563 horsepower and 479 lb/ft of torque all the way up to an insane 750 horsepower and 664 lb/ft of torque.


Wow! This features the cool engine specs. This will somehow hit the road on it’s great innovation of them.

It amazed me most the great design and the good concept of it. I’m looking forward for the more photos of this car and the like.

The car offers great performance due to extensive modification. It added horsepower, compressor and a supercharger system to make a super car. Its really fabulous!

Another Mercedes has arrived. Through partnership of Mercedes with Weistec they created the new masterpiece that will capture our attention. Boosting 750hp and 664 revolution per minute, undeniably strong.

The engine specification of SLS AMG is truly fantastic! Haha. It can really deliver a good run on the road. Anyway, can you show us more of the exterior design of this car? Thanks!

I am really impressed on the engine performance of this Mercedes car. With that V8 engine that can deliver an output of 750 HP, I am really sure that this will run fast.

The collaboration of Mercedes and Weistec Engineering on this car is really remarkable. Having a V8 engine with an oozing 750 HP, I am sure that
this will run good on the road.

A very satisfying engine specification of V8 to Mercedes. It truly amazed me the great design and the good concept it has. I’m looking forward for the more photos of this car. Especially that Mercedes is one of my favorite car.

This 2012 Mercedes SLS AMG by Weistec Engineering has a very satisfying engine specification of V8 engine that has an output of powerful 750 HP. I am truly impressed with that. Anyway, aside from its engine, I am also looking forward to see much photos of this car.

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